Gold Twitch Player Bernstein Dies

Gold Twitch Player Bernstein Dies

Gold Twitch Player Byron Bernstein Dies

Gold twitch player Byron Bernstein has passed away. With 960,000 followers on Twitch, the player, who called himself “Reckful“, died at 31. He took his own life.

Most people have been shocked about Byron’s death. According to his gaming partner, Becca, Bernstein was amazing.

Bernstein was on some kind of suicide watch.

Additionally, Becca, in a statement, said that there should be better support for those who need support for their mental needs.

Moreover, she revealed that Byron was traumatized when the authorities called him for being at the risk of suicide.

Gold Twitch Player Byron Bernstein Dies: Tech Unveiled

As people continue to open about harassment, sexual harassment and others, the online gaming industry has also opened up. According to reports, there are many people coming forward regarding sexual harassment on online gaming events.

Twitch, a platform where there are people of all kinds, is now emphasizing on the need for people to be kind to one another.

From a top-ranked player to a game developer, Byron Bernstein was a top player at Twitch with a good fan following. His death has taught people a lesson and has aware them regarding mental health, suicide and death.

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