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Trending News: Clowns, crypto-ism And Elections

By on May 22, 2019

Trending News: Clowns, Crypticism And Elections

Top trending news for May 22nd, 2019 shows there is a lot of crypto-ism going on in the world today.

People are dying, riots are in, people are folding up, losers are hanging in and shit is happening!

It’s real and it is true. The higher truth? You’re in for a surprise.


Halloweens: When is Halloween?

October 31, 2019: Tech Unveiled
Trending news: Tech Unveiled
1- Global Trending News
  1. Putin And Trump Are Trying To Weaken The EU: CNBC: Link
  2. Walking Robot Will Deliver Your Packages: Link
  3. Fox News reports Mexico’s rise in war crime: Link
  4. China And US Trade War Continues: Link
2- Trending news in the release: May 23rd, 2019
  1. British Steel Mill Collapses, 5,000 jobs at risk: Link
  2. Americans ACCEPT That Tariffs Are Bothering Them: Link
  3. Top Raking Stocks: Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Pure Storage: Link
  4. Russia’s opinion contradicts with Turkey Over Missile Sale: Link

3- Technology News

  1. CNBC reports rise in Modi’s Decline: Link
  2. Unusual Uncertainty Stocks Drop: Link
  3. Markets Are Being Punished And Stocks are Low: Link
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Global News Update: US, China, Germany, Brazil

By on May 20, 2019

Today’s Monday, start of the new week and we have a lot of information in. Surprisingly, the world is suffering at the hands of many, as all kinds of news is pouring in.

First things first:

On the global front:

There seems to be an inherent or excessive rise in war amongst economies around the globe.

Since the last many weeks, the global economy is hurting and the effects of it are being felt throughout the world.

Global news:

People are worried if its a global war; the notion sort of a world war remains simple if we look at Iran and the US. However, we doubt anything like this will happen because that would create havoc globally.

I feel it is the countries that are trying to intervene in one another’s economy which is causing a global havoc. The silver living? It’s probably created out of misery for a certain gains for a basic few. The broad lining? there probably doesn’t seem one.

Global News

If you are interested in finding out the latest news or what’s going on the global front; If you are a tech enthusiast and follow news daily, here are your global snippets to get you started:

Brazil Massacre: 11 people shot down in Brazil by gunman: Link

Modi begs for one more chance at Presidency: Read clear picture: (InImage): —-> Link

Trump BRAWLS Over Iran War By Warning Iran Without Any Stated Reason (As Usual) : Link

Google Announces New Pixel Phone For May 7th: Link

Saudi Arab Calls For Immediate Trade And Talk Tensions With Iran: Link

John Wick Comes To Fortnite: Link

Javad Zarif (#JavadZarif) Says There Will Be No War: Link

Kuwait Announces Visa Ease For Pakistanis: Link

New Surface Headphones Available for $100 : Link

Stay tuned at tech unveiled.

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US Market: Bitcoin Supersedes $8000 As Its Value Doubles This Year

By on May 18, 2019

Bitcoin is actually โ€˜inโ€™ this year, and its price has risen to $8000 already. If we look at it on the whole, its prices will double this year.

During late 2017, Bitcoin prices rose to about $20,000. While this is a massive drop from that year to now, Bitcoin prices are now strengthening.

In a recent wave, Bitcoin prices crashed but they seem to be rising right now.

On Tuesday, Bitcoin prices (Informative Ready: Market Update Thursday) rose to $8,000, as the crypto currency extended a rally and doubled since the start of the year.

According to a Managing Director of a UK based firm, eToro, negative news is not having any kind of impact on the Bitcoin yet. This is the reason why Bitcoin prices have increased to $8,000. Before this, it was consistent at $6,000.

One of the main users of Bitcoin is the Chinese. While Bitcoin wont reach new highs of $20,000, we can say it is โ€˜catching upโ€™.

In a recent report, National Alliance Securities Andy Brenner said that it is unsure as to whom the direct flows are coming from and who exactly and essentially is buying the Bitcoin. It looks like Chinese investors are going for digital currency to diversify. It is again the Chinese trying to get their hands on Bitcoin and so its prices have risen to $8,000.

According to a popular crypto currency website, CoinDesk, Bitcoin prices topped to about $8,325 before it gave up certain gains. Moreover, Bitcoin prices have risen by over 120%.

The recent increase in Bitcoin prices has coincided with the Chinese Yuan and the dollar. So the Bitcoin now stands at $8,000 but few weeks ago, it was valued at $6,000.

In Other News: OPEC

In other news, OPEC on Tuesday said that it would demand oil and demand for oil would be higher than expected this year. 

Moreover, and on the other hand, OPEC, Russia and other non-member producers are reducing their output by 1.2 million barrels. The producers will be meeting up this year to extend this pact.

US Market News/Watch

On Tuesday, stocks rose; The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased by 250 points where as coco-cola shares were in gain.

Boeing and Apple shares rose by 2%, whereas Apple rose by 0.8%. 

Bank shares also rose. Citi group, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America also traded at 1% higher and Wells Cargo shares rose by 0.7%.

Moreover, Dow Jones and S&P 500 dropped by 617 points and then 2.4% respectively. Their performances were worst since early January. Moreover, Nasdaq declined by 3.4% and it was its biggest loss since 2019.

Additionally, after the Morgan Stanley upgrade, Coco-Cola shares rose by 2.4% and then settled at equal weight.

Major US indexes on Monday rose after China planned to increase tariffs on about $60 billion and then worth of US imports. 

The list of targeted goods ranges from TV cameras to tequilas whereas Beijing is also imposing new tariffs. Major US indexes rose on Monday and China is also planning to bitcoin prices to raise tariffs on goods further.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Dow Stands Taller At 200 Points: Walmart In Positive

By on May 17, 2019

According to today’s stock market update, US stocks include Dow have traded higher and stood 200 points taller. On Thursday morning, the Dow Jones reported upbeat earnings because two main companies in the US performed well. This included Walmart And Cisco.

Both Walmart and Cisco performed higher and better because one main company from China named Huawei got banned from America. 

Initially on Thursday, Trump came in the middle of the emergency, stating he doesn’t need any Chinese companies operating in the country because they are inconsistent with the trade tariffs.

Moreover, Trump is trying to build pressures everywhere, which seem to benefit the American Economy to a large extent but it is only that on the middle to the coup- level, things seem to be erratic.

US Stocks: Positives

On Thursday, almost the week close, it was revealed that the economic data on the US labor market, plus the housing markets, was better than expected and so it sort of offset worries because of trade.

A Picture of the Major US Indexes

Reports revealed that the Dow Jones Industrial Average (the DJIA) stood at 0.98%.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) was 1.05% higher and stood at 219 points, settling at 25,865.

Moreover, the S&P 500 index, the SPX stood at 1.26%, as it rose by 31 points and then at 1.1% settling at 2,882 points.

The Dow stood alone but the Nasdaq Composite Index (COMP) stood at 1.30% as it rose to 96 points, to 1.2% settling at 7, 918.

Key Economic Data In Figures

So, the total number of Americans who are essentially applying for jobless benefits decreased and increased by the weekend to 212,000, the Labor Department revealed. However, it is still lower than the 217,000 as expected by Market Watch.

Further reports revealed that the construction of the houses went to new homes and it rose by 6% in April.

According to Commerce Department, construction of homes rose to 6% from the month earlier the Commerce Department said.

Additionally, it settled at an Annual Rate of 1.24 million and then by 1.21 million paces.

Stocks In Focus

These important stocks are in key focus today:

  • Dow Component Walmart Inc. (WMT) as it rose from 2.18% to 4%.

Moreover, Dillard’s INC, DDS was at -9.97% as its stocks dropped by 11.2% on Thursday morning.

Crude Oil, on the other hand, CLM9 was 1.55% in the green as prices advanced. Gold, on the other hand, was GCM9, 0.89% lower.

Additionally, the US dollar was DXY or 0.25% higher.

Asian markets were important to look at, at the week close. For example, it had a 1.2% drop from the Kospi SEU 1.20% and then the Shanghai Composite the SHCOMP stood 0.58% higher too.

Moreover, aside from Dow, in Europe, stocks advanced and the Stoxx Europe 600 SXXP was 1.27% in the green, as it rose by 1%.

Cisco Systems stood at 6.94% and rose to 5.6% after the company rose by 5.6% points.

Finally, the Japanโ€™s Topix slumped by 14% as compared to a year ago. The S&P 500 was 5.65% higher. The Nasdaq Composite was also about 12% points higher.

These patterns, information and updates were enough for one to understand how the week will close and what to expect with the week ahead.

For more updates, stay tuned.

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Trending News: May 16, 2019

By on May 16, 2019

Trending News: May 16, 2019

Latest news in as of May 16th 2019 suggests that there’s still a lot going on and there’s a lot to say and think about.

They are commenting that the world is a mess and there could be a lot of havoc. What we need is damage control.

Trending News: Tech and More

Avengers: Endgame Plus Game Of Thrones: Link

More Than 250,000 Fans Signs To Remake Final Season of GOT: Link

EU Regulators Fine 5 Banks For 1.07B Euros: Link

Social Networks Are Recruiting Teenage Extremists: Link

Who Is John Bolton? Republicans On Iran? #Laul Link

Conrad Black Is Back: After Trump’s Mis-Shenanigans Link

Fever Could Kill 5000 Pigs: The Race Of Pigs: China and US: LINK

Trending News: Politics

May For Hard Exit? Link

White House Launches Tool To report Censorship In Twitter, Facebook, YouTube: Link

93 Pakistanis Deported From US Come To Islamabad: Link

US Pulls Staff From Iraq Between Concerns In Iran: Link

US Gets Rid Of Flights In Venezuela: Link

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Trending News: Snippets May 15th

By on May 15, 2019

Trending News: Snippets May 15th

Cannes Film Festival Jury President Slams World Leaders: Link

Ebola Epidemic Out Of Control In Congo: Link

(Welsh Beaches Named World’s Best): Link

Hacks In And Out: Israeli TV Eurovision Webcast With Fake Missile Alert: Link

Girl Goes Ballistic And Kills Herself In Malaysia: Link

China’s Premier Hints Towards Openness: Link

Selena Gomez Remarks On Social Media: Calls It Terrible For Younger Lot: Link

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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Global News Snippets From May 14th, 2019

By on May 14, 2019

Global News Snippets From May 14th, 2019

The Venezuelian Crisis: Link

UK Warned Of Inequality And Against The American Route: Link

Jacinda Ardern- The Dragon Girl: Link

WhatsApp In Action To Discover Surveillance Attack: Link

Gulf Of Oman- Ships Sabotaged Between Tensions: Link

India’s #MeToo BackLash Accuses Threats And Lawsuits: Link

European Elections 2019: Brexit: Link

US has not imposed any visa restrictions: Link

US Chartered Plane To Bring 60+ Jailed Immigrants To Pakistan: Link

China Appraises Pakistan For Saving Its Own Gwadar: Link

Rising Gulf Tensions: Link

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World News: 13th May, 2019

By on May 13, 2019

The latest news in at Tech Unveiled:

  1. India Elections: 2019: Poll


2- US shoots/hints towards War: With Iran


3- Status of China’s Economy/And Trump


4- Sri Lanka Blocks Social Media: Aljazeera


5- WhatsApp Will Cut Off Support For Windows Phone: TechTainment


6- Instagram’s New Introduction To Stickers In Song Lyrics:


7- A New Matrix Film In The Works?


8- Mother’s Day Advice And Special:


Stay Tuned For More Updates At Tech Unveiled

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Sunday, 12th May: Latest News In

By on May 12, 2019

Latest news snippets for 12th May:

Wrestler Silver King dies after He Collapses In The Ring

News: Snippet

Man City Gets On Premier League Glory: Liverpool Dream on:

Read News Snippet here: Link

Trump’s New Face In The Name Of Iran

News Snippets: Link

Trade War: Trump Comments On US-China War

News Snippet; Read Here

Uber Shares: Recommendation

News Snippet: Read Here

Must Avoid Products In SuperMarkets

News Snippet: Read Here

Plane Lands Without Wheels: Myanmmar

News Snippet: Read Here

Meghan’s New Baby:

News Snippet: Read here

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News Snippets: Saturday, 11th May, 2019

By on May 11, 2019

It is the 5th of Ramadan (Ramzan) today and 3 people have already died in Lahore.

We’re displaying news snippets in this blog.


To start off with:

There was a big invasion in #Gwadar, as security guards killed about 7 terrorists in Lahore.

On the national security front, 7 people entered Pearl Continental Hotel, identifying themselves as militants.

England Beats Pakistan: Cricket Woes

Etihad Airways En/Onroute To Acquire Jet Airways

North Korean missiles bother 70+ countries

Russia Attacks Syria, again!

Aatish Taseer Writes On Modi And It Seems To Be The Truth About #Modi

US in Slumps: Revealed by CNN

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