Hong Kong Sinks Into The Great Depression: Trump Flourishes; But Pakistan? Where?

Pakistan is in shambles. Some nations are flourishing and the world still looks like something between The Great Depression to the new age aka The 21st Generation. Pakistan is a mess, really and we are on discovering the man behind the blatant murders in Pakistan and it’s going to be one man and that will be….. (Read: The eye and the cryptic eye: The Jokers and The Joker Movement).

It is unfortunate that people are not doing anything about crime in the world. The truth is that most of us are still blinded in disguise because there is so much wrong in the world. Despite the fact that we are not aloof to the fact of what happened, say the shooting in Jersey city or the blatant attacks on the Children of America.

Bad people never stop, especially those in power, once they get start and if you exploit power, you get exploited by ice. Its the rule of life.

You cannot erase the damage and you cannot come out of the fact that life is a superstitious disease. However as long as you stick to yourself, things will be fine and alright.

Pakistan has been in shambles since the start of time and the answer of Pakistan is authority.

Understanding Surrender

It is enough to say that things just don’t happen and 2018-2019 was enough to see every world leader by performance measure. We also know what happened in 2019 and today in 2020, things are better but people are realizing.

People are realizing that things just don’t happen and all the years are here. We all are grown up individuals, we might want something to change the situation because not even life is enough anymore.

The picture of the world is a fake and the exact is the truth. And its a shame.

(The picture below for understanding “The G Syndrome”).

The image above is so close to the truth of Pakistan that someone might want to understand what a G on the forehead means.

Its no joke and I am trying not to be obvious here but only when the evil and corrupt will go will then we live.

Market Crashes (Read here).

(Hoggers are real).

Understanding Enigma.

If you don’t understand English, don’t worry. You can put three words together and understand a, b, c.

Learn the code of 3 for understanding. Understanding is comprehending, processing, learning, understanding and registering. If you can’t understand, stop. The code of 3 is: Learn first, Drop Dead and Jump Later. (Comprehend first, listen later and do first); Just do it. (Nike).

You can not escape; life is for living and living is for fun. There is only one life, you might as well want to live it than die.

Things Have Gone Too Far: The World Needs Authority

Authority is saying yes to yes and no to no to the one with authority. It is better if the world steps away and starts afresh because the past cannot be erased. However, the past is for us to remember, the present is for us to learn and the last of it is for us to realize that we do have time.

Good read; Muslims By Religion

The Great Depression: Tech Unveiled

Seriously and See:

It is the end of all hooliganship in Pakistan because the country nor its people can take it.

It is better to start with zero than zero square and it is better to be simple than complicated. For 2020, be simple and be comfortable in your own skin.

Let go and let live is the mantra for #2020. Start believing in it and just do it ;-).

Evil persists be watchful and you will find grace.


If you are pissed at someone at something that a man cannot even comprehend then remember that they fall too and they never tell. It is always better to avoid but follow your intuition and gut and you will find grace.

And for the rest…

The link below..

(Punishment of the Wrong Doers: Look Back In History).

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