E3 2021 Boasts Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon And Many More

E3 2021 is here and it is boasting a good and sound picture. What all is coming to E3 are some amazing names in the industry (Read latest stock update) including ‘the Halo Infinite’, the ‘Forza Horizon 5‘ and ‘Starfield‘. All three games, the Halo: Infinite, the new Forza and Starfield all have release dates now. Furthermore, along with these three, there have been other exciting announcements as well which kept the audiences excited.

Amongst the three major names, Halo: Infinite was supposed to launch last year with the new Xbox. However, it got delayed because of the pandemic. Now being released after a year, the game comes with exciting new graphics and is boasting to be a whole powerhouse itself.

Other New E3 Releases

E3 2021 announced 30 titles with Forza, which is a new racing game and Xbox release of Flight Simulator. Other titles announced at the event are the Stalker 2, Heart of Chernobyl, a next-generation sequel to 2007, Redfall, The Outer Worlds 2, the first gameplay footage of Battlefield 2042, and Psychonauts 2. However, at the E3 2021, what shocked the viewers a little was the lack of absence of Elder Scrolls 2 from the announcements.

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