Google Showcases The Developer Version Of Android 12L

Google Showcases The Developer Version Of Android 12L

Google Showcases The Developer Version Of Android 12L

Android 12L is coming forth in early 2022. What it does is that it optimize the entire Android UI system for bigger screens. The purpose behind this is to synchronize the Android 12L devices with the upcoming tablets, Chromebooks and other foldable gadgets.

As of now, Google has already introduced a developer edition for optimization which will tweak the Android 12 mobile platform for bigger screens. The new system is being called the Android 12L.

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The Android 12L is set for an early 2022 release. It improves the current Android system UI for the following motives:

  • To optimize notifications
  • Improve the lock screen and home screen
  • To improve quick settings
  • For system apps
  • For other improvements in the larger screens

The prime focus of 12L is tablets, Chrome OS devices, and foldable.

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Furthermore, Google is also launching new API, guidance, and tools to make the new Android apps according to bigger screens. Google is also making changes to the Google Play app store to help its synchronization with bigger screen apps.

12L will work on smartphones. Most of its features will not be visible on the smaller screens.

The purpose behind 12L is for its launch on the next Android 12 foldables and tablets.

Developers who are interested in the 12L should download the 12L Android Emulator system images and tools.

Currently, also, the Android development team has been working on Material Design guidance to help scale UIs throughout all the screens.

Finally, the 12L will come with the following capabilities:

It will make multi-tasking much easier, powerful, and intuitive. It will also feature a new taskbar that allows users to use the new 12L on bigger screens, favorable for apps on the go.

12L will also make the split-screen mode more discoverable. 12L will also improve compatibility mode, offer visual stability and also forward an improved letterboxing experience.

The 12L will be launched in early 2022.

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