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Fossil Sports Smartwatch With A 3100 Chip

It looks like Fossil is now venturing in the sports wear gear. New reports reveal that Fossil Sports Smartwatch is finally here and it has a lot to offer.

Moreover, the company very first sports smartwatch comes with a Snapdragon 3100 chip and a re-designed Wear OS.

The new Fossil Sports Smartwatch comes in 6 different colours namely red, grey, pink, black, green and blue. Both are available in 41mm and 43mm sizes.

Additionally, you get get a wide range of silicone straps with it too, say 28, which are both water-resistant and interchangeable as well.

Fossil sports smartwatch:- TechUnveiled (Courtesy- The Verge)
Fossil sports smartwatch:- TechUnveiled (Courtesy- The Verge)


The new Fossil Smartwatch comes in ambient mode. Moreover, with it come the following features:

  • Heart rate sensor
  • 350 mAh battery
  • NFC
  • GPS capabilities
  • Spotify and Noonlight support.
  • Emergency services app (pre-installed)

Even though other smartwatches do have these features too, the Fossil Sport Wear OS smartwatch has something different too. It comes with a Qualcomm wearable chip, Fossil’s very own and new. It also has better battery life.

Previously, there were issues of low power and outdated chipsets with the watches. However, these improvements are going to improve the state of technology as far as smartwatches are concerned.

The new Fossil Smartwatch comes with a $255 price tag. It is available officially, through direct retail Fossil outlets.

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