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Top 3 Portable Blenders For 2020

By on August 21, 2020

Top 3 Portable Blenders For 2020

If you are a fan of coffee or tea, portable blenders will help you go a long way. Time saving and cost effective, portable blenders make life easy for you, step by step. If you are looking for the top 3 portable blenders for 2020, here are 3 you can look into.

The CKEYIN MINI Portable Blender

Called the best portable blender, CKEYIN MINI Portable Blender can hold 420ml liquid and has a 3000 mAh operational battery. With a size of 21.7 cm x 8.4 cm, there are plenty of reasons you should go for this blender. A top choice amidst buyers, the blender has a high-speed blade, a USB charging port for your phone, a handy LED display and an attractive design.

On the other hand, if there is a reason as to why you should avoid the blender and look for another is that it is kind of cheap so you might want to think as to how long it will last.

Nonetheless, it is one of the top 3 portable blenders of 2020.

Nutri Ninja Pro

Ranked as ‘very good’ by raters, priced at $59 at Amazon, $60 at Best Buy and $90 on, The Nutri Ninja Pro is fast, easy to set up and clean and has a durable blender cup. It is generously sized, but the problem is that it is a bit noisy.

Overall, the blender has 900 watts of blending power. It can be used for pulverizing fruits and vegetables, and make silky smooth drinks.

It can also crush ice, lemonade and make for a good few things.

The GODMORN Portable Blender

For greater portability and well designed, Godmorn Portable Blender has 300ml capacity, 1,200 mAh battery rating and a 19cm x 8.6cm. Easy to transport, and a quick charge battery, the Godmorn portable blender has two blades with portable blenders and a nice shoulder bag. Overall, a good buy and a decent charge.

While there are many portable blenders out there, these are the top 3 portable blenders for 2020.

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Ember Travel Mug2: Review

By on July 14, 2020

Ember Travel Mug2: Review

Priced at $179.95, Ember Travel Mug 2 is a mug for your ultimate usage, especially on the go. Not only does it keep your coffee hot, but it is also a smart heated travel mug that lets you put your coffee or drink according to an ideal temperature. The EmberTravel Mug2 keeps your coffee warm for up to 3 hours so that it isn’t hot nor cold.

The Ember Travel Mug2 contains:

  • 12 fl. oz (355 ml)
  • Leak proof lid which is a dishwasher and safe
  • It is easy to clean. It is a safe handwash and it submerses up to 1 meter in water
  • includes a brand new- redesigned charging coaster

Other features of the travel mug include New Touch Display, Improved Battery Life, Auto Sleep and a decent temperature Range.

Where Can You Get It From?

Ember Travel Mug2 is available at the company’s parent website, Ember is called the ‘The World’s First Temperature Control Mug’. It is also available across the globe especially at Apple, Starbucks, Best Buy, Bloomingdale and at Harrods.

The mug is good for a hot-tail at the perfect temperature for your perfection.

To Conclude

The Ember Travel Mug2 is leak-proof. It has a push to open lid that will keep your beverage hot. It provide convenience and it is designed for easy cleaning.

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Why Should You Choose Ufone Sasta Package?

By on June 28, 2020

Why Should You Choose Ufone Sasta Package?

“Ufone Sasta Package” is an interesting offering by Ufone, though a good one. Using it for about 2-3 months now, I have realized how convenient and useful it is.

If you are in Pakistan and want to try out the Sasta Package, I’d suggest you do.

What Does The Ufone-SastaPackage Offer?

With the Ufone Sasta Package, you get access to 180 Off-Net Minutes, Unlimited Facebook with 2000 MBs, Unlimited U-U and PTCL limits, 4200 SMS. You can subscribe to the bundle by dialing *250#.

If you are a technology enthusiast, the Internet on this package might not be enough. However, you can subscribe to other bundles and keep the Sasta Package too.

Ufone: Tech Unveiled

Personal Experience

After using the ‘Sasta Package’, I realized how good it is.

It essentially fulfills your needs for a whole month, without you having to spend any penny or money above it.

It is convenient, reliable and there is absolutely no excessive charges or leakages from your account with the Sasta Package.

For those who have a habit of SMS and calls, this package will suffice duly and efficiently. It is also not that bad for active Internet users, for you get unlimited access to Facebook and with that, you get 2000 MBs data for monthly use. However, don’t worry about it because you can subscribe to another package with the Sasta Package when you want.

Overall, the Sasta Package is one that is worthy of your time and attention.

Ufone Sasta Gold Package

Ufone has recently come with another ‘Ufone Sasta Gold Package‘, which offers 12 GB data including 7GB for Facebook, unlimited U-U & U-PTCL minutes, SMS and 300 off-net min.

Both are good, however, if you had a choice, you’d want to stick with the latter one because with a difference of 400 to 500 rs. you get almost double of what you subscribe for.

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The New Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: A Short Roundup

By on February 28, 2020

The New Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: A Short Roundup

Samsung has made rounds with the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Available from $1,399.99, the new mobile phone by Samsung has a lot to boost (features wise). Other than that, the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a strong bet, with an excellent camera feature and a running powerhouse that makes the phone smart, sweet, and super-easy to use.

If asked, Samsung has made a comeback with its new launch: the New Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra phone. The phone is a blockbuster that was waiting to be launched to bring back that massive class to Samsung itself.


The New Samsung Ultra comes with the following features:

  • A new 6.9 inch screen
  • Taller/Thicker than iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Pretty fine look but closely resembles the iPhone 11
  • It has a great super display super new screen
  • A good battery life
  • 5G networking (Internet and speed)
  • A new camera system with a lot to boast

The All New Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The all-new camera system in the Samsung Galaxy Ultra comes with an ultra-high megapixel count and a telephoto zoom.

The Samsung S20 Ultra is a part of the new generation and it literally has a lot to boast.

We can gladly say that the new Samsung Ultra is the  first New Generation phone.

New Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra In Detail

If you ask me, the new Samsung Ultra comes with some negatives and some positives. If you ask me though, the iPhone 11 Pro would fare better than the Galaxy S20 but opportunity wise, Galaxy S20 is the one to boast. The price of the Samsung Ultra is $1,399.99.

Furthermore, the good part about the phone is that it has a huge, mega, 120Hz screen and an outclass battery life. The phone also has good quality zoom feature that allows you take photos up to 10x . It also has a decent self camera.

Moreover, the phone has a camera that softens the pictures. The phone IS quite expensive but a worth try, especially for those who are on Android and not those who have used iPhone before. Lastly, the phone’s features’ include a 100X zoom and an 108-megapixel is mostly a hoax.

How Is The Phone: Rating

Overall, the Samsung S20 Ultra is a decent answer. It is fast, powerful and it boasts a good design. Furthermore, it has a very good battery life. We will probably give it a 9/10.

The new Galaxy S20 by Samsung is an art of a class. It is prompt, spontaneous, reliable and movable. It resembles close to the iPhone 11 Pro Max but it is different in its own league.

The strongest feature of the Samsung Galaxy Ultra is its camera. The camera is bold, spontaneous and powerful. Ideal for gaming lovers and those who love entertainment, this phone is a master-class.

Read more about the New Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra here.

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The New Apple MacBook: Short Review

By on October 21, 2019

The New Apple MacBook: Short Review

It is in the reports that a new, 16-inch MacBook by Apple is coming up. Moreover, the new Apple MacBook is also hinting towards a new OS called ‘Catalina’.

The picture of the new MacBook by Apple was showcased by MacGeneration.

Its picture, design, look, and colors of the MacBook were obvious.

The new laptop is quite an interesting caveat.

In this ‘New Apple MacBook: Short Review’, we’d write you the following:

We can say that fans are in for a pleasant surprise, only if they can afford the new MacBook by 2021 design.

We can further say that the new MacBook may be quite sturdy in appearance. However, it will have to be taken care off well.

Finally, the new MacBook becomes a clear as box ice to accompany you for the next two-three years of your purchase of it.

Moreover, the new MacBookPro 16.1 is going to feature a lot of pleasant surprises.

The new MacBook is in Beta Stage at the moment.

It will be available in Grey and Silver colors. It will feature Catalina, the new O.S of Apple.

The New Apple MacBook: Short Review Continued

Additionally and overall, the changes of MacbookPro 16.1 are merely visible. However, it is also quite obvious though that the new laptop will run on iOS 13.2 beta version.

The laptop might release in for a 2020 release but there is a lot coming up ahead.

Moreover, Apple has performed quite well and rounded this year. It’s September 11 event introduced exactly what this year and its offerings are going to be about.

The new MacBook

Apple has nothing to lose but perhaps more to gain.

In addition, the company isn’t going anywhere. However, if you want to ask me, the company is sorted till the end of time.

Tim Cook may rejoice and we might be in for good surprises by the company in the next 2-3 years.

However, provided that the company now comes up with something beyond the usual Apple design.

Apple is a Top Company with a good share volume and a decent dividend payout. The company has a lot in production but what it is lacking is its design and in its design: intelligence. If Apple can make its products sleeker than its design but solid by strength in capacity, Apple would fare well in the coming years. If not, Apple may lose a lot of customers for repeating the same products (essentially) every year.

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Ed Sheeran Quits Music For Good

By on August 30, 2019

Ed Sheeran Quits Music For Good

Latest reports in 2019 confirmed that ‘Ed Sheeran Quits Music” for good.

After playing at over 250 shows, the singer made the decision to part ways with music and come towards the reality.

Sheeran performed at many shows in this process including Australia, Asia, South America among others.

Ed Sheeran is probably on the road to self-discovery.

Ed Sheeran Music Latest Tour: What You Need To Know

Furthermore, Ed Sheeran’s decision to quit music probably comes after settling down with a woman.

However, he should know that he will be missed.

Ed Sheeran Quits Music: Tech Unveiled

Ed Sheeran Quits Music: Divide Tour

Sheeran was on the Divide Tour and for more than 2 years and now, with the tour coming to an end, he confirmed that The Divide Tour is his last play at music.

The news came as a shock to his fans but its probable that he might be back because he is 30 after all.

Ed Sheeran was categorized as one of the Highest Paid Singers in the world, especially after the 2018 world tour, which earned him a record dollar of $750 million.

Ed Sheeran will be missed but he has probably made enough dollars to last him a life time.

Lets wish him well for his recovery and lets listen to his songs for some solace (Perfect).

Ed Sheeran: Discography.

Sheeran’s Most Popular Songs

Perfect By Ed Sheeran

Sheeran has always been a favorite. His ‘#topsongs’ include:

  • Thinking Out Loud
  • Shape Of You
  • I Don’t Care
  • Anti-Social
  • Photograph

Ed-Sheeran has other popular songs and collaborations under his name.

Moreover, Sheeran is a very popular singer and let’s wish him well. (Billboard).

Prediction? He’s probably going to back in the next 10 years or so. After all, (for the believers of free-masonary), only the truth prevails, not aliens nor apes, and especially not at work.

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Shazam 2 In Essence: Short Review

By on July 17, 2019

Shazam 2 In Essence: Short Review

Shazam 2 is a movie if you want to watch Michael Jackson in ‘Thriller’.

While Michael Jackson, a scary thought himself, Shazam 2 is here to revive faith in humans by showing the true picture between the distinction of truth and what the truth is.

The message of the movie? Always stay with the good.

Moreover, after all, there are #superheroes and there are men who can behave like Megatron to take care of the world when something is just not right.

A round-up of Warner Brothers; Shazam 2 features some blind forces here and there to stop the world from the mess it’s divulging into via superheroes and their strengths.

Additionally, movies should be taken seriously for a person cannot deliver their point across more than one time with a heart made of gold. Let’s see what Shazam2 brings to the store.

Life is tricky and we better start getting happy by what Warner Brothers depict on televisions for the World has to be a better place and whatever might work (The Good Wise). [Shazam 2 features Gods and Demi-Gods).

Shazam 2 is a thriller with a 10.9 prediction on a 20.8 scale. Shazam 2 should be a must-watch by 2022, which is its release year.

Shazam 2: A Quick Info

Directed by David F. Sandberg and produced by Peter Safran, Shazam 2 is set for another two-year release and people are excited. (Shazam2).

Based on the characters of DC Comics, the movie has been distributed by Warner Bros Pictures.

In fact, Shazam 2 is the 7th instalment in the DCEU.

This movie will excite kids and people like Ryan Reynolds but Shazam2 should be taken seriously.

Never mess with things of those given by the higher power otherwise even the things will not stop messing with you.

Shazam 2 will have 7 major Super Heroes with 7 super powers.

These are:

  1. Wisdom of Solomon
  2. The Strength of Hercules
  3. The Stamina of Atlas
  4. The Power of Zeus [the one who controls lights and magical resistance]
  5. The courage of Achilles [that ends destruction]
  6. The speed of Achilles [the one that ends destructibility]
  7. Speed of Mercury [takes you to heaven].

Nonetheless, here is the trailer of the movie; (Shazam 2):

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iPhone XR Review

Our Honest iPhone XR Review

By on October 16, 2018

Our Honest iPhone XR Review

Tech giant Apple revealed its latest products at the Apple event in September. One of the products it revealed was a ‘cheaper iPhone’, called the iPhone XR.


The iPhone XR is a model Apple phone but it is cheap which makes it a catch.

However, if you are going to buy the phone or considering it, you might want to know what it has to offer.

Today, I am going to make it easy for you to decide whether you want to go with the phone or not in this Closest to Real iPhone XR Review.

iPhone XR : Review-digital trends
iPhone XR : Review-digital trends


The unique selling point of the iPhone XR is that it is available for $749 or £749. It is priced at $1229 (Australian dollars), the 64 GB model. For the 128 GB model, users will have to pay $799 or £799. Lastly, the 256 GB model will cost you $899, £899 or $1479 (Australian dollars).

It’s not that bad, if you ask me because the iPhone X, the basic model, was available for more than the price of the XR’s 256 GB model.

It’s worth getting!

Release Date

The iPhone XR will be available via pre-orders from October 19 onwards. It will be on Apple stores from October 26 onwards.

While the pre-orders of the new phone are just two days away, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will both be available for pre-orders before that.

The Screen

Now we come to the other main parts of the phone… it’s screen.

Well, the new iPhoneXR has a 6.1-inch screen and thick bezels. It uses the new Liquid Retina display. If you look at the screen on the whole, it is sort of lower quality than the other models or what new phones have to boast but it’s still not that bad.

We can trust Apple for its screens that I know and can say.


Last year when newer screens and technology was available, Apple stuck to its ground roots and delivered something that was quite impressive.

This time, Apple is still favoring it with the Apple iPhone XR and trust me, it isn’t that bad.

The iPhone XR, however, has a screen ratio close to 18:9 which is different than the regular 16:9; therefore, it may take some time for users to get used to it.

iPhone XR : Review
iPhone XR : Review

The Feel

You know, the feel of holding a phone is a very important factor for users. Honestly, I felt that the phone is a little bigger so it does feel big in hands. You do feel it is a plus size phone but it doesn’t seem out of ordinary.

It is sleek like other Apple phones or sleeker, but seriously, it feels comfortable in your hands.


As far as the camera on the device goes, it is safe to say that iPhone XR’s camera is the weakest amongst the three phones by the company. It has just one sensor than two, especially for portrait mode. However, not sure if this is too bad in comparison or not. It, however, doesn’t have a second lens but it isn’t pathetic quality.

The iPhone XR’s camera has a 12MP sensor on its rear. The front has a TrueDepth camera that is used for selfies and unlocking facial features. It also has a Smart HDR that allows the phone to capture good elements of a picture.

Pictures from the XR model aren’t going to be very low quality, in fact, when we tested it, they came out to be sharp and colorful.

Battery Life

The iPhone XR might have a better battery life than expected. There is less power and a more efficient engine on board. Moreover, the screen resolution is also a little less which means that it won’t take up much battery.

Honestly, the iPhone XR isn’t bad. It is the cheaper phone so people might just be a little skeptical about it but on the whole, it is a decent phone for its price tag. Capturing elements of the iPhone X, the XR does have a lot to offer for budget-friendly users.


We rank it a 7.5/10. We think it could’ve been better but if it was, wouldn’t it be equal to the pricier versions of the iPhone X?

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