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5 Ways To Stay Secluded In Corona Wave 3

By on March 15, 2021

5 Ways To Stay Secluded In Corona Wave 3

The new corona wave 3 is taking a serious toll on people because they really don’t know what to do. Things are shutting off, that is for sure. What will help is taking care of yourself, act and be normal, lie down straight, clean yourself (Read: How To Keep Yourself Clean) and keep being the normal/same all along without any restrictions or self-thought to stop. The basics, we all know.

So in this state of corona wave 3, what should be done to protect yourself and stay secluded.

We mentioned the word secluded in the article because it is the best option out. No breath, take care of your self, drink water, align your body, get some rest and keep going. If you are feeling an inhibition to party or go out all the time or drink alcohol (Read: Alcohol and Corona Virus), stay away. It is time we clear up because the broader game of corona virus is much more than we think and it will take a while for us to heal.

The best way out of corona wave 3 is to stay in seclusion. Healing will take a long time so it is better we start today.

If you want to stay in seclusion during the third wave of corona virus, here is what you need to do.

How To Stay In Seclusion In Corona Wave 3

1- Make sure you avoid people as much as you can.

2- Try to ensure that the evil eye doesn’t bite you. Stay put and have plenty of water because water is energy.

3- Go for a brisk walk every 30 minutes throughout the week. It will get your energy rolling and your heart to be beating the blood normally, as it should.

4- Don’t forgo cleanliness and keep going. Indulge yourself in some activity, read a book and be careful. Corona Wave 3 is serious and the lock down is more intense. Keep it in your homes and go therapeutic.

5- Eat proportionately. Don’t eat foods that are too harsh for the body or system. Eat light, eat proper and keep exercising. You have to drink water with food to ensure that there are just lipids left in your body. Don’t go out, don’t sit out. Just stay where your safer havens are and keep working on yourself to keep yourself going. In essence, just keep it clean.

Corona wave 3 has been taken seriously by governments around the world and there might be some serious fixage that will be needed. While there are many people working on fixing, we must ensure we play our part by keeping it cool, not fighting, working on healing only, and turning to religion. (The practices we adopt out of religion will already keep us sane).

(Corona- the paradox or paradox syndrome)

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Facebook (FB): Why Is Facebook Stock Still A Buy?

By on December 20, 2020

Facebook (FB): Why Is Facebook Stock Still A Buy?

Facebook stock (NASDAQ: FB) is priced at $276.40 today. What makes it a good and recommended buy is its consistent performance in the last one year or so.

Moreover, what can be attributed to Facebook’s success is its strength and stronghold, especially in the corona pandemic. This happened when more people resorted to online mediums for communication than before.

Facebook Stock’s Success

Furthermore, what can also be attributed to Facebook’s success is the fact that the corona pandemic is going to take much more time to ‘end’ and Facebook is going to be the prime mode of online communication amongst masses, where people stick at home to work.

Its stock, therefore, is going to rise. Facebook is also going to gain because of eCommerce ad growth, which is going to be high in the coming months, especially during Christmas.

Moreover, according to the analysts that cover Facebook stock, 42 have given it a Buy rating, and 6 rate it as hold which is pretty obvious to realize that its status is buy.

The company has a price target of $327.32, which shows a 15% return from its price on Tuesday. Its shares have gained significantly this year (by 41%), as the benchmark S&P 500 index rose by 20%. (More on S&P 500 index).

Furthermore, amongst other reasons to buy Facebook stock is the fact that it has a 52 week period- price target of $316.87 which shows that Facebook stock is going to rise in the coming months.

Facebook Stock Conclusion

Facebook’s stock has been stable and is a must add in your investor basket, especially if you want something concrete in volatile times.

Facebook is leading the ‘big tech groups‘ and has a lot more to gain in the months to come which keeps it in good books.

Stay tuned.

Month Of November In News: Politics And More

By on November 25, 2020

Month Of November In News: Politics And More

If you want a quick roundup of “Month Of November In News: Politics And More”, here is a list of news articles for help.

1- Joe Biden‘s approach towards presidency. CNN. Read here.

2- Benjamin Netanyahu is not afraid of Donald Trump. CNN. Read here.

3- Miscarriages Are Real And Meghan Markle Talks About Its Grief: BBC: Read here.

4- Best books of 2020: BBC: Read here.

5- Pakistan Gives UN A Reply After India Tries To Be Clever With Pakistan: Aljazeera: Read here.

Month Of November In News: Politics And More: Another 5

Furthermore, in November so far, the following news snippets have raised global concerns…

6- 600 Killed In Mai Kadra Massacre: Ethiopian Rights: Read here.

7- Has Lithium Seen Light At The End Of The Tunnel? BBC: Read here.

8- Two Hurt In Lugano Attack In Switzerland: BBC: Read here.

9- Americans face Thanksgiving Dilemma: BBC News: Read here.

10- BBC 100 Women 2020: Who Is On BBC’s 100 List This Year? BBC: Read here.

Month Of November In News: Politics And More : Final Five

Finally, other important news snippets from November are:

11- Sarkozy, France’s Ex-President Goes Through Trial: BBC: Read here.

12- No Covid-19 Cases In Australia In Last 5 Months: BBC: Read here.

13- Two Bombs Kill 14 In Afghanistan: Aljazeera: Read here.

14- Should You Invest in Pfizer Or Moderna: Fool: Read here.

15- Tesla Continues To Rise: MSN: Read here.

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Alphabet Reports Earnings Today: Here’s What To Expect

By on July 30, 2020

Alphabet Reports Earnings Today: Here’s What To Expect

Tech giant Alphabet is due to report its earnings today. Here is what investors can expect.

After market’s close today, Alphabet Inc. is going to unravel its earnings.


GOOGL (Google Class A Shares) hit a record high of $1587.05 a share in 2020. It is currently trading at a value close to $1517 per share.

It is expected that the stock will make big moves after reporting earnings and it can easily cover the gap if the numbers are strong.

However, if their Q2 earnings disappoint, the stock will gap down.

Alphabet: Tech Unveiled

Street Expectations For Alphabet Q2 Earnings

It is reported that Alphabet will report a value of $8.43 a share on a value of $30.38 billion in revenue.

Few important concerns regarding Alphabet’s performance include the following:

  1. The market was affected by the corona pandemic in the last couple of months. Especially during March to April, the corona pandemic hit the markets adversely and major stocks suffered.
  2. Alphabet provides online advertising services in the U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada and Latin America. Ads have been a little slow these past few months because of stringent online policing and control. Therefore, companies such as Alphabet suffered.
  3. Google has a large fleet of products to offer. However, online business activity has suffered greatly in the past few months which has led to a slowdown in business and Alphabet holds no exceptional value.

The focus this time by Alphabet Inc. is on Cloud and Streaming services.

Alphabet’s YouTube and Cloud Services

Since most people worked from home in the last six to seven months, GOOGL’s YouTube and Cloud services provided access to the outside world. It was essentially what everyone needed for work and play (two of Google’s services YouTube and Cloud).

While overall usage dropped during the lockdown of Google products, classroom, YouTube, Android apps showed a lower activity. Overall though, Google was ‘in the works’ because of its YouTube and Cloud app.

Further news by Benzinga revealed that Google’s cloud platform outpaced other cloud based services.

In Q1, GOOGL’s cloud division posted a revenue of $2.78 billion, higher than 52% YOY.

Furthermore, Alphabet Google Cloud Platform infrastructure was higher than all units in the company’s cloud segment.

Essentially, Google Classroom (the cloud based service we are talking about) double its usage during early March. Last quarter, they ended with 100 million students/teachers.

While Covid concerns will be in full fruit in fall semester, it will be nice to see what Q2 figures reveal.

Furthermore, combined with virtual learning, there was a demand for laptops too.

To Conclude

Chromebook sales were 400% higher (YOY in March). In the case of virtual meetings, Google Meet wasn’t the top name in the Zoom Video Communications by coolness but it did see an increase of up to 100 million users in Q1. This is an indication of its performance in Q2. (Something you can eye on in Q2 for Google’s performance and results).

Google, just like Facebook today, has a lot of competition. The company is trading at $1,523.51 at the stock exchange.

Starting at $1,454.25, down at $1,054.13 and rising to $1,523.51 today, Alphabet Inc Class A (NASDAQ:GOOGL) will, according to tech unveiled, remain above sub and par value but beat analyst expectation by 10-15% per share.

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Stock Market Outlook This Friday

By on July 29, 2020

Stock Market Outlook This Friday

Stock Market Outlook This Friday. Things seem awkward as big tech giants are supposed to reveal their earnings this Friday. After the markets close this Thursday, four out of the five FAAMG stocks will report their June quarter results. These include Facebook (at 6:00 pm ET), Amazon (AMZN) at 5:30 pm ET, Apple at 5:00 pm ET and Google/Alphabet at 4:30 pm ET. The one tech giant that will be missing from revealing its earnings this Friday will be Microsoft.

However, since these four names are the ones that are leading the industry, investors and stockholders are hooked to their laptops and phones to realize what is going to go on in the stock market.

The Stock Market

What is interesting is that not only with stock owners benefit from the gains and losses of these four companies. In fact, the truth is that these four make up to 17% of the S&P 500 value and 40% of the Nasdaq 100.

Combined with Microsoft, these five companies hold a huge share of the S&P 500 increase.

Furthermore, because of their outlook and growth rates, it is true that all of these four companies are trading above the S&P 500’s PE multiple of 25x on this year’s earnings and 19.6x on 2021 earnings.

Q2 Earnings: Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google

What is true is that Q2 earnings of these four companies will be watched carefully by investors and stock holders for the following reasons:

  1. Investors were unsure and markets were volatile in the first quarter of the year due to the corona pandemic.
  2. Since the corona pandemic caused a lot of disturbance and uncertainty in the markets, people were reluctant to invest and gave benefit of doubt to these companies.
  3. People will be hooked to Q2 earnings because it might actually include the full impact of Covid-19 and give directive for Q3 and Q4, which will be more competitive and tough.

Amongst these companies, here is how each performed in 2020:

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB)

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) stock gained 13.9% till July 27 against S&P 500 1.4% return.

Wall Street is expecting a Revenue of $16.9 billion as a Q2 2019 result for the company and $17.4 billion for Wall Street’s Q2 2020 Consensus estimate. It also predicts a YOY change of 3%.

Secondly, as far as Facebook earnings are concerned, then Wall Street predicts a Q2 2019 result of $0.91, $1.39 Q2 2020 consensus estimate and 53% YOY change.

Stock Market Outlook This Friday: Tech Unveiled

 Wall Street also expects Facebook’s EPS to jump by 53% by year over year basis.

Facebook has had a tough year but it made a lot of efforts in the last 6 months despite the corona epidemic and security concerns. Thereby, its shares stood in green in the last 6 months. Today, its shares stand at $230.12.

Amazon (AMZN)

Stock Market Outlook This Friday will also include Amazon (AMZN) Inc. revealing its earnings.

Through July 27, Amazon shares were higher by 65.7%. Investors have driven Amazon shares higher on optimism because they were of the opinion that online e-shopping will be at its peak in the corona pandemic and it was. In the first quarter of the year, that was the truth.

Investors are hopeful of more in the 2nd quarter for Facebook.

Furthermore, Amazon’s revenue is expected to be $63.4 billion (its Q2 2019 results), $75-81 billion, its Amazon’s Q2 2020 Guidance, 18%-28% (it’s projected YOY change), $81.1 billion, its Q2 2020 Consensus Estimate and 28% it’s YOY projected change.

Its EPS is expected to be $5.22 in the 2nd quarter of the year.

 Q1, Amazon’s revenue rose by 26% (YOY) to $75.45 billion, topping $75.45 billion.

Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) shares are valued at $3,000.33.

Alphabet Inc.

Stock Market Outlook This Friday will also include Alphabet Inc. revealing its earnings.

This year, Alphabet’s shares (NASDAQ: GOOGL) are up by 14.5 % (Class A) and 14.4% Class C through July 27. (Google is Alphabet’s parent company).

Wall Street expects a revenue of $38.9 billion in revenue (its Q2 2019 results) and $37.4 billion its Q2 2020 Consensus Estimate, and a 4% Projected Change (YOY).

Its earnings per share were $14.21 (Q2 2019 Result), $8.23 (Q2 2020 Consensus Estimate) and 42% (its Projected Change YOY).

Stock Market Outlook This Friday: Tech Unveiled

To Conclude

According to analysts expectations, Alphabet’s revenue will slightly contract because of a drop in ad sales. Furthermore, because of the world economy shut down in Q2.

In Q1, Alphabet’s revenue increased by 13% (YOY) to $41.2 billion. By March-April, Alphabet too was down but today, its shares stand at $1,503.65.

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Eid-Al-Adha In Pakistan: What To Expect

By on July 24, 2020

Eid-Al-Adha In Pakistan: What To Expect

Eid-Al-Adha is just around the corner in Pakistan. However, the sentiments remain mixed because the coronavirus upset is still in the air. We feel that perhaps this is the last or second last swing of the corona upset. However, what it is really doing is that it is literally bogging everyone down with eye infection, fever, body aches, and allergies.

Truth be told, Eid-Al-Adha is a bigger festivity than Eid-Al-Fitr, though it is simple in observation and practice. There is a lot of meat involved and that is called ‘Qurbani’.

The difference this year is that there is absolutely no sense of time, morning, evening or night for that matter, for the corona pandemic has literally shifted the global sphere and America needs not to worry because Pakistan too is a part of that global sphere.

Eid-Al-Adha: Tech Unveiled

Nonetheless, if you are in Pakistan, where Eid is celebrated in one of the most highest fashion and rigor, then here is what to expect off it this year:

Eid In Pakistan: Here Is What To Expect

  1. Simplicity yet happiness for Eid-Al-Adha comes once a year and by Shariah law we are on the Islamic calendar so it is going to be a big celebration: be it in homes or otherwise.
  2. A lot of meat means a lot of food and Pakistanis will be having a lot of lunches, dinners and so on in the 2-3 days of Eid.
  3. New clothes, certain mall hopping, meeting relatives, here and there should be a common for Eid-Al-Adha.
  4. Dimness because things aren’t the same this year. A lot of malls and relatives’ are closed. Restaurants are the same. Thus, Eid this year will not be the same.
  5. This year, Eid-Al-Adha will be a festivity that is just going to pass. It is lesser in celebration than Eid-Al-Fitr anyways, “Eidi wise”, but nonetheless…

The corona pandemic has literally bogged everyone down. Moreover, it is just not ending. It is real, it is frightening and it has already taken the lives of many people. Furthermore, it is better if people sit in their homes this year on Eid to be careful of not catching the virus, especially through the meat as well.

Eid-Al-Adha is falling on August 1st and there will be three days of celebration.

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‘Lemonade IPO’: What You Need To Know

By on June 22, 2020

‘Lemonade IPO’: What You Need To Know

Lemonade is a brand new and revised insurance company, holding its own ground from start to finish.

Markets are slowly coming back to normal now and the IPO market is getting on track too. Amongst the companies that are going public is Lemonade.

Lemonade is a company which holds a mobile app for property and casualty insurance alike. It has a specific focus on homeowner policies and renters. The company has revealed that it will be hitting the markets very soon.

Lemonade- Business Model

Lemonade has a very unique business model.

What you should know about the company is that it takes a ‘fixed fee’ of 25% off the premiums. This means that as an investor, you will ‘still’ be getting your revenues because insurance subscriptions will be higher in the months to come and with a fixed fee, there is a guarantee with Lemonade.

Lemonade’s revenues, between 2017 to 2019 rose from $2 million to $67 million.

While the insurance industry is mostly ‘slow growth’, Lemonade could be an exception. It is launching at the right time, it has an attractive label and it has or might have a lot to boast and secure for its clients.

Lemonade does plan on listing at the NYSE under ‘LMND‘. Its major underwriters include Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Barclays and Allen & Company.

Furthermore, the company will also be launching its pet insurance, it will be launching in Netherlands, it will be dedicated to building a very socially impactful technology, and bring a further few to the table.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

How Long Will The Corona Lockdown Be?

By on May 19, 2020

How Long Will The Corona Lockdown Be?

Corona has shocked the world and while we still deal with the consequences of what has happened, now, we are trying to ‘move ahead’; if only we are able to. At the moment, a lot of people are interested in how long will the corona lockdown be? Well, the answer is it may take another 3-4 days for things to settle back into a state where decisions start being made ahead of the virus itself.

The impact of corona virus has been similar to the impact of 1980, 1955, and 1945 war, where everything went on a halt and everything stopped. Call it Hiroshima Nagasaki or something similar. Those wondering how long will the corona lockdown be should know that it is a ‘petty mistake’.

The ideology behind wars and corona is that first, man should rise above, second, there are a lot of men and women amongst us that are doing wrong.

Many people have associated the corona virus as a crisis that has never been felt before or perhaps one that is going to be the last in today’s eternity. That is the message, till they hoard and stock till the next 10 years.

Corona is a Conspiracy Theory.

If you think about it though and now we are on conspiracy theories;

Who gives these viruses a name, it is not coming out of the skies, nor can we blame Him as ‘corona’ as a ‘curse’. We believe in the notion of ‘everything is done’, ‘big money’ and ‘revenge’. (A sadist at work and for us to realize and rise up and fight).

Conspiracy theory is something that is there, not there and you don’t understand who’s doing it but it is consistent: and that is the works of dajjal and firaun. Something that is there, not there and there: the hidden and the concealed. The ponzi scheme essentially. Corona would fall under that.

Truth Behind Corona: No This Is Not An Average Man’s Sentiment; Otherwise You Are Getting Paid

While I have been writing on corona virus for a long time, corona restrictions are finally easing down. Restrictions have been lifted off of Afghanistan, China, India, Japan, Syria, Iran, Iraq and most importantly, Pakistan.

How Long Will The Corona Lockdown Be? Tech Unveiled

While we are a well-established blog, no one will believe what corona actually is.

Corona is the following:

  • Corona is a mixture of ‘ice’, ‘methamphetamine’, ‘women’s blood’ (laced with ‘ice’), men’s (spe**), spilled over restaurants, homes, on women themselves, on places that are already damaged (or in caustic recovery), men’s (c**) laced with ‘ice’, ‘women’s blood’, a mixture of again, ‘ice and methamphetamine’, with men stool, women (hair, especially of the one laced and iced with blood), and men’s (cu* or sper** again).
  • In relation and more so, men, women and children meat, with children’s genitals and women genitals and men genitals, mixed with polyphetamine, ‘ice’, ‘generic blood’ especially those of cancer and thyroid cancer-ridden patients and women’s blood especially their leakage that comes off when they are bleeding and leave off their internals’ mixtures, combined with stool, laced with a bit of gold, women blood again and men’s sperm again.

Corona is also in animals. When animals intake air that has carbon monoxide and women blood in it, animals become real and when they bite, men and women start transforming into animals.

As a result, corona not just sprang from the grown Pompeii in Afghanistan especially (for procuring chars) – but also on factories, refineries, on men and women (for crime rates of the current government; but to keep the low-class population spinning for havoc, and taking away their things (gold, clothes etc.).

No one could figure out what corona is right?

Corona has been an effort to demean the current governments, to take revenge (such that keeps everyone busy in havoc- Qayamat) and essentially to procure (drugs and money received for and by Muslim nations especially Pakistan as grant and recovery reliefs- “An insider job”.

The Corona Shock: And The Aftermath- Every ‘story’ Has A Beginning And An Ending

To Conclude

Corona has been a serious concern and corona lockdown is back again. We must all be careful and preside in Allah for mercy.

Till then, stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

The Corona Shock And How It Is Practically Nothing: Conspiracy Theory

By on April 19, 2020

The Corona Shock And How It Is Practically Nothing: Conspiracy Theory


The corona shock or call it coronavirus or the biggest, highest, “nonexistent” “system reversal” in “history”, corona has literally swamped us all and has pretty much left us with nothing.

While you can deal with corona virus by having plenty of water and leaving all matters on Allah, it is important that you understand the bigger motive behind corona.

If you get too entangled in something, it becomes hard to get out of it. Therefore, it is better that you take one day as it is and 10 days for your basic necessities. This will help you find peace and patience off of the hoax and moving around in circles for nothing.

The corona shock has upset the world but it will soon be reinstated as well. Remember, where there is a will there is a way.

If You Understand Deep Thought Mythology: Corona Is A Hoax

To understand the corona shock:

If you abbreviate corona, you get: cars, oxygen, rum, oxymetholone, nasal sprays and something as dirty as anal retentive. [Everything perhaps related to drugs and medicines].

Reverse it and you will understand the motive behind corona: To get all of these for one man’s survival or for a group of survivors (the mafias) and essentially, to hoard and procure and getting things off people and putting them down in deep thought mystery. Essentially, it is an effort to take things away from people and leave them with nothing but osteoporosis or cancer by and per se.

If you want to understand

Corona is related to your respiratory tract and ultimately thyroid cancer, so it is important that you have plenty of water and green tea to clean your system. It is the work of a joker (quite literally), with the same motive and that’s why it feels real. Jokers are real, who fear death and loneliness for they can’t live in darkness.

Jokers are real and they preside on having lucid fun and putting people to shame. The world is that unfortunate, its true. However, there is hope; the essence is to never give up.

Remember; what is happening to you is all calculated and it is done. You are not asking for it and you are not talking about it so why is it happening? These are the works of the unbelievers, the atheists, who keep doing wrong on the notion ‘if there was Allah this wouldn’t happen and if there is Allah lets see who stops us and their debates are always never ending’.

To understand you have to listen and to listen you have to be patient; You can take care of this hoax by sticking with your self.

After doing all wrong, they work on the notion of other people finding out, by reversing the system (paying a few and asking the majority to behave a certain way. They actually perform that way, to take the aesthetic sense off you and sense of life: your intuition.

The corona virus has not just shaken people by their grits of it and left them helpless; it has literally reversed the system.

While the rest of the world is dealing with the shock, others are still busy screwing the shock further. The call to action here is to take care of your belongings and stick to yourself. Corona, just as cancer, is a frenzy; it makes you feel helpless and sends you in a state of infinite loops.

Magic is real: you are not asking for anything and it happens to you: Its Nazar. And nazar is the end of mankind!

Motive Behind Corona

Corona in my opinion is a petty game of playing people by the shit of horses and the pettiest and sneakiest things available. It seems like a revenge of one and time will reveal who’s.

Corona is a hoax and the hoax is exactly this. The solution to it? Water, water, water, water, and more water and the 99 names of Allah SubhanaTaAllah.

Hypocrisy At Its Best

Corona should have been taken seriously since day one and the answer to that is cleanliness: on a global, person and interpersonal level. Water is the best solution to it and one that can take care of the corona shock itself.

(Hazrat Muhammad on water).

To Conclude:

The works of corona and the corona shock itself is miserable. Furthermore, people must change before they get driven beyond their excessive capacities. They should calm down, detach, have water, relax, exercise and go to sleep on time. Laziness is another outcome of corona which is against the human body so one must be very careful during this period of corona virus.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

Why Should You Avoid COVID-19

By on April 10, 2020

Why Should You Avoid COVID-19

COVID-19 is a by-product of diazepam, alprazolam and few other ingredients that will automatically make your stomach go loose. Covid-19, therefore, should be avoided. Instead, if you are corona positive, you should try to stick with water and let your body heal naturally.

The idea behind Covid-19 is totally exaggerated. The purpose is to make the sick fallen sick and sicker meet dooms day, in order to make big money off of existing patients.

People are taking COVID-19 as a drug that can cure corona. However, Covid-19 is a bigger aim to perhaps end eternity and make money off of their sickness. Its the devil’s work and the devil is in the Quran so he exists. (Read Michael Jackson for example, a well-known, shady, devilish man-woman, perhaps, God or someone very satanic.)

Go With Natural Mechanisms Than Covid-19

If you have tested positive for corona shock, you should try to go for ‘cleansing the system’. For that, you should eat vegetables, enhance your taste, drink plenty of water and have green tea, at least once a day. Rest and avoid the public eye for 10-15 days. Once your system cleanses itself, you will heal automatically.

If you are struggling with these two weeks of corona virus, then it is better that you take a pain killer and then start relaxing. Keep it as natural as possible; avoid anger and fighting in the hidden and there will be no reason for you to not heal.

Is Covid-19 Ponzi Scheme?

The human system is quite complicated. We should ideally be fixing ourselves as is. While we don’t feel complete most of the time, the ideology and essence for it is to drink plenty of water and your body will reinstate itself, just as dusk till dawn. All other ideologies are senseless, especially Covid-19.

COVID19 is a no go- it is a Ponzi scheme. It will make your system leak water and perhaps leave you with nothing. You should eat minimally in corona virus but do have water. If you are eating, then have a cup of green tea and you will be good to go.

Covid-19 is an effort by a devil in disguise. It is as lucid and flaccid as the devil himself. Trust that there is nothing better for your gut and system than natural water and light things that a human body can actually take. Combine this with sleep and you will be good to go.

Covid-19: Tech Unveiled

What You Should Remember!

While COVID-19 is a very recent subject and a long in undated debate:

The human system is a process in intself. 100 years ago, the median age of a man was 700 and of a woman, 1200. Today, the median age of a woman is 12 and of a man is 10. They say all of these are the works of a devil, who might soon be recognized. Just reminds me of Michael Jackson.

Furthermore, these are well known signs of Qiyamat (Qiyamah), which are clarified, proven and proven again by science, technology and matter. One must undo the works of the devil, even if it needs a bit of a crush of an ego for the devil is there and he should be stopped till he floats a free with his Ponzi stick and Ponzi schemes.

Food For Thought: Realize And You Will Find God

One of the biggest signs of corona virus is restlessness.

Considering the death rate these days and going back to basics, simplicity was key to everything.

Unfortunately in today’s age and time, when it’s all about materialism, people really have gotten off track and perhaps have forgotten the instilled values of faith in men and women alike.

While it is true that more than half of the total global population is leading the same life, things have changed. It is going back to basics and it won’t be pretty when people start finding the truth.

The need and rush for COVID-19 is coming from perhaps the devil, who blames it all on the Yahud and America. All of these are the Devils works.

Coronavirus (based on the car corona and those who drive it perhaps, off of the revenge of the devil) is a flus- it is done though, perhaps with insects mating with insects and throwing them off borders. However, COVID-19 is a bigger scam as all other things are. What we need for survival is water, wheat, barley, certain important vegetables, meat, chicken, fresh fruit and all other basics. It is better to stay away from all things that are not natural.

Its not happening though.

The Truth About Covid-19

#MyAbbreviation for Covid-19 is: Cancer, Ovaries, Vividness, Implication and Death.

Covid-19 is a scam just as all medicines are. We are talking about big money here. The victims? Could be anyone or everyone. The deaths would be more prevalent in men and women who are not well educated, perhaps those above 60s, mothers and fathers who are dependent on others for income and so on. It is the devil’s work and the devil is the ‘alleged’ Prime Minister of Pakistan, who is Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson Is alive.

We Leave All Matters On Him

To Conclude

A well-known devil, the ‘pir’, Satan, the flus ‘God’, the one who calls himself Allah and so on.. This man should be revealed as he reveals people and is Firaun. The man who thieves, burns women alive, eats up women and men and doesn’t leave a muscle. An animal. Perhaps a flus as big as is Ponzi is.

Oh I mean, what Sorrri! A pseudo Muslim in disguise and a run away after who every one is after.

Nonetheless, the topic is not Michael Jackson, he literally puts this blog to shame with his name as in. We are talking about corona and corona virus.

Both men and women should stay in their homes and avoid drinking and eating from outside. Have bottled things and there is nothing better than water. Try to have herbs, greens and light food. Salad perhaps. And you will be good to go.

If you are coronainpakistan, take a rest for 10 days with these tips and test yourself again: You will be corona negative.

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