Pittsburgh shooting: Gab suspended

Gab Suspended After Pittsburgh Shooting

The recent Pittsburgh shooting has shocked the world, especially America. The country has been struggling with mass shootings lately. Moreover, the recent one in Pittsburgh again is sign that America is not safe.

It seems like the shooter of the Pittsburgh massacre, Robert Bowers, 46, had a profile on Gab. His profile surfaced as soon as the shooting incident occurred.

After the whole incident, Gab posted two messages on its website, saying that it got a message from Joyent Terms of Service that it will be suspending its website.

Pittsburgh shooting: Gab suspension
Pittsburgh shooting: Gab suspension

Then, it posted another notification in the evening on the same day saying that Stripe has suspended its account while it is conducting investigation.

The Pittsburgh shooting has left 11 people dead. Others have been wounded.

According to the screenshots that have been revealed, Bowers published many anti Semitic conspiracy theories  on Gab which placed it under a lot of scrutiny.

Gab did say that it has suspended Bower’s account and has also coorpoerated with authorities. It has also short of kept itself quiet on the suggestion that Gap was responsible for the environment which made it a place for those in alt right.

Gab is a company that has been scrutinised on many platforms.

Pittsburgh shooting: Gab suspension
Pittsburgh shooting: Gab suspension

Other Platforms Suspend Gab Too

Apple and Google both have prevented the site from releasing an app on their stores. In summer, Microsoft was on the bandwagon too, saying it will drop hosting it anti-Semitic posts are not disappeared from the site 48 hours.

Pittsburgh shooting has left many people dead. It is the latest in the events of shootings in America.

People have expressed their sorrows and grief on the matter. Moreover, they continue to debate on the much known gun war argument in US.

Moreover, Robert Bowers profile on Gab, however, has made things very complicated for the company who deals with suspensions from all corners.


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