Covid-19 Update: From Around The World

Covid-19 Update: From Around The World

Covid-19 Update: From Around The World

Covid-19 has again become a problematic concern. If you are bothered by the disease or have tested positive, don’t worry because a lot can be done to bring you back. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a Covid-19 update, here is an update from around the world.

Covid-19 Update: Around The World.

1- Is Covid-19 Vaccine Finally Here? Fxempire. Read here.

2- 3 More Elderly Men Die Because Of Covid-19 In Hampshire: Patch. Read here.

3- 1227 New Cases/Nine Deaths In Calgary: Msn. Read here.

4- 101 Deaths In Corona: Minnpost: Read here.

5- 2nd Worst Week Of Cases For Corona: Msn. Read here.

6- Most Number Of New Cases For Corona Pandemic in Pennsylvania: Mcall: Read here.

7- New Deaths and 553 New Cases In Lansing Area: Lansing State Journal: Read here.

8- Montana Adds COVID-19 Cases (Friday Update): Billingsgazette: Read here.

9- Russia Reports 27,100 New Corona Cases: 510 Deaths: Reuters: Read here.

10- Is Corona Lockdown In Germany Extending Till Spring? Dw. Read here.

11- 1,315 New Cases Reported/4 fatilities and 354 Deaths In Malaysia: The Star: Read here.

12- Ukraine Reports Over 700,000 Corona Virus Cases: Reuters: Read here.

13- Pakistan Covid-19 Cases Rise To 46,861: 3,045 New Infections Emerge: Suchtv: Read here.

14- Covid-19 Cases Highest In Peshawar: South Asia Monitor: Read here.

15- Florida Will Hit 1 Million Cases: TampaBay: Read here.

These new corona (Covid-19 update) really shows how serious corona or covid-19 is. It is important we take it seriously before matters exasperate and the world cannot take it anymore.

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