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All Important Pointers To Remember This Halloween

Halloween 2018: Pumpkins

By on October 30, 2018

All Important Pointers To Remember This Halloween

Are you excited for halloween this year?

Well, many things are coming up this Halloween that it is quite hard to keep count.

Celebrities are showcasing their costumes, while others cannot stop having their own fun.

There is so much going on, it is honestly hard to keep count.

Hence, today, I came up with an idea to sum up all that is going on at this very front.

What’s Special About Halloween?

Halloween is definitely one of the ‘most important’ times of the year; well, for some at least.

Moreover, it is only just Hours away. Can you believe it? Because I can’t. We’ve been talking about it for so long that it is hard to believe its here already!

Halloween At Work


Some offices celebrate halloween.

If you are looking to celebrate it at your workplace too, here are some important things you need to remember:

  1. Be Cautious About What You Wear: Don’t dress up if it is not a norm or thing in your office. Make sure that you always know what’s going on around you than looking like a fool about it all.
  2. Make Sure It Is ‘Work Friendly‘: Your costume should definitely be appropriate to wear to work! See, you don’t want to look obnoxious or make people fun of you. You don’t want people to point fingers at you. So, make sure you wear things that are comfortable and not confrontational from any point of view.
  3. Be Creative: Also, if you are dressing up for work, make sure you put emphasis on creativity. Make sure you are aware of what is in and what is not. You could also just put your focus on creativity to make sure that you are different and a league apart. Nobody wants to dress the same if it is a norm in work places. Therefore, make sure you put your creativity to use and come up with something unique.
  4. Choose Something Comfortable: You don’t want to go to work feeling unreal and out of place. Therefore, make sure you consider comfort before you go ahead. You have to spend an entire day at work with a costume so don’t forget that. Keep these things in mind and I think your halloween at work should go very smoothly.

Celebrations Among Celebrities

Certain celebrities have already started dressing up.

Moreover, some showcased what they looked like on Twitter while others posted elsewhere.


The most popular trend in costumes this year remains Portland trail blazers + Moe Harkless trail blazers.

All these blazers were spotted at a home game.

Harkless won out of all of the costumers, thanks to Damian Lillard, we know what he looks like now.

and he looks awesome!


Another popular costume was that of Damian Lillard, who wore a Stone Cold Steve Austin costume worth looking at. He got good remarks for his thought process.


Olympic snowboarder, Shaun White, also celebrated Halloween in full swing. However, his costume was one of the biggest fails this year.


It was also interesting to see Ben Bishop from Dallas Stars to star as Beauty and the Beast. His wife dressed up as Belle and it was a fun thing to watch. Bishop, who is 6’7, would’ve made a great beast and he did. 5/5 for the creativity.



McDavid from Edmonton Oilers dressed up as Trump this past Halloween. He’s been the champ at NHL for long and this time, he became Homer Simpson. His efforts were recognisable and praise worthy. However, his GF dressed up as Marge and sort of stole the show.


Other famous celebrities dressing up Halloween costumes was also fun to watch. Read full story here.

Halloween Movies To Watch : Ideas

We are trying our best to cover halloween as much as we can, we also thought to pen down the top halloween-themed movies of all time.

If you are bored and want to be in the spirit while at home, try these well-ranked movies. They should all be fun to watch!

1- The Haunting Of Hill House

2- Would You Rather (2012)

3- Scary Movie

4- Scream

5- Hocus Pocus

5 Things To Remember This Halloween


Trending Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is all about fun. This year, some new trends are making for excellent costume ideas. So, if you still haven’t decided what to wear yet, here are 5 top ideas to get you started:

1- Picasso: Christian Siriano + Brad Walsh dressed up as Picasso art. 


2- Ugly halloween sweaters


3- Optical illusions: (Courtesy: Pinterest)

4- The spider-web eyeliner 




5- Pumpkin: Half pumpkin face

And just btw, this is the most viewed Halloween makeup tutorial this year:

Top 3 Halloween Makeup Ideas

(Courtesy: Pinterest)

Courtesies and copyrights:
  • MarieClaire
  • Pinterest

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