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The ‘Unknown Problem’ In The World- The Realm of Hidden

By on January 17, 2020

The ‘Unknown Problem’ In The World- The Realm of Hidden

Life has been going on for eons and things are still the same. The focus now should be on “The ‘Unknown Problem‘ In The World- The Realm of Hidden”- The Answer.

After all, there are Still too many problems in the World but if you look at it, the problems are the same. Nobody can get on the patterns, unless its open war between a certain few and ‘no one is allowed to talk’ because that is based on the ‘power of few’. Lets say a Prime Minister and a Very Pious Man who is well known for his #Islam and the latter, a #disgrace to the nation, men and women alike.

Over the years, everybody has wanted an answer to The ‘Unknown Problems’ In The World- The Realm of Hidden and no one has the ‘givenstated.euro.pointblank.’ answer to it; forget solutions.

1- Too Much Technology

All solutions to now what we can refer to as Artificial Intelligence already (the real realm); we need an answer for existence. Trust me, nobody has that right now.

Whether it be mechanics or robotics, people or work, money or food, everything is there and everything is the same.

Lets not be aloof to the fact that forgery still exists as well. Misdeeds and miscalculations on people, with the fact that they are there, and that is a ‘given’, is the worst global situation and one that needs an answer.

When you hear someone or sense danger, move away. Someone is there. If you see things, too many, too piercing and too sharp, don’t shy away- they are people and in that instance, you would know. Even if they are shadowseriouslines.

2- Anything Against Nature Is Against You

The reasons for why people would have wanted something from you that they are appearing in front of you as ‘shadows’ is not any sign but there to ‘still keep you alive’. The answer is to keep away. That is perfection. (to avoid suicide in an attempt to get rid of it or being bothered about it- or to fight someone in the hidden).

Whether it be Bill Gates or say Queen Elizabeth; who hasn’t seen money, life, wonder and Grace. However, even the elitists sit together now for having a ‘brunch or two’ to discuss ‘world problems‘. However, the ‘grave’ problems are so many that when you start feeling exhausted you start to wonder where the rest of it will go. Moreover, if you think it isn’t your problem but the environments’ to fix it self by the ‘self mechanism’ of the universal characteristics of the Universe, life is for you to enjoy.

I sat down today to read the latest news and an update for 2020 and realized that things are pretty much the same. Threat seems to be in the air but it is just revenge now, on a global perspective and now I guess, too many people have realized its irrelevant.

What If There Already Is A Devil?

There are too many ”unknown” problems in the World because they are created by the Knowns’. If something is not there, how can it be? It is there for a reason.

There is also no fun of life if there is nothing otherwise, it will actually be nothing. However, to go through life and yaraara.. Don’t know what can be said. (We Walk By Blood).- For the #Killers.

World problems don’t exist internally. They are ‘created’ by men and the negative ones and especially for women to get in the system and reverse it. That is ACTUALLY the EVIL in the world and evil persists. Even the way on talks to you and how you feel it is exactly what the person means.

Do you shy away or sit away or run away? You shy away and let it go away.

How To Fix The Human Race

Honestly, in a 2020 century, there is absolutely nothing the world needs now. Everyone has technology, etcetc. What they would need is Health.

When the system goes in reverse (too many people dying, too many people are sick or too many ‘given’ or ‘stated’ sicknesses (esp. cancer or Aids), they are done by people and they do exist, still. HIV can be categorized as a smaller notion of AIDS for a deeper notion of entrapping one with HIV to a larger dose of AIDS itself.

and unfortunately, the human gut doesn’t have enough to take care of any of it, be it breath as well, if you realize.

The Human Race has been sabotaged and we need to stop believing it but ACT ON IT. ‘#ActOnIt.

Another rule of life is:

When you or have been or were ever sick, it was literally another persons’ effort to literally do that to you too (in many real cases and pointblank but more; theguts’ eye itself’ – the ‘self’ and the self has been as easy to blow as an entire home of 4).

Who hasn’t put money on the environment, who hasn’t helped the poor, who hasn’t lived in style; who hasn’t died and who hasn’t persisted).

When everybody start to sense something, it is time to give up.

The Only Problem in the world are People; be it the fact that they are the ones who are the human race- but the self instead and succinct efforts of everyone to bring the other down, materially, physically and everything by literally being there and chewing their tongues or gritting their teeth to embarrass you and bring you down- by the mind, to the butt, till the groin and from the nose to point blank and point blank to the center of your forehead- your eye.

Cryptic/NonCryptic Eye- The Answer” The Right Of #Allah.

It is the #Cryptic-noncryptic (Shit)-in my language but actually, you are the only one who’s in the right for yourself to the end. Honestly, every effort you see and sense is the others’. Be it any World Leader or a Group of World Leaders or Two combined in One to take on the Universal Force by some measure; this is the ‘unknown problem’ in the World many had been eyeing and the answer to this is one.

Shoot them at point blank without an inch of the muscle to make it real ; right in their groin, by their forehead muscle, in the groin and towards their real muscle; their bloodygroin on their forehead- ‘a person persisting the the reverse deliberately and for that reason- and thats a known murderer.

What happened to murderers in history? They probably ate themselves up. Fear stems from self, self starts from breath and breath is just 10 seconds away and so is death ;-).

Let the universal forces guide you and let the #correctivemechanism take place. Things will automatically fall in place.

(All of this with respect to: The Bait) Devil and Allah.

Unfortunately, their creators are already here and to sum all of it up is.. I don’t want to reveal it but. (2 of the Most Hated World Leaders today). (The Devil Himself). Trumpu. I swear, he just needs attention and food.

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5 Heinous Crimes In The World

By on November 23, 2019

5 Heinous Crimes In The World

Hmph. As we look around The World, we see so many #Protests going on and it is not a good sign. (Cryptic-non-cryptic: The Difference/ Personal. Internal. Self. God Complex. Or Perhaps. You Yourself). Crime is everywhere; People have been dying. And it’s the world. Better yet we stop these crimes before the crime gets to us. (5 Heinous Crimes In The World).

The Bar that we are looking at is Corruption and socially, politically and morally, every Leader of the World is Correct and Morally Incorrect. (Since there are #Atheists in the #World). The “NON-BOOKERS”. Trump just “categorized” everything according to Himself. And he is a crook and a thief. Something similar to the image below.

Remember, The Truth Always Presides.

Sometimes we can get sarcastic at Tech Unveiled so we are going to write it down and you follow us.

Here’s 5 Truths Revealed About The World- Posted Here First.

1- Trump is like a Trumpet who blows or crowls as he likes. His name is associated with ‘Trumpet’ and in the #HolyQuran as “Trumpet Will Blow on the Day of Judgement. So everything becomes #Haraam as it is. As he is the “Presiding Authority Of The United States of America”.

2- Everything in the World that is in the Right will prevail and anywhere there is a disturbance, Remember that He (Allah) is near.

5 Henious Crimes In The World

3- Divine recognitions are Always True, as we and I mean all of us are very close on this Earth by proximity and decline. Also, the Bar of 10 is the one Set by His (Allah) Decree, the Highest In A Human Soul. 10 could be Death, Presidential bids, crimes, death, angelic, Trump or his “ways” of being Oh So Cute!

4- The World is not a place where you can shit in the #Universe or just #Sit perhaps, Trump and say, this is for *******. The Universe is calling out your names, resign or will do the rest.

“Or” could be… Perhaps, your schemes and your partnerships. The One Factor The One Form, The One Trump, the One Imran, The One Khan, The One Golie ;-). #TheGame. #ParallelUniverse. The Notion? Do or Die. The buffers? Anything that crosses them. The Message?

Your Daddy Doesn’t Own This Land.

5- Go Home. Queen Will Preside. Monarchy Will Reign and Trump will Die.


ScoobaGirl. *In Yakayaka and YadaYada land*.


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Is There A New MacBook: 16 Inch Coming Up?

By on October 21, 2019

It is in the reports that a new, 16-inch MacBook by Apple is coming up. Moreover, the new MacBook is also hinting towards a new OS called ‘Catalina’.

The picture of the new MacBook by Apple was revealed by MacGeneration where the picture, design, look and colors of the MacBook were too obvious.

The new laptop is going to be called MacBookPro 16.1 and is in its beta stage. It will be available in Grey and Silver colors. It will feature Catalina.

Additionally, the changes in appearance of the new MacBook aren’t much or visible. It is being said though that the new laptop will run on iOS 13.2 beta.

The new laptop is slated for a 2020 release.

Moreover, Apple has been quite good and well rounded this year. It’s September 11 event introduced exactly what this year and its offerings are going to be. The new MacBook will be launched next year.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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Fortnite Goes Down: Gamers See Black Hole

By on October 14, 2019

Since Sunday afternoon, Fortnite has been down and people who tried logging in, only saw a black hole. It is a known fact that the game is backed up, and it is running by a rebooted version that features a New Map.

The New Map was featured in Fortnite and it is quite unclear as to how the big map will feature. Fortnite news reveals people had a lot of problems in logging in the game tonight. Nonetheless, everyone who tried, failed.

According to reports, Epic wrote on Twitter after this that ‘the end is near’. After that, it wrote, This Is The End.

Further Fortnite news reveals, after seeing a big black hole, some players took it to twitter to write that they are still seeing a black hole and upon logging in, there was a failure at the game’s end. Nobody could log in Fortnite last night.

People were largely disappointed after this happened on Sunday. However, no one got a clear cut answer as to when the game will be back or why it happened.

It can also be said clearly: There was a massive glitch in the game and if you are on the look out for fortnite news then know that:

Fortnite itself might have lost a lot of profits. However, on the users’ end, nobody was able to connect to Fortnite on Sunday.

Stay tuned.

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Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

By on September 29, 2019

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

Facebook has created a new digital currency and its name is Libra. With partnership with Visa, PayPal, Stripe, Mercado Pago. Furthermore, these merchants will be accepting Libra.

Moreover, other tech companies on board with Facebook include eBay, Uber, Lyft and Mercado Pago.

The plan of crypto currency Libra is pretty solid because Facebook will also be introducing a new digital wallet with it called Calibra. This will be used by people to exchange plus store currency. The mission will be done through with Facebook apps.

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

What Is Libra The Cryptocurrency?

Libra will be introduced during the 1st half of the coming year. The currency will be run by the Libra Association which is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The whole aim of it is to be accessible, secure and then stable. It has also been announced that Libra cryptocurrency will be backed by stable governments’ money.

Seems to me that Sheryl Sandberg’s Facebook is trying to come up with a one stop solution for digital currency. This means that Facebook is trying to secure a name in the cryptocurrency industry by the name of Libra and then support it with all sorts of other mechanisms including digital wallets and currencies.

The gimmick and trick by Facebook here with the cryptocurrency is that they are going to come up with a one-stop solution, the cryptocurrency itself (aka: Libra) and then come up with a well rounded solution such as the Digital Wallet to support it and so the money goes back to Facebook itself with its detrimental exchange rates on and for the app.

Furthermore, and lastly, with the cryptocurrency, Libra, being backed by monetary exchanges such as governments money, the backing is solid, the support is legit and America, is getting a new currency by next year. This will solidify the companies’ state in World though it will also strengthen America’s position “against” the World.

Since America considers itself to be the Only Solicited Economy to take charge or the World and then by and by then, according to that.

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

Here’s to hoping that World Dominion doesn’t go to one state. Aka. America. However, since there are so many companies competing for the World Dominion and especially in America on every second, know and realize that America is in for a ride!

Tech Unveiled.

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Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing

By on September 27, 2019

Friday is the Week’s end and we are looking at 10 original pieces of writing from today to decode the world.

Cryptic or behaviors, the World is moving at the speed of light and it is about time that We get a grasp of it to control it before it supersedes to extents that cannot be tackled anymore by Man himself.

In an attempt to decode the world, we look at 10 original pieces of writing by me, at Tech Unveiled.

Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing

First 3 Pointers

1- Pakistan and America are in a shock as to what is going on in the World. Though what we don’t understand is that America itself is doing nothing but commenting on everything in the World. America is taking us down by its demands though when we look at who is running the show, we get clarity about who is essentially running the world. Things don’t change in a day; I wonder what these meetings of Prime Ministers and Presidents are for (and monthly visits and calls?) Doesn’t make any sense anymore.

2- News is abuzz that in the process of running the World, certain few dominated the World and started acting like ‘Gods’ to take charge of the same World in which they are standing on. Is it cryptic or is it happening in real? It brings us to the World of Shadows. That, per Islam or any right, is against the Book and Every Book perhaps. It would be better to look at the revelations and as all of it was bestowed upon us to lead this life with a code, a moral code, which would take you towards the path of serenity.

3- To exhibit further in this Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing, we are sure of the fact that the “Game” is so big and so real that They are now bombing oceans, continents, submarines and pretty much everything in between.

Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing

4- Every hint you get is real and every real is that hint. The Ones who are on the Right Path will automatically understand the difference between these two and the light for to conduct and go towards the right path. It is always the choice between good and bad, not lesser of two evils and if there are two evils, remove the evils so that there are new Evils. Or Good perhaps. However, the two evils will never see the good despite within themselves so if the two devils persist, it is time to take them by their core to prevent bigger, collateral damage.

5- Further in Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing, we also look at the good things that happened this year but the problem is messing with the current premiership in the world. I am looking at #trump2020 on Twitter and it is as big a joke as he is.

6- The drive to bring and stick with #capitalism to bring in independent economies to promote a culture that is according to you and above the law because it is your self that needs the law to be apprehended that way..#LGBT2020 and things similar are crazy concerns. That could be fine perhaps however what is happening on global forums is sort of just not in motion for people sitting in their respective places and seats throughout the world.

Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing

7- Further in Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing, it is also true that what is going on across the globe should benefit every economy in every capacity. Perhaps, the religion of Islam must persist and coherent laws should be made to prevent #damage and unnecessary laws to outlay the existing governments across the globe.

8- Evil politics and voodoo politics must end. It should be the end of Magic and in the 21st century, pseudo men such as Trump and Modi should be ousted and new talents across the globe should be given a chance of taking charge of the world. (Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing).

9- You cannot drive out economies based on your opinion and jurisdiction. It is not possible for you to run economies based on your stances and then making sure other parts of you across the globe do the same to oust long year governments such as Monarchy in England (#Applause: (Brexit and Boris). [Lets not forget how similar a face both Trump and Boris have). This itself is LGBT.

10- The #Universe is not going anywhere. You decisions of a day or two could easily be made with insistence or hesitation or whatever it is. However, don’t forget that these *THUMPTHUMP*- Big Decisions are Taken on Fronts but The Next Day, That Shall Fall On You As well, (TRUMP), will Be the Same As The Days Of The Other One. It is a Race, if you are playing it and if it is that personal, then you will be blown out of every proportion and these proportions are internal so it starts with your gut. And information? Forget it. This is from The Devil.

Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing

Tech Unveiled

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Top 5 Convenient Products To Buy This Year

By on September 18, 2019

Top 5 Convenient Products To Buy This Year


This is 2019 and it is almost October now. Few months left till 2020. When it comes to convenience and convenient products, some products definitely made their mark this year and were perhaps the clear highlight too. Off of these Top 5 Convenient Products To Buy This Yea, are technological products or other interesting products too.

If you are looking for some convenience, here is a list of top 5 convenient products to buy this year.

1- eAlarm+

eAlarm+ is a handy accessory that consistently works as an alarm perhaps. You can place it on your bag and it will alarm you when someone is close to your bag so that there is no theft. It operates continuously, with a battery time of at least 30 minutes so you feel good wherever you go.

2- Hair Removal Products

Every woman wants a clean face. Moreover, there are many ways to clean your face these days and these include shaving, waxing, cleaning etc.

Moreover, threading, waxing and plucking all lead for the hair to grow again pretty rapidly.

If you want a full stop solution for hair removal, there could be many possibilities and the choice is yours. Some of these include: Finishing Touch Flawless Women’s Painless Hair Remover, Hair Removal For Women, TOUCHBeauty Painless Hair Remover and a few others.

3- Leica Sofort Compact Instant Camera

Leica Sofort Compact Instant Camera is another one of the best and most convenient product to buy this year.

In terms of quality and design, Leica Sofort Compact Instant Camera allows you to take the best kind of pictures and they come with an instant roll.

Top 5 Convenient Products To Buy This Year: Leica Sofort

Additionally, with a $299 price tag, it is expensive. However, it is pretty cool because it gets you polaroid and special kind of pictures right away. Its good and its effective for those who love making memories and shots.

If you are looking for Top 5 Convenient Products To Buy This Year, Leica Sofort Compact Instant Camera also makes a very good choice.

4- Headphone Technology: Apple AirPods

Moreover and more last, headphones are such that they never go out of passion. These are called Apple AirPods.

If you are looking for Convenient Products To Buy This Year, Apple AirPods are a must buy.

Priced at $145, these headphones are quite amazing and come with a great sound quality.

Headphones have become a necessity these days. Moreover, if we are talking about Apple AirPods, know that they are an interested gift because they come with a very special quality and sound and they let you enjoy your music quite well.

Top 5 Convenient Products To Buy This Year: Airpods

5- Shake N Wake Silent Alarm Clock

The Shake N Wake Silent Alarm Clock is another handy tech accessory. It helps in waking you up if you are sharing a bed with someone. It is a life saver because before someone forcefully wakes you up, this clock moves you a little and wakes you up right on the time. It is simple and good.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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Bob Iger Leaves Apple Board

By on September 16, 2019

Bob Iger Leaves Apple Board

According to latest reports, Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, has resigned from Apple’s board. Interestingly, his resignation comes months before both two companies were trying to set the launch of their streaming services; Disney+ And Apple TV Plus.

(Apple Stocks Today: Read)

On September 10th, Iger resigned from the board. Moreover, his resignation comes from the fact that He resigned before the Apple Event on 11th September and the same date he resigned was the same day that the subscription price of Apple TV Plus was launched.

Iger Leaves Apple Board: Tech Unveiled

Iger Leaves Apple Board: Disney+ Announced

Iger announced that he joined Apple’s Board in 2011. Moreover, both their relationship (Apple And Disney) existed before time as well.

The problematic concern for Mr. Cook here would be that Disney has their own kind of head to head direction going on. Disney+ And Apple TV Plus are one and the same kind of thing. And more importantly, the split means greater competition thats all.

Iger Leaves Apple Board: The Story

Bob Iger’s move of leaving Apple board comes from the fact that both Disney+ and Apple TV Plus will be launched about 11 days apart.

Furthermore, the fact that Iger leaves Apple board has caused a little change in hierarchies but everything else is fine.

Iger’s strong move outside of Apple shows that the competition is on because Disney+ as the Apple TV Plus will be launching 11 days apart.

Iger Quits Apple Board: And To Conclude

Disney+ will be costing users $6.99 per month when it launches on November 12th, whereas Apple TV. will be launching on November 1st for about $4.99.

Disney and Apple seem to be in competition and Iger’s move of resignation shows how competitive this World can be. Also, how interesting competition can be and how you can change for enhanced competition.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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Apple Event: 5 New iProducts

By on September 12, 2019

Apple Event: 5 Brand New iProducts

The Apple Event took place yesterday.

At the event, 5 brand new Apple iProducts debuted and the masses are quite excited.

It is being reported and said that the new Apple products offer a decent upgrade from the previous ones.

Least to say, at the Apple Event, 5 brand new products were unveiled and all of these new products offer a decent upgrade from the previous ones.

The New Apple iProducts

iPhone 11

Better than the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 comes with a 6.1 inch display (LCD display) along with a brand new A3 bionic processor and the GPU. It costs $699, which of course is less than the previous XR.

The new iPhone offers some upgrades over or from the previous phones. It is an advancement over the last phones.

Slightly more advanced and a bit more polished, it offers viable enhancements over the previous phones.

The new iPhone 11 comes with the following:

  • A13 Bionic Chip
  • 64GB-128GB, 512 GB storage capacity
  • 2x Optical Zoom
  • iOS 13
  • Camera night mode
  • WiFi 6 Support
Apple Event: Tech Unveiled

The iPhone 11 Pro And Pro Max

Apple has announced the new iPhone 11 Pro and the latest 11 Pro Max which will sell for $999 and $1,099.

In terms of colors, the new iPhone 11 Pro has a new midnight green color, a refreshed space gray, refreshed silver, and a nicer color- say in gold finish. 

Moreover, Apple is also promoting a bigger dynamic range display called Super Retina XDR.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

The most powerful devices are also designed to be durable β€” iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has the toughest glass ever (found in a smartphone) and it is rated for IP68 for water resistance of up to 4 meters for up to 30 minutes.

The phone is well protected against everyday spills including coffee and soda.

The phones also features a powerful new A13 Bionic processor along with multiple rear cameras and a solid camera quality. It comes with tools such as Night Mode.

The iPhone 11iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are priced at $699, $999 and $1,099, respectively.

Preorders begin Friday and they will be available in stores on Sept. 20.

The Apple Event: The Brand New Apple iPad

Furthermore, the new iPad comes with a 10.2 inches screen and is valued at $329.

Previously, the it was valued at 9.7 inch display. The new iPad has a 7th generation processor and it comes with a A10 Bionic Processor. It also has a smart connector.

Moreover, the new iPad comes with a 10.2 inches at $329. Previously, the iPad was at 9.7 inch display. The new iPad has a 7th generation with a A10 Bionic Processor. It also has a smart connector.

The new iPad comes with a 3 camera system, a telephoto, regular lenses and an ultra wide display screen.

You can shoot with the new iPad at a 4K resolution with 60 frames per second. You can shoot with the coming software at different subjects through every lens.

With a 5.8 inch OLED screen, the Pro Max comes with a 6.5 inch OLED screen. With 1200 nits of excessive brightness, these phones come with a A3 bionic processor and a well rounded GPU.

Apple Event: The New Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 has been launched just recently and it has certain features that make it a good stand.

With an extend battery life, like most other smartwatches, the Series 5 dims the brightness, but it retains all of the same visuals you’d normally see while using it. It also has the same 18-hour battery life as the Series 4, which is an impressive feat.

The Series 5 costs $399 for the GPS model and $499 for the GPS + LTE model, so they’re the same prices as before. However, it’s the first Apple Watch to release with ceramic and titanium finishes, the prices of which weren’t shared onstage, so expect them to be pricey.

These were the main products at the Much Awaited Apple Event. Stay tuned for more updates at techunveiled.

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Top 4 New Gaming Stories

By on September 7, 2019

Top 4 New Gaming Stories


If you are a fan of gaming, know that there are some developing stories and some new stories coming up as well. Furthermore, as far as we are concerned, certain games are topping the industry at the moment.

Top 4 New Gaming Stories

Famous Gaming Companies By Revenue: Read Here.

If you are looking for the latest developments in gaming stories, these important pointers will help you.

Top 4 New Gaming Stories: Twitch

Inside The Gaming World

The gaming world is coinciding with the Universal World because games such as Fortnite encourage explicit behavior in the same way it is being conducted in and by the World.

Nonetheless, everybody is working and everyone is on the go. If you want to know more, know that whoever gets burnt must get compensated for it.

Furthermore, everyone wants in on everything especially if they are getting burnt. This is the perspective for the burnt.

Top 5 Latest Gaming Stories

Furthermore, everyone has an outlet on which they take out their angst on.

Further Updates: US and UK

According to PC Gamer, it has been a very interesting week in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, where Trump and Boris are trying to lead the way. However, after the week’s work is done, the use of common gaming platforms such as Twitch will work to exhibit your emotions.

Essentially, if we put this in line, we can say that gaming or real, Boris or Trumpet, everything becomes #One if you align them all together.

The preclude of this article can be summed up by saying that what went on the gaming sphere and the depictions of these games as well, can lead you to a new road of para-lism where you can try to understand what is happening to you because of the World, what you are doing because of the World, why is the World after you or where will be the World after you.

Essentially, you should remember that You are leading the way, that is your Self and then, everything is contradictory (to whichever seems contradictory). The trick is to understand, realize, compensate, forgo and Move on.

Because the other options would mean Black. (Depression, Anxiety and more).

The choice in life is always yours, however, if you go by the Book, then I guess this Life is a safe place.. And Remember. There is Only One Life. So essentially and vitally, you or I. And if your beliefs coincide with the I, I can safely say that you are on the right path, towards the road of closure, surrender, sublimity, consequences, decline, health, rejuvenation, self control, practice, self help and Greatness.

1- Splinter Cell Game

Speculations are on about the Splinter Cell game.

This news is also one of the Top 5 And New Gaming Stories and on the forefront.

  • The Splinter Cell Game shows Sam Fisher playing the A game with bright lights on his face. This shows the romance of Ace and the A-Game of the World these days. However, who ever’s A game this is, its only ‘their’ vision and not the global vision.

2- Magic: The Gathering Arena

Furthermore, the next game we talk about is: Magic: The Gathering Arena game. The pre-releases of this game are very interesting.

Digitally, this game is making a come back but overall, the show of Magic itself is sort of Magic, Digitally.

3- Warframe Gets A New Fame

Word is in that Warframe it updating its game with new confounding features that are alike the game.

Fortnite is an example of this. However, Warframe has been expanding since many ways. Furthermore, keep reading this article on Top 5 And New Gaming Stories to know more about what happened this week and the link between the Gaming Sphere and The World.

First, it was flip around and shoot stuff but now it is strum alien instruments, fish and collective stuffed toys plus capture animals. Now, it is a ball- game like oohh-ohh-aah–ahh.

4- The Terminator Plus The Shining Redubbed

Lastly, in the Top 4 New Gaming Stories, the Terminator Plus and The Shining Re-dubbed have come up with half-life sounds. It is quite interesting but a slack, in the sense that they are revamping the same sounds with new voices and off the old stuff, and projecting it as the new stuff.

Teeny upgrades and So much money lost (of the gamers’ of course).

Top 5 Latest Gaming Stories

If you are from the gaming realm and the gaming World, these are the main pointers you should learn and know.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled

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