Facebook Registered Stock Will Never Disappoint!

Facebook Registered Stock Will Never Disappoint!

Facebook Registered Stock Will Never Disappoint!

Facebook At The Stock Exchange

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) is priced at $335. A year ago, the company stock was priced at $212. However, now it stands above $320. While the company stock met some volatility in a year, it has only increased on a YTD basis. (Read: Top 3 Airjets Today!)

FB has a market cap of $905 billion, a day’s range of $319-$333 and a 52-week range of $201-$322. FB trades over 15M shares on the exchange and has an average traded volume of 19M. FB stock has a PE ratio of 27.

FB Delivers The Message on VR and AR

CEO FB Mark Zuckerberg, in a recent interview, stressed on the importance of AR and VR technology. He was sure that these two areas will be the next in helping billions communicate, shop and even sell products.

Facebook’s ad revenue has climbed by 46% as compared to last year. Other revenue including that of e-commerce, AR/VR headsets and augmented reality increased by 146% which is mind-boggling. If things resume after covid-19 and in good terms, Facebook could generate billions in its race for futurism ahead.

Facebook Registered Won’t Stop!

It is obvious that FB is not stopping at anything from here on to there on it seems. Zuckerberg is coming in full swing, focusing that the company will continue to build on e-commerce features to expand its ad business. (Best eCommerce Stocks To Buy)

He also said that he will go forward despite scrutiny and submissive legal efforts. If there is one thing to look forward to, it is FB’s advent into AR/VR. With that, it will be a guarantee that FB is here, in it to win it, especially among the big techs, which are its biggest competition.

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