Ev Williams Leaves Twitter Board

Ev Williams Leaves Twitter Board

Ev Williams Leaves Twitter Board

In latest news, Twitter co-founder and CEO, Ev Williams has decided to step down from the company’s board.

The news of his departure was confirmed at a Friday filing, on the Securities and Exchange Commission in the U.S.

Ev Williams Remarks

Commenting on him leaving the company and its board (Twitter Board), he said that it has been 13 years that he has been with the company. However, it is time for a ‘change now’.

Furthermore, he said that while he had a good time, he will be rooting for Twitter while focusing on other projects.


Williams took over the CEO role in 2008 after Jack Dorsey. Before that, he was in an outsider role at Dick Costolo in 2010.

In the last few months, Williams had been decreasing his stake at Twitter. He owned about and around 14.6 million Twitter shares.

Currently the CEO of Medium, he acquired fame over the years due to his achievements.

Ev Williams stakes at Twitter were pretty comfortable. However, the reason why he wanted to leave was that he wanted to focus on his own other projects instead.

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