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Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro.

Apple ‘New Safari Technology Preview 68’ Released

By on October 25, 2018

Apple ‘New Safari Technology Preview 68’ Released

Sources have revealed that Apple has released a brand new update for its Safari Technology Preview (downloadlink).- Courtesy: Apple.

For those who don’t know:

Apple launched the Safari Technology Preview in 2016 to see the features that might come to different versions of Safari next. Essentially, it was launched to ‘test the waters’.


Apple has come up with a 68 release that involves bug fixes, web inspector services, webRTC, animations payment request, Apple Pay and others.

Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro
Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro

So now the big question:

Who is this update for?

The new Safari Technology Previous 68 release is for both macOS Mojave and macOS High Sierra users.

Lets not forget that Mojave is the latest Mac OS released to the public in September.

How To Get The Update?

If you want to download Safari Technology Preview 68 today, go to the Mac App Store and download the update. However, the update will only appear if you have the browser at hand.

You can’t really say that Apple has given users the ability to download Safari technology preview without reason. There is a reason behind it.


Apple’s main aim with the Safari Technology Preview is to gather feedback from different developers and gain insights on the browser development process.

You can, however, have both the Safari Technology Preview + Safari browser at hand.

Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro.
Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro.
Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro.
Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro.

The software was designed for designers but it does not need a proper account to download.

Tech giant Apple has been in the news for other reasons too. In the news today, it was revealed that Apple has been fined for slowing down phones deliberately.

Moreover, the new Apple event is also around the corner so there is a lot of speculation going around about the company these days.

Let’s see what the Cupertino based giant has in store ahead.

For more updates on Apple launches, stay with us on

Richard Branson calls it quit at Virgin Hyperloop One

Did Richard Branson Just Quit As Chairman Of Virgin Hyperloop One?

By on October 22, 2018

Did Richard Branson Just Quit As Chairman Of Virgin Hyperloop One?

LATEST: Richard Branson, the tech and entrepreneurial mogul, has stepped down as Chairman- Virgin Hyperloop One group. The news has been reported by Reuters and Bloomberg both.

Branson announced his decision on Monday. While commenting on his latest move that has shocked many, he said that the company needs a chairman who is more involved with it. He exclaimed that he wants the company to grow and wants someone who has plans to build a completely operational Hyperloop.

Richard Branson calls it quit at Virgin Hyperloop One
Richard Branson calls it quit at Virgin Hyperloop One

Woes With Saudi Arabia

Richard Branson was in the news recently as last week, the Financial Times reported that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has canceled a feasibility study with their company. The country’s decision came after Branson criticized them for being involved with Jamal Khashoggi, the famous journalist who recently died away in murder!

Things Have Been Strange

Things have been a little strange as far as Branson is concerned. He is well known for his eccentric styles and appearances. He has always ventured in experiences some people cannot even think of. Moreover, he also seems a little crazy but he is the BOSS of all.

More than a year ago, his company announced that Branson will be joining the company’s board of directors. It also revealed that Richard Branson also made an undisclosed investment in the company. This led the company to rebrand itself and call itself ‘Virgin Hyperloop One”.

In a statement to Reuters, Richard Branson said that it is time for the company’s evolution and, therefore, the company needs someone who is more focused on the business plus its opportunities.

Richard Branson calls it quit at Virgin Hyperloop One
Richard Branson calls it quit at Virgin Hyperloop One

While commenting further, he said that it will not be easy for him to commit to it as he has devoted a significant portion of time to philanthropic ventures. He is also a part of many businesses in the Virgin Group itself.

For now, Virgin Group has not commented on the situation. However, this is a developing story so we will update you as we go!

Big story: Body Camera Burst Into Flames

Big Story: Stay Away From Body Cameras

By on October 21, 2018

Big Story: Stay Away From Body Cameras

The NYPD: New York City Police Department have been trying to figure out ways to test body cameras. This is an effort to get one for each of its officers for next year.

However, the snatch is that one of these body cameras burst into flames. Worn by an officer in the Staten Island, the body camera he was wearing burst into flames. As a result, the NYPD had to pull all of them out.

Emerging as one of the big story for the day, the caution and message here is: stay away from body cameras.

Big story: Body Camera Burst Into Flames
Big story: Body Camera Burst Into Flames


The Daily Beast Report

According to The Daily Beast, the incident occurred in Midnight at Staten Island. The model involved was the Vievu model – The LE-5 Camera.

According to reports, the camera began to smoke and then fell from his shirt in the ground. Then, it ‘caught fire and was damaged’.

The NYPD acknowledged that it was aware of possible defects with these technology products. However, exclaimed that in this big story of the day, nobody was injured. The battery, however, exploded.

Investigations Are Under Way

The investigations are under away, says the NYPD. Their statement revealed that according to the orders of James P. O’ Neill, the LE-5 models will all be pulled out. He pointed that the LE-4 cameras are going to continue to get used and employed. However, the discontinuation of LE-5 model is necessary and cancelled.

According to The Daily Beast on this emerging big story, 2990 cameras are affected out of the total 15,500 they got.

We aren’t sure what message to take out of this.

Body cameras are common in the NYPD and one is under way for ALL next year. However, after this recent big story, we aren’t sure what’s in next!

Stay updated/tuned for another big story at The Tech Unveiled soon.

Where To Buy Weed Online: Canada

Canada Weed Guide: Where To Buy Weed Online?

By on October 20, 2018

Canada Weed Guide: Where To Buy Weed Online?

As you all know, Canada legalized weed on October 17th. It was a day many were looking forward to. However, with its legalization, many people have been thinking where to buy weed online.

If you are wondering as to where to buy weed online in Canada, we are here to help. You cannot only buy it through physical stores but through online retailers too.

Interested in where you can use technology and where to buy weed online? Here is a list of all the places where you can get it from.

Where To Buy Weed Online: Canada
Where To Buy Weed Online: Canada

1- British Columbia

In British Columbia, Canada, the only way to get the herb is through the government’s official website. However, it is still online and it answers the question where to buy weed online.

Therefore, to buy it from there, go to:

2- Saskatchewan

Technology has made rounds in Saskatchewan. In fact, Saskatchewan is one of the 2 provinces that has private online retailers.

There, only five websites are running but some haven’t started their sales yet.

We expect them to come up with sales and a proper running website soon.

The five websites are:

3- Newfoundland and Labrador

In Newfoundland and Labrador, you can get weed and liquor both at the same store. Therefore, those looking for where to buy weed online can choose the link given below to buy their stuff.

You can either get your stash from the official government website:


Through a private retailer who will be opening its store there soon.

4- Novo Scotia

In Novo Scotia, you can order cannabis online. Or you can go to the nearest NCLC store to get the online access code.

Once you have the code, you can start shopping at:

5- Quebec

There are strict cannabis legalization rules in Quebec. Therefore, don’t expect private sales or online sales.

Moreover, you can also not grow your cannabis online. The only place to order your stash in Quebec, Canada is:

6- Manitoba

Another state in Canada with a private online sales model, there are three stores online that you can get your stuff from there:

7- Alberta

There are many orthodox brick and mortar stores in Alberta. There is also a cap by the provincial government on 250 stores.

Online sales through technological advancements are ongoing in Alberta though.

If you are in Alberta, here is where to get your stuff from:

8- PEI

In Prince Edward Island, Canada, the online portal for where to buy weed online is:

PEI is one of the provinces in the country with a government run corporation. This controls the sales of the drug.

9- New Brunswick

Surprisingly, New Brunswick is one of the best supplied provinces in the country.

It has about 750,000 residents with 20 stores and a website.

You can buy your stuff online there through their government website:

10- Ontario

Ontario doesn’t have a limit on the total brick and mortar stores in the province.

Majority of the people there get their stash from:

Ontario had MAJOR sale breakthroughs on the first day of legalization. We can only expect more in time to come.

In the other three Canadian territories of Yukon and Nunavut, you can get it online from:


Canada Cannabis Legalization

How To Order Cannabis Online In Canada Through Shopify

By on October 19, 2018

How To Order Cannabis Online In Canada Through Shopify

Canada has legalized Weed and one thing that might shock you is that you might be able to order it online; thanks to a firm based in Ottawa.

Shopify, it seems, will be leading the online shopping experience of these users, who flocked to get their stock online, after it was legalized in the country. Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce giant, is the one to watch for some time now then. Moreover, Shopify has also been chosen to design the retail platform of many states. These include British Columbia, Ontario and others.

VP and GM of Shopify, Loren Padelford, had a lot to comment on the matter. Keeping it short, he said that here, they are being the “facilitators of technology”.

“We want to give people the platform to sell whatever they like, as long as its legal”.

Moreover, he made it clear that marijuana is not that special to Shopify as are other things. He added that it is the same as clothing, spa services and others. Essentially, what they are trying to say is that marijuana is the same as other products. Moreover, their point is that now that it is legal to use it,  they are making it easy for people to get it.

For now, in Canada, there is no same day delivery for online shoppers but still, you can place your orders online and that’s a catch! People who waited for it to get legalized in the country have to wait for some time to get their stock.

Legal Cannabis Canada
Legal Cannabis Canada

The Delay

New reports suggest that the workers on Canada Post are going on a strike and that could delay shipments of the drug.

The ongoing negotiations are predicted to affect the mail delivery, some say.

Since the drug is already so popular, the bargaining table is ready. Moreover, even though the parcels COULD grow exponentially, there can be delays.

Legalization, they say, is an on going procedure and not something you can achieve one day. VP of Shopify also acknowledges that they will have to work harder after its legalization.

Nonetheless, the fact that you can order your weed online in Canada is a plus point for retailers and consumers alike!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Top Stories: Tech

Top Stories: Best of Tech 2018

By on October 19, 2018

Top Tech Stories 2018

Technology is superseding expectations every day. 2018 brought some surprises with regards to that and we saw some top stories emerging on the forefront.

This year, some stories emerged on the top and even we couldn’t help but admire the heights technology has reached this year.

If you have missed out, here are the top 4 tech stories of this year.

Top Stories: Self Driving Tech By Telsa

Elon Musk is a name that everybody knows of today. Elon is actively involved in social media stories too and is also known for his wit sometimes.

Telsa, owned by Musk, made rounds this year with its self-driving cars. Fully autonomous vehicles are now a thing, as they hit the streets this year of a major US city with no driver driving the car.

It’s a big deal for sure.

Telsa showcases the Semi, Model S and the new Roadster that made big rounds this year.

Self-driving cars are here to stay. The technology, which developed in 2017, has now emerged as a massive deal in 2018.

Top stories: Self Driving Cars

Top Stories: Cryptocurrency Rise

Cryptocurrency is no new phenomenon. In 2017, cryptocurrency dropped big time but it is still an attractive catch. Why? Simply because crypto was asked by hackers as ransom and payment to unlock big things such as WannaCry infected computers.

Cryptocurrency is the future of currency, some say, and therefore, a major development this year too.

Top Stories: Crypto
Top Stories: Crypto

Top Stories: Susan Fowler On Uber’s Sexual Culture

A former employee of Uber, Susan Fowler, revealed this year that Uber’s culture is toxic and rife with sexual advances.

In a post called “Reflecting On One Very, Very Strange Year At Uber“, she wrote that the company has people who fully harass you, even if they are the top performers.

Silicon Valley still deals with sexual harassment by in large and people who speak up about it have to bear the brunt. Or in simple words, deal with the consequences.

Top Stories: Susan
Top Stories: Susan

Top Stories: Smart Speakers

The world cannot stop acknowledging Google Home and Echo. Apple is also trying to make its way there with the HomePod.

Smart speakers are about to change how you listen to music and take sound in your home.

In 2017, there was a push towards smart speakers and that is continuing its streak. We’ve seen big names and companies make their way through it and we are looking forward to more.

Top Stories: Smart Speakers
Top Stories: Smart Speakers

Other important stories of 2018 were the augmented reality, the getting rid of bezels, net neutrality and cybersecurity gimmicks.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding tech here.

World's Thinnest Phone

The “World’s Thinnest Phone” Is Here

By on October 18, 2018

The “World’s Thinnest Phone” Is Here

The “World’s Thinnest Phone” is here and comes with an exciting new feature to incorporate Business Cards.

You can’t do much without business cards. Business Cards have now sort of becoming a necessity and with the incorporation of business cards, I’d say The phone should be a keeper for ‘the other work’.

What it is bringing to the table is simplicity and design.

The Thinnest Phone is made in Japan and it comes with a cardholder inside.

Being called ‘The ‘Card Phone’, KY-O1L, the phone has been manufactured by Kyocera. However, the phone will be coming to NTT Docomo.

The “World’s Thinnest Phone” Is Here

Size And Other Measures

Furthermore, The World’s Thinnest Phone has the same footprint as a credit card. It is not bigger than 5.3mm and it weighs 47g.

Additionally, Docomo is calling the phone the thinnest and lightest phone available in the phone. With a 2.8-inch monochrome e-paper screen, the phone has a 380mAh battery on board and supports LTE connectivity.

Tiers Competition And Higher Volumes

New phones made a good advent in 2019 and companies are consistently trying to up their game.

The phone comes with LTE connectivity as well.

The phone also has a camera on board, an App Store and a smart web browser.

While Docomo is saying that this is the Thinnest Phone, others are contradicting.

The New Phone And Its Features

They are saying that The Moto Z phone, which was launched in 2016 was under a 5.2 mm thick screen and claim that it is their thinnest. The lack of camera on the new thin phone, however, makes it Quite Thin!

As far as the price of the new KY-01L is concerned; it is 32,000 Yen- $300. It isn’t a lot to pay, considering that it is going to be really easy for you to carry it around at all times too. The Thinnest Phone means comfort and ease.

Additionally, with a browser on hand and board, the new phone can be a good companion.

Watch the new phone and its video here:

Beats Solo 3: Mickey Edition

Beats “Solo 3” ‘Mickey Mouse Version’ Coming Up

By on October 17, 2018

Mickey Mouse 90th anniversary is just around the corner and guess what? Beats is coming up with a Mickey Mouse version of its Solo 3 headphones.

Recent reports reveal that Beats by Dr. Dre is partnering with Disney to bring forth a Mickey Mouse version of the Solo 3 Wireless headphones.


The previous Solo 3 original editions were available for $30 less but now the company has come up with a special Solo 3 version to commemorate Mickey!

Beats Solo 3: Mickey Edition
Beats Solo 3: Mickey Edition

The company announced the headphones through a marketing campaign that features Lil Yachty and others. The new headphones are set to come with a felt case that will be inspired by the materials of the Disney character. They will also feature an enamel pin along with a decal sticker.


The only color the headphones are available in is Gray. You can now pre-order the new headphones from Amazon. They are priced at $329.95. (Pre-order here).

Beats Solo 3: Mickey Edition
Beats Solo 3: Mickey Edition

Release And Availability

The standard Solo 3 are priced $30 less than these Mickey edition’s. The headphones will officially be released on November 11 and they will be available through the following:

Beats is not the only company to incorporate Mickey Mouse in its designs. Previously, Google announced a Mickey Mouse stand for the Google Home Mini. Others will also be in the pipeline.

Share your thoughts about the new Mickey Edition Beats Solo 3 headphones with us!


If you are a fan of Mickey, these headphones might be the classiest choice you could have. Even though they are a BIT pricey, they are still worth it because they are a special edition.

You can place your order for the headphones TODAY or you can wait till they officially release.

Nonetheless, these headphones are a definite catch.

Stay tuned to learn about the latest tech updates here.

Gitex Technology Week: Top 3 Eye-Catching Gadgets

By on October 15, 2018

Gitex Technology Week : Top 3 Eye Catching Gadgets

Gitex technology week is here and a lot is happening under its name. At the Gitex Technology Week 2018, designers from around the world try to capture an opportunity to showcase their products.

If you are a tech enthusiast and look forward to tech events, then Gitex Technology Week event has a lot to offer.

A lot of gadgets might be making an entry to Gitex this year. However, the following 3 are going to be a must-watch.

Amal Smart Glasses

Amal Smart Glasses are showcasing at the Gitex this year. These are glasses for the blind and visually impaired.

Once you wear them, they can navigate across the city by offering voice commands. It is an interesting catch because it helps the impaired in many ways.

Essentially, you can call Amal Smart Glasses a virtual assistant for someone who can’t see. They will be able to process data such as traffic information, weather forecast and meeting schedules in real-time.

Other features include facial recognition, currency prices, prayer times, warnings and other message. All this while, it will assist you with navigation.

Gitex Technology Week: Amal Glasses
Gitex Technology Week: Amal Glasses

The Smart Police Station (SPS)

Another debut at the Gitex Technology Week 2018 will be the Smart Police Station (SPS), which surely is going to be another top gadget at the technology week.

Introducing a self driving police station on board through an autonomous vehicle, the SPS lets Dubai residents pay their fines- On Board, instead of going to the local stations.

This has to be technology at its finest!

While some people still prefer paying cash or credit, the SPS will still facilitate ease for the users by paying as is.

Gitex Technology Week 2018: SPS
Gitex Technology Week 2018: SPS

Intel Track Systems

We all know the pain of getting lost in shopping malls. However, thanks to technology, the Intel Track Systems are here to change just that.

Working as a satellite tracking device, it gets attached to a usual shopping cart that can guide buyers towards those stores that are situated in bigger malls.

Intel Track Systems are known to provide accurate distance guidance 3-5cm, which is more than the GPS navigation system.

You can even shop through special offers and bookmark your favorite purchases for next time.

Technology- Gitex
Technology- Gitex

The Best Part?

You can pay for the goods you buy through an in-built app. How cool is that? There’s absolutely won’t be any need for cash.

The gitex technology event has a lot to offer. This year, a lot of products are debuting at the show. However, the top three have been mentioned above.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

AMD Graphic Card

AMD Graphics Card ‘RX 680’ Is Coming Next Month

By on October 14, 2018

People who enjoy gaming love digging up graphics cards. They are also looking for the latest ones.

If you have been looking forward a new graphics card, the AMD Radeon is coming forth and  you are in for a pleasant surprise. According to reports, the AMD Radeon will be launching next month. Moreover, what we know for sure is that it has a lot to offer. For starters, it will be 15% faster than its predecessors.

Sources have revealed that AMD will be launching the latest of its Polaris lineup on the 12mn node. The AMD Radeon, they say, is going to launch in November, which is only just a month away.

AMD Graphics Card
AMD Graphics Card

Where Are The Rumors Coming From?

A lot is being said about the new graphics card. However, the latest rumors come from Fudzilla, who revealed that the new Polaris card is coming out next month.

According to Fudzilla, the new RX 680 will be like the 580 but on a smaller node. Furthermore, it will also have a faster clock as it will have a die shrink.

Further reports reveal that the new graphics card will have the same configuration as the 680 model, with 2,304 GCN cores. Previously, the RX 670 and RX 570 also had the same 2,048 GCN cores.

Budget Friendliness

The RX 680 is going to be a budget oriented product. Hence, don’t expect a lot of fastnesses or the GDDR 6 memory to replace the previous GDDR5. The memories are going to stay the same.

We don’t know for sure whether the new AMD graphics cards will be launching Soon! However, we are hearing all sorts of things regarding its release. The latest comes from Fudzilla, who has revealed many spicy details about the new AMD graphics card.

What we also know is that the new AMD graphics card will not be very expensive and it will have similar features as its predecessors but be a top or two up.

More details about the AMD Graphics Card will be revealed as we go and find more.