‘Coronaa’: Is There Finally An Answer?

‘Coronaa’: Is There Finally An Answer?

‘Coronaa’: Is There Finally An Answer?

It looks like a lot of people today are still identifying that they ‘got’ coronavirus. ‘Coronaa’ is a life-taking disease being led by Mr. Narendra Modi, it seems apparent. (Aren’t the suicides today in India enough for that)?

While we aren’t here for your fixation, speculation, or interrogation, it is true that Narendra Modi is the prime face behind Coronaa. He did it in his own filthy way. However, the answers for this pandemic should be coming from him, himself.

It is not a cat and mouse game anymore. This is life. Everybody’s their own. Enough is Enough.

People have had enough of this godforsaken disease, coronavirus, which has taken lives of thousands and millions of people across the world.

Coronaa is as serious as any other disease. Essentially, Modi’s motive behind corona is to take care of the losses of 2018-2019 and remain, as the, Prime Minister of India. Sweet piece of ssss doesn’t know that there is a New World Order now and that is where life will begin from and where life will end on. He probably doesn’t even know what a New World Order is.

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If we assess, then, Corona the disease is still taking lives of hundreds and thousands of people across the globe. Moreover, it is taking lives of those who are illiterate and do not have access to water and proper sanitation. It is taking the lives of those who cannot afford to not work. It is taking the lives of those who are on their death beds: women with paralysis, women with sugar, blood pressure, and so on. Coronavirus is a disease that is pretty unfortunate.

God hears everything but if a man has a body or ‘gear’ laced with gold and objectives, is above man and messes with the hidden whenever he wants, (Modi), then excessive measures should be taken to take down this man.

This man is not for the ‘rest of the world to fight for’. It is for India to take care of and for India to pay the entire world in damages. Modi will accept and there is no other option.

This time, the New World Order is “Enough is Enough”, submission, and go away!

While we stick with the 2020 mantra of ‘live and let live’ (Dorsey), Modi, a man so sick in his heart, HAS to admit. He HAS to leave or the rest of the world is not leaving him.

From bugs to ants to lies, to deceit to bothering people, to teasing and to do magic, this man and his vice is enough for people to stand up and put this man behind bars and we will.

Modi will meet his fate very soon. He has put India to shame and now India has to take care of it and pay ‘the rest of the world’ in damages otherwise there are many countries cross borders with India that can take care of India and him Very Easily. However, it is against a Muslim’s blood to fight without apprehension or knowledge and that is why they stop or don’t intervene and that too is against their religion.

To Conclude

Nonetheless, and to conclude:

It is time for people to rise up and stand for themselves. Furthermore, it is also time for them to say Enough Is Enough. It is time us to stand up for what these dumb faces put us through and to recognize our own lives our own potential.

Everyone has an equal share in life, ask the ones who find it hard to make through life. Due to this ‘sethness’, and ‘apparent and alleged power’, hundreds and thousands of people have been destroyed.

Time will reveal who did corona and then it will be civil war. I am wondering, who is going to put us to rest after these 8 months of bed rest!

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