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Epic Games Reveals Fortnite Season 2

By on January 27, 2020

Epic Games Reveals Fortnite Season 2 Dates

Epic Games has revealed some important information about the latest Fortnite Season 2 or Fortnite Chapter 2. Confirmed news suggests that the new season will be hitting the consoles on February 20th.

The new Fortnite Season 2 will be bringing a lot to the table; It will feature many other changes too. Epic, however, for now, is silent on what the new season 2 will bring.

What we know for now is that additional changes will be coming to the game as well. Before the new Fortnite Season 2 finally comes to screen, there will be a 2-week Fornite Season 2 event as well.

Epic Games Fortnite Season 2: What More?

Fortnite players across the globe are quite excited about Fortnite Season 2. People are actually going a little frantic over it and others are making money off it. Furthermore, while Epic Games has revealed as to what can be expected of the new season, there is else more to find out.

The surprise for Fortnite Season 2 lovers is that there will be a release date for Fortnite Season 2 or perhaps Fortnite Chapter 2 as well.

The new chapter is being called ‘disruptive’- it came with a new island after a days-long black hole event. It came out in October first.

What players can expect off Fortnite Season 2 are new challenges, some darkness here and there and a lot of fighting- for perhaps what is persisting in the universe today.

Epic Games Reveals…

Epic Games has confirmed that the new season 2 or chapter will be getting a new update in February.

Epic Games’ idea is to essentially come up with a new measure, which features some bumps along the way. Fortnite Season 2, is at the moment, testing a small group of players for the upcoming season. Let’s see how it fares.

Many more surprises await the Fortnite players.

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