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Satire Comedy: The Top Four ‘Mains’ Of The World

By on July 16, 2019

We’re talking about satire comedy and there are only a few things that come to mind.

The globel theory is Trump and the real theory is Slump.

Let’s start with:

THE SATIRE: Mr. Donald Trump.


If we are talking about Trump, all he needs is attention.

Whether it is bad ‘attention’ or good attention, learn that both attentions are harmful. And everybody loves attention.

Moreover, in satire comedy, which is probably who he really is, satting on fire, tiring in flame, losing control, and playing the blame game [Iran].

Trump’s priority for now are the following:

Schools, comedy, fashion shows, airports and “other Decisionz”.

Losing Control Satire: 2nd is Donald Trump Jr.

Jr. likes to call himself Jr. because ‘he’s awh so cool’ [read his Twitter; you’ll understand how he writes]

He loves his bromance and loves to romance, for he is the son of the President. However, nobody likes them, so its always forceful and when it starts getting forceful, it becomes a joke.

Jr’s priorities [being the PM of America] include carnage, wreckage, mayhem, sight seeing and split bee-ing. He pukes all the time after his alcohol and rushes to kill humans and blood. He didn’t have that childhood, so he takes care of the children and argue, if they are Muslim, then we’ll say, it was them, and their parents. And we’ve done a good job. And may America Live Forever.

However, lets not forget that Trump’s favorite movie is V for Vendetta and so is Trump’s. I hope they don’t take V personally now.

Satire: Presidents/PMs

Fully Satire: 3rd is Ms. Ivanka Trump:

Ivanka Trump is interested in the Jewels. She’s catering towards it. Her order is to pass humans as humanoids [sarcasm of course because who the hell is she to pass orders on Muslims]. And if its their scare, that means they are pansies. I bet she’s in reverse.

Ivanka’s first name is f-i-ranka [category of Firaun], rest, we know her second name as well, which is Trump. She acts like a boss, moves her butt like a jagger and starts shouting when she doesn’t get Jared her way.

Ivanka, who has a successive board share on the Presidency, is just a ‘pwetty tool’ and image. She too is after Trump and everybody’s running their own blame game.

She doesn’t like to work but she literally throws tantrums. Though does anyone care? Only the goons who have a literal figure of ‘Americans’. Rest, they’re migrants.

Many successive shows, seasons and movies had Trump’s backing and his magic hand came successfully to show the World what’s next. That was showed through Game of Thrones. Though it was a show that raked millions, some of the popular ones ‘got caught’- Danereys. Nonetheless. It’s Trump’s Calling.

My analysis would be to reveal Trump’s paradise: Which is made out of envoy, craziness, carnage [through bomb, shells, airplanes, fighter jets etc]. His family isn’t one. He has reproduced with many. He is incest and these are laws for a common man and woman. Read molestation, murder, ‘chor bazari’, etc etc etc.

Definitely Satire: Fourth one is the Queen.

Everybody presumed that the Queen will be dead but it is the Queen, so she said, I won’t be dead, you be dead.

Mr. Prince Charles and the dead plus the obnoxious husband were wondering if she’s finally dead so that they understand ‘what’s gonna happen if the Queen is dead’.

While they were discussing THEIR problems, Trump came in between, the unwanted child, saying no prooooblem. I’ll ensure the Queen DOESN’T live and rest, I will ensure that Britain exits from their monarchies and bow down to him, as HE is the richest person in the world.

However, their sad part was the Queen wasn’t dead. She was just rejuvenating. The Queen got fully back in by end of December two thousand and eighteen.

Anyways, while the Royal Family was dealing with their own health and related issues, like tears and tissues, Trump and the rest of Brexit, including Macron, were very concerned. Because if the Queen were dead, they had to run to Trump.

Nonetheless, towards the mid of December, the Queen was back and now, the Queen is going to make sure ‘they’ [in trump’s language, they, in anyone else’s dictionary “People”, will live forever, in their very own Britain.

The truth is, this isn’t Satire. This is the Real Deal.

People are saying something is in the air or are not feeling well. The truth, its people at work. And Mr Thump Thump is leading the way.

Satire: Speculation

There is some crazy speculation that there has been some divine intervention that has stopped these ‘goons’ from celebrating their daily christmas.

News is also abuzz that things will stop but things will take time.

Stay tuned for these paradoxical updates at Tech Unveiled.

The Notion Of Creation: Being Happy

By on July 15, 2019

The Notion Of Creation: Being Happy

We have never had a personal encounter with many known personalities that are here or not here. However, if we realize that everything that is there has been practiced on man”; everything we have ‘created’ is based on man (science and technology) and everything we have done is again based on man. This is the notion of ‘creation’ and this sort of satisfies the fact that We, the Humans, are ”automatic” on the ‘principle’ of ‘Survival Of The Fittest’. The fittest who can survive though is the one who is happy.

We have already superseded in technology so much that it is not bear fruiting’ to even look at television now. You have eyes for your vision not your tears honestly. “New Age” technology is Not anymore a slogan or a belief or at least it shouldn’t be. Remember that a Man has limits and technology doesn’t.

Who created technology- say since Inception of ‘time’.. People.

Man Vs. Man is a scary concept. And to start realizing the notion of the fact that everything is created so even today you could start afresh, you will realize the Potential Of Limits that way.

And that is when you will strike balance. After all, “Life” is “learning”.

Notion Of Creation In Retrospection of What Can Be Done

2019 was quite interesting to see ‘realization’. It is not like things stopped in 2019; good or bad but even if you think that is created (done by man), wouldn’t you want to believe in a higher authority, see the ‘limits of a man’.

Being Happy: Tech Unveiled

The 5 Way Rule

Verifying the fact that Everything Has Been Created, we understand creation.

2, 3, 4, 5.. Created (numeric on principles, principles on theology and theology on man). It all goes back to where we started from and where we should draw a line to move ahead… and that is by-passing technology and coming terms to life (for those who are far behind it and for those who have had enough; Everything is already there- even the Shops for you to roam around and malls to lighten you up).

The Absolute Rule to life is to be Happy and trust, that you cannot fake happiness. Happiness comes to those who are to themselves and happy are those who have never, ever, knowingly, committed a crime.

When people lose hope, they blame themselves. When they are done blaming themselves, they turn to escape (drinks, party, getting along, ‘lone date ship’) etc.

When a Soul doesn’t find a rest or a partner, it dies a death that is so painful that even 10 souls combined to make a soul happy wouldn’t suffice. Trust me when I say that it is better to be at life than learn it, teach at life than fake it and be at life till run it. You are already here; This indeed is life. We are a creation of The Supreme Authority; Rest, indeed is the same. This is how you find happiness.

Be it booze or drinks, people or fun, countries or nations; Remember; a soul thrives on work and rests on blood. Its a part of a family and it is here to, too, get to the top. Anything in between is the other. However, for survival of the fittest, you have to be the fittest and that is no longer easily possible in the times we are living in- 2020.

Finding Happiness

The right path is the ‘good way’ and so is the life of the ‘After Story”.

To get through life, you need to believe in redemption, to survive at life you have to believe in others and to live life, you need to be smart enough to know life and that is being people smart.

Life isn’t melons but there is only one life and it is here for you to enjoy and there is no other thing as life. Once you realize, you might start paying respect to others in fact your own self. And Self is where we all stand.

For Those Who Can Understand

To rest the talk of understanding being happy, lets satisfy it at the fact that life is here for you to live in peace and the after life will be your reward of this life. (The pain and everything else included in between. The heart). Then, you will automatically be happy for happiness is a part of the 4 emotions of the human heart; the system is our body and the rest is process. Once you let your feelings flow, you will realize how blessed you are for being happy too comes to the fortunate only.

Be happy and happiness follows through; be sad and sadness follows through; Keep to yourself, always.

Moreover, always remember: You are indeed, your own best friend and nothing should come in between you and your faith (your last line; and that is the relationship of One; between Allah and Man). Rest? Dignity always follows through.

Stay tuned for more at Tech Unveiled.

The Biggest Problem In Pakistan Today

By on July 7, 2019

Pakistan is a struggling economy where there are all kinds of people and all kinds of issues. The Biggest Problem In Pakistan today, however, is the lack of Enactment of the Men in Army. Pakistan should be protected by its State. The rest will always follow through. After all, a person doesn’t need more than 10 pence per day for survival or perhaps a rupee or two for energy from candies (not even available for Rs. 5 now).

If you take a look at this country from an overall or bigger eye perspective, you will realize that it is the same old Pakistan. (But now in Pakistan, you literally can’t even breathe).

Pakistan’s current economy seems to be stale. There are many problems with the country. It is the 21st century and the year ‘2019’. Hence, what we need to realize is that you have to move forward to enjoy the experience but you also need to halt, see and then make collective action to deal with this country’s problems.

Looking At Things From A Global Perspective

The world is moving at a very fast pace. There are too many people involved and the “race is on“.

Things are in chaos and economically, Pakistan is the least of most major economies. Pakistan itself is a mess because of the presiding parties, which are having a good go at themselves. The reality? There is absolutely nothing for the common man here.

People Of Pakistan Need A Reality Check

Things are not that lost because there is One supremacy and that is only His. Pakistan’s sustenance is on Breakeven level and it is not even enough for a man to go by on a daily basis.

The idea is to move forward and realize your opportunities across the globe. Connect with the right people and let things happen.

Give yourself 10 days to get a news that you have been waiting for. 10 days are enough for a survival of a soul without even bare minimums.


Pakistan is a Very Islamic country. It has to be cleared off people that are eyeing its gold. Most of Pakistan doesn’t even have Muslims now. They are all liberals or pseudo party makers or fakers in the real Pakistan.

The PROBLEM in Pakistan are the people who are talking. The issue is that these are the same faces around every Good Muslims in their home in Pakistan.

There are NO standing orders. Pakistan is on the Loose- Ask the Elites and it lacks the principles of Getting Things Done and that is unfortunately due to murder, genocide, rape, incest, blood and Open Murder. Especially evident in the last 2 or 3 years or so.

Pakistan could benefit from Education, Open Platforms (free of cost) [Pakistan already has too many leaders and too much Wealth – Especially on a grass root level which is its population itself].

If we look at the total wealth of Pakistan, its resources (land, sand, sitting in Tharparkar, Sindh etc. it is essentially enough to realize that Pakistan is in the hands of the Corrupt since the last 2 years or so. Its government has been a failed government only because of its Prime Minister or probably the fact that things haven’t gotten along at a personal level.

Nonetheless, the biggest problem now, in Pakistan, since its election in 2018 when the Current Prime Minister came in is Corruption and Theft.

Pakistan has now sort of emerged as such a ‘private’ state, which it is that it should be enacting law and order on all borders of its by devising the State’s Army and the Police for Law and Order.

In any country, the Presiding Authority is Always the Prime Minister.

If we conduct a research on the performance of Pakistan- from 2018 to February 2020 now, Pakistan has suffered, not only money wise but blood wise. And that blood has been the loss of the Muslims across its borders and the men and women of its country.

Lets remember the fact that Pakistan is the ONLY Islamic State and its name is the Islamic Republic Of Pakistan.

Lets also not forget that Islam is internal as are all religions and if Muslim are dying in a Muslim state then its time to get rid of ALL governments and enact Law and Order right away through a Martial Law.


The State is above the Sovereign Authority and on the FIRST murder of a Muslim in a STATE (Country- Pakistan), the Army should lead the way.

Remember: no one is above the law, not even the Prime Minister and the law are basics.

The basics, the books, the songs, the headphones, the party, EVERYTHING is there. The State only needed protection and the last 10 months have been enough to realize how important is to not fight with a person of faith against a person of dismay.

A Muslim NEVER fights for food and food is money. Money is power and power is control. If we forget all these notions and just Realize as to What HAS ALREADY HAPPENED in the last 10 months for a ‘Bar’ then I think Pakistan should be working on reenacting its essence and spirit and that are the People of Pakistan.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

There’s A New CEO At Warner Bros- She’s A Woman

By on June 25, 2019

In brand new updates, Warner Bros has hired a brand new former BBC executive named Ann Sarnoff.

Warner Bros new CEO is making history with the holdage the company has.

As of new reports, Sarnoff will be joining John Stankey, who is the CEO of Warner Media.

Stankey will be joining and replacing Kevin Tsujihara at Warner Bros. For now, what we know is that this the news is quite commemoratory.

John Stankey will be bringing a lot to the table. She has previously seen many monetization methods and all of these skillsets that she carries will be held dearly by their team.

Warner Bros: Technology

In a press release, it was remarked that Ann has shown cohesive ability to innovate and grow revenues. It has embraced the evolution that is taking place in their industry.

It is a big time changer in history and this has never happened before.

Nonetheless, it seems like a split second into momentum this year and its a big and a first for Warner Bros- I guess history is being made.

Stay Tuned.

Apple Outperforms Since Dot Com Bubble

By on June 12, 2019

Apple Outperforms Since Dot Com Bubble

Apple has done something that it hasnt done in so many years.

According to reports, Apple shares have gained about 1% for about 6 straight sessions now. This is their biggest gain since 2000.

What is evident is that Apple’s stock has finally rallied in about many, many years. Moreover, after 20 failed attempts, there has been a shortage of and in a dot com bubble which is affecting people in many and every sense.


AAPL +1.16%, rose by 1.2% on Tuesday to post a 6th straight win. This is Apple’s longest winning streak since the 7th day stretch in April.

Apple stock has gained 23.5% for the year and it has a SPDR Technology Select Sector which has gained by 24.2%. The Dow industrials DJIA dropped -.0.05%.

Moreover, along with this, Amazon is up by 0.16% and Facebook Inc. FB (+1.88%).

On the other hand, consumer inflation has hit 15 month highs. According to reports, fueled by food prices, the consumer price index was up by almost 2.7% in May as compared to a year earlier. Accelerating growth by about 2.5% in April, food prices rose in the month of May to about 7.7% which is its fastest pace in the past three years, after it climbed to 6.1%.

Non food prices have climbed by 1.6%, as it moderated to about 1.7% increase by April.

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

Technology in Pakistan

By on June 10, 2019

There are too many problems in technology across the globe. After all, technology does have its pros and cons. However, having a notion is one thing- ‘technology’. ‘Believing in a notion’ is another thing; And creating notions over notions is the start to the No End Concept (built now around the principle of Scarcity of the Human body). This is where Writing comes in and this is where we start touching the notion of technology in Pakistan.

Understanding Basics

If we UNDERSTAND that EVERYTHING is already there in this world, why do we complain. And when everything is there, why are there problems? There is always something or the other that is going on and the idea is to understand things, people or even basics by the Roots of people.

Coming to technology in Pakistan, there are many ‘unknown’ reasons for countries such as Pakistan to lag. They stem from corruption.

Pakistan has enough technology to let people live in the ‘new age’ for decades. Superseding of anything is bad and technology holds true for that as well.

There are actually NO SUCH problems of technology in Pakistan. If Pakistan begins with itself and define ‘terms of trade’ according to its own language, it will earn its own respect back and put other countries to shame.

Roots begin with respect and respect is what we are all standing for as is. Take it down and you have a circle of jokers around. The essence is; to let things happen.

Certain Pointers Pakistan Can Benefit From- Technology Wise

Technology is not ever changing. If we look at the entire Globe, for that matter per se, we have few major technology companies working and they are unfortunately interferring in everyones’ lives through ‘stop indicators’ and ‘pause and control buttons’.

Even Apple announces its product ONCE a year and the rest of the year is its production.

However, if we look at the deep concrete “GIVENS” such as raw materials, basics, identities, people, life, joy, happiness or even thrillers, we can say that things now have to be resolved at a GLOBAL level and we have to let go off things that the REST of the population doesn’t know.

That will not only bring things back to normal but it will reinstate normalcy in the universe.

Pakistan already HAS 4G technology and that is literally enough for you to see the entire web in a day; lets hope you are not watching the ‘bad stuff’ and taking pieces out of technology to become an identity that takes care of our technology and doesn’t work for the betterment of technology itself.

To sum it up; Pakistan only and only suffers from CORRUPTION and that is the ONLY problem of and IN Pakistan.

Some global changes in major consoles overtime, especially 2020.

Technology In Pakistan

Things To Note

1- Change in Google Search Console

The Google SEO Search Console is quite a complicated ordeal.

Most of how it works and what is there doesn’t even work. I guess the Google Search Console is coming up with “Mechanisms” that a common man can probably no longer understand.

The Algorithms are what are missing. Developing new algorithms could be the solution but Stoppage and understanding will come when there is no introspection between two competitions: Google or perhaps Apple by a 3rd party, say Fargo.

Unfortunately, nothing is defined these days, let alone ‘well defined’.

Google can literally ‘Just Do It’ by sponsoring ads and since most of what we are and is done is through Google; be it Blogging, Websites; The Internet PERHAPS. Then essentially, there should be no problem between for ‘a common man’ to understand the basics of the Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is essentially basics of the ‘Writing On The Internet’ and there are just few things that you have to take care off for you to rank on the Console including:

What Do You Need To Understand About Getting Ranked!

Writing is one of the biggest hobby, passion, goal and the ultimate cash on for Most Muslims in Pakistan.

However, few are lucky to have their Good websites ranked and very few are those who can really resist the urge of not earning through the Google Adsense.

While it is true that the Google Search Console is not readily available for Muslims countries ‘entirely’, would it be enough to say that our Internet is used on decorums that even we are not aware of. This is through the Web Hosts we choose, the Writing that we do, the Money that we DON’T get paid (through ‘deductions on platforms that don’t even pay us, especially Muslims, entirely).

Google indeed does has restrictions. However, by using your creative spaces properly and using your technical eye, you can realize that it is not difficult to have a ‘good effective website running’.

These include:

  • Writing good articles
  • Learning How To Back Link
  • Creating Hyperlinks
  • Adding Images to your Text
  • Spending money on your website right when you start it- 2, 3 articles by you are fine
  • Go for Adsense but at a later stage say 1 or 2 months of your website or perhaps if it has rightly indexed.
  • Don’t go for complicated terms. Start with BASICS no matter what information is there on already what you know.

Everything starts with a Good Website and a good website starts from scratch.

Choose WordPress for simplicity and authenticity for success.

Authenticity is success and success is you. Authenticity is aesthetics and aesthetics are common sense.

Go with yourself; don’t let your brain get tangled in a process.

The “Trick” is to realize that a human capacity cannot breathe for more than 10 seconds. So take a break and that break should always be water (while writing 😉 ).

Tutorial For Google Search Console.

Google Search Console can further be improved by learning the basics of the search console, reading about sources of adding additional things on your website to make money such as products (but that only happens when you have a running website already).

Learn for Part 2 of the page and wait for number one to complete in the Second Part of this post on WordPress.

Pakistan: An Insightful Look

News: #Conferences, #Technology, #Environment, #Business

By on May 30, 2019

News Updates:

30th May, 2019.

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Business News: Tech Unveiled

By on May 18, 2019

Business News: Tech Unveiled

1- United States and China Trade Talks Stall: Link

Excerpt: Big trade talks between China and US have sort of stalled. Trump has been battling the two largest economies since some time now and things have now sort of stopped.

Read more: Here

2- President Trump shakes four economies, putting them in play: Link

3- Stocks Drop At Final Sell Off As US China Trade Talks Stalled: Link

4- Epic Games Store’s Sales Do Extremely Well: Link

5- John Wick Comes To Fortnite: Link

Sri Lanka: Tech Unveiled

SriLanka Attack: Bans Face Covering

By on April 29, 2019

SriLanka Attack: Bans Face Covering

In a shocking state of affairs of SriLanka attack, the massive attack on Sri Lanka left the world in dismay. Furthermore, banning face-covering is against The Muslim’s belief and henceforth, after the pressing bomb in the country that let 250+ dead, a lot followed through. It was Trumpet and somehow that man is missing since the last few days.

While it was reported that the ban on face-covering came from the Sri Lankan President Mairthripala Sirisena on Sunday, there were about 253 people killed in the attack. However, it still makes no sense as to why they are banning the Muslims. Nonetheless, the SriLanka Attack that left 250+ dead was another shock of 2019 along with Jacinda Ardern’s brutal murder at the hands of the attacks on mosques.

It is a tragedy really not just the SriLankan attack but perhaps the ban on Muslims as well. Even if the country gets an influx of tourists, it is true to begin and say that the ban on the veil is still a surprise because you can cover the feelings of a man but you can’t take their emotions away.

The rule of life is strange:

I mean I am not Ellen. However, if you want free advice:

You have to survive, be patient, and let every matter and leave the matter in His hands. Things are no more in the hands of Man. This might perhaps be the Divine Truth. You really don’t want to know how many people are dying as is.

It is quite devastating as to what is going on in the world especially considering the fact that Muslims were the prime target in 2018 onwards to this day. The SriLanka Attack hit Muslims by a great proportion.

Strange Matters, Strange Expositions And Strange Behaviors (2018-2019 onwards).

Sources reveal that the mastermind behind the attacks was someone who spent a lot of time in India. If they are identifying ‘it’, it is Dajjal!

They are still looking for answers but what’s strange is that there was a synagogue attack in the United States of America and NPR reported that the Veil ban comes after covering Easter Sunday attacks.

Who’s doing it? Dajjal and since the last 2-3 days, he is definitely not laughing.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

A divine truth? Muslims are The Chosen Ones.

Jacinda Ardern: Tech Unveiled

Jacinda Ardern Presses Waves With New Iconic Image

By on April 23, 2019

New news is in and the story is that Jacinda Ardern has made it to the face of.. Or emerged as a global face of global war.

It is quite upsetting to see what’s happening in the world today. We’ve covered it so many times but Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Spain, Pakistan, Iran, UK, India and Notre Dam.

It is the face of elections this year and people are competing.

In current news,

Jacinda Ardern was seen hugging a woman and that picture will now be painted on a street in Silo and that too in Melbourne.

It’s her unity and the recent Christchurch terror attack that sort of ignited a sense of modernity among the Europeans. They are still hunting but it seems like it is the common lay man at fault as well.

New Zealand is in some bliss since the last attack in its mosque last year. Whether it were blatant efforts to take care of Jacinda Ardern or anything remotely close to that, solace is there and that is one year of New Zealand after that blatant attack.

Stay tuned Tech Unveiled.