Fortnitemares News: Fortnitemares Is Ending This Sunday

Fortnitemares News: Fortnitemares Is Ending This Sunday

Fortnitemares News: Fortnitemares Is Ending This Sunday

It’s all about Fortnite news these days isn’t it?

Well, let’s start recalling..

If I can remember and recall clearly, all people talk about these days is; Fortnite games, fortnite cheats, fortnite skins, fortnite costumes and others!

Oh, and let’s not forget, the ‘other skins‘ that are going to be revealed in fortnite too!

Fortnitemares news is abuzz and we have a major announcement to make here at Tech Unveiled!

*Drum Roll*

This is sad news for fortnitemares news followers is that Fortnitemares is coming to an end.

Everyone knew that Fortnitemares is definitely being launched and introduced for Halloween but I don’t think many people anticipated it ending so early.

But, today, Epic Games confirmed that it is indeed coming to an end and Sunday will be the last day to play it.

Fortnitemares News: Battle Royale
Fortnitemares News: Battle Royale

Fortnitemare news: Fortnitemare ends THIS Sunday!

The juicy part, however, for fortnitemare news is that it is coming to an end WITH a bang.

Well, that’s expected of Epic Games anyways.

According to an announcement by Epic Games on Twitter, the Halloween special include in the game will end this Sunday.

Moreover, the company also cleared that Fortnitemares was only a one time occurrence and it will happen on Sunday, at 1PM ET (The Verge).

The developer, Epic Games, also encouraged Fortnite fans to hurry up, ‘login early and be in-match to witness the one-time event’.

Fortnitemares News: Comes To An End
Fortnitemares News: Comes To An End

Preclude to Fortnitemares

The entire buzz of Fortnitemares started last week. It represented a HUGE change for the game.

With Fortnitemares came new maps with awesome crystals that produced HORDES of monsters that looked like Zombies.

In a short period of time then, this special edition, due to end on SUNDAY, the whole Battle Royale, a Season 6 feature, changed drastically.

Not to forget to mention in this piece of fortnitemare news that Epic Games have had one-time events in the game previously too.

Fortnitemares News: Halloween Special
Fortnitemares News: Halloween Special

I remember in June, every Fortnite fan awaited the rocket launch which led to a dramatic rift towards and in the sky. That changed the game for sure! However, that too was a limited addition to the game.

The same is happening with Fortnitemares; it is confirmed fortnitemares news that Fortnite was a one-time event that’s coming to an end this Sunday.

Well, I am not quite sure what’s packed for Sunday but it IS going to be a big event.

However, if you know how good Fortnite Season 6 seems and looks, we can only expect good things.

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