Fortnite Tips: How To Get A Score Of 3 Or Higher

Fortnite Tips: How To Get A Score Of 3 Or Higher

Fortnite Tips: How To Get A Score Of 3 Or Higher

More challenges are coming up in Fortnite: Battle Royale as the 6th season is here and Week 4 battle pass will go live very soon. Today, we are going to give you some excellent fortnite tips to get you started (on a positive note). (if you are looking for some nice gaming news that is.)

There’s now some additional fun involved in the game, as there are different challenges including the one for Halloween!

In Fortnite now (see Fortnite tips), we have to shoot 3 different targets in shooting galleries at the map. While this will give you a score of 3 or higher, you will need “some” help with it.

Are you worrying already? Don’t because we are here to help.

The shooting galleries bear resemblance to the Clay Pigeon challenge. However, in these galleries at Fortnite, you can shoot things aside from your opponents. (This is one of the important Fortnite Tips to remember)

What The Shooting Gallery Looks Like

Fortnite Tips: FortniteSeason6
Fortnite Tips: FortniteSeason6

Well, the pink-grey shooting grounds in Fortnite are what you are going to be experiencing. It’s not always easy to get scores so here’s what you need to go for:

5 Shooting Locations To Visit: Fortnite Gaming Tips

  • On a ‘mesa’ located in desert biome which is at the south of the corrupted region
  • The Northwest side of the Dusty Divot which is near an overturned vehicle (truck)
  • East side of the Risky Reels (on an outcropping that is beneath the ice cream truck)
  • In the south-east region of the Wailing Woods, which is close to the crashed RV
  • On the hill east of an unknown/unnamed factory location that is on the North of the ‘flush factory’.

After landing, your job is to:

  1. Land on the grey plate
  2. The targets will start popping up (randomly). Start shooting them.
  3. A shotgun should be enough to help in shooting. However, using a pistol should be very helpful.
  4. When the larger targets are close, you should be able to hit right.
  5. After getting it done, its better to go for higher scores.

Playing Fortnite is fun and these Fortnite tips are sure here to help.

The game is one of the most hyped entertainments of this year. We have been covering it time and again, here and there.

Let us know how your shooting challenges go after these useful Fortnite tips by dropping a comment below.

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