How Long Will The Corona Lockdown Be?

How Long Will The Corona Lockdown Be?

Corona has shocked the world and while we still deal with the consequences of what has happened, now, we are trying to ‘move ahead’.

The impact of corona virus has been similar to the impact of the 1980, 1955 and 1945 war, where everything went on a halt and everything stopped.

The ideology behind wars and corona is that first, man should rise above, second, there are a lot of men and women amongst us that are doing wrong.

Literally, wrong and one which upsets the Higher Order is the three letter word. Many people have associated the corona virus as a crisis that has never been felt before or perhaps one that is going to be the last in today’s eternity.

If you think about it though and now we are on conspiracy theories;

Who gives these viruses a name, it is not coming out of the skies, nor can we blame Him as a curse. Introduction to Allah SubhanaTaAllah; Allah is only the Good. The rest is man. What we have been taught, what comes out of our mouths, what is innate; It is all by His decree. The rest is all man’s doing.

Truth Behind Corona: No This Is Not An Average Man’s Sentiment; Otherwise You Are Getting Paid

While I have been writing on corona virus for a long time, corona restrictions are finally easing down. Restrictions have been lifted off of Afghanistan, China, India, Japan, Syria, Iran, Iraq and most importantly, Pakistan.

Would you believe that corona, still, is the works of a Muslim or perhaps 2 Muslim men? Even you will be shocked.

How Long Will The Corona Lockdown Be? Tech Unveiled

While we are a well-established blog, no one will believe what corona actually is.

Corona is the following:

  • Corona is a mixture of ‘ice’, ‘methamphetamine’, ‘women’s blood’ (laced with ‘ice’), men’s (spe**), spilled over restaurants, homes, on women themselves, on places that are already damaged (or in caustic recovery), men’s (c**) laced with ‘ice’, ‘women’s blood’, mixture of again, ‘ice and methamphetamine’, with men stool, women (hair, especially of the one laced and iced with blood), and men’s (cu* or sper** again).
  • In relation and more so, men, women and children meat, with children’s genitals and women genitals and men genitals, mixed with polyphetamine, ‘ice’, ‘generic blood’ especially those of cancer and thyroid cancer ridden patients and women’s blood especially their leakage that comes off when they are bleeding and leave off their internals’ mixtures, combined with stool, laced with a bit of gold, women blood again and men’s sperm again.

Essentially, when this is spilled over in far of areas of Pakistan, or cross borders with Iran or Japan or Syria, or on men and women, (cheap money), especially women blood, it breeds animals itself.

As a result, corona not just sprang from the grown Pompeii in Afghanistan especially (for procuring chars) – but also on factories, refineries, on men and women (for crime rates of the current government; but to keep the low-class population spinning for havoc, and taking away their things (gold, clothes etc.)- Firaun (Imran Khan: He IS Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is Alive and he Is Imran Khan). Firaun!

No one could figure out what corona is right?

However, he was still broadcasting at least, so essentially, he should be wiped off of the face of this Earth for being a failed ‘Prime Minister’ and rest, the Pakistani government or population can decide who’s next.

Is Corona From Pakistan By Dajjal And Firaun? Khan and Sharif?

It is him, corona is in Pakistan and it is him and Mr. Shehbaz Sharif, the hidden Dajjal of Pakistan. Their murders are so obvious, their coalitions (not too much) and their doings, everyone knows. This man though, Firaun (very much and obviously mentioned in the Quran) is the Prime Target and wait till Trump finds out he is Michael Jackson.

His game will bite him in his two faced bu** (Firaun has 100 personalities) and Dajjal has (1000).

Nonetheless, it was all an effort to demean the current governments, to take revenge (such that keeps everyone busy in havoc- Qayamat) and essentially to procure (drugs and money received for and by Muslim nations especially Pakistan as grant and recovery reliefs- “An insider job”.

All of this reminds you of Michael doesn’t it? Michael Jackson, Firaun, “Pharaoh”, “Gold- lets say his two pansy stocks) and his irreconcilable face that matches none but that of a dog, fu**** like a b****, hidden like a sl** and a pansy hose, dreaming about being God’s child but none’s favor; a f*** boy and a sign of God: That you do this to Muslims or His Earth and this is what he does to you!

The Corona Shock: And The Aftermath- Every ‘story’ Has A Beginning And An Ending

Call it Firaun, Pharoah, Khan or perhaps Jackson or Michael, the truth is that the World knows this is happening and he is probably the only one who doesn’t.

Secondly, he is just as favored by the Muslim population, (depiction: the picture below), as his dead father, who never recovered after bearing him.

Some people taste death, some people have it easy; he is a miracle of that. Only He knows what to do off pansies such as him, who wrecked and rocked His Earth. You know, your death is the same as your doings. He (Allah) listens. Probably the prayers of thousands he killed and the revenge of All- His Death in a way someone would prefer for him to be killed.

To Conclude

Call it corona or this godforsaken man’s (Imran Khan’s) doings [and yeah, you print on him and something happens to you and oo lalal]- believe in the concept of ‘everything is done’ and you will find God.

.. Call it his doings (by the way, he also calls himself Allah) or call it Dajjal (his fierce ally, only in the hidden, two beautiful f*** bo**, the other doesn’t even know what that word would mean. Shahbaz Sharif and Imran Khan. Dajjal and Firaun and vice versa.

Call it their doings but eradicating men such as them may perhaps be the works of Allah SubhanaTaAllah as well; However, Allah will ask every dead if they forgive these rotten faces or not. No one can take crime and law and order in their hands especially which Dajjal is known for.

Firaun And Dajjal: They Are There: Find Them, You Will Find God

Corona has been the works of Pakistan (only Dajjal and Firaun; Dajjal in the hidden and Firaun in the obvious; his fierce ally which probably 10% of the men in Pakistan (running parties missed).

We, again, are by Faith and that is the reason why we don’t bring them down, otherwise bringing them down will be as easy as a 2 pence writing and kicking their smirks, noses, hands in a worse way as they do).

Every soul shall taste death. They live in fear and misery, so much so that they eat their hands off or the stool coming out of their bloody noses but they reveal not.

At the end of the day, if this man’s doing (man and woman alike), then He (Allah) is also the father in every doing and he is also the same but he Reveals Not and He Reveals Yes.

Time will tell how Pakistan turned into a tragedy since its inception and the world will tell these two pansy hoses for their doings. Recovery won’t be a problem, we move ahead but the lesson these two will be taught, the world will witness.

Till then, stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.



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