How Long Will The Corona Lockdown Be?


How Long Will The Corona Lockdown Be?

Corona has shocked the world and while we still deal with the consequences of what has happened, now, we are trying to ‘move ahead’; if only we are able to. At the moment, a lot of people are interested in how long will the corona lockdown be? Well, the answer is it may take another 3-4 days for things to settle back into a state where decisions start being made ahead of the virus itself.

The impact of corona virus has been similar to the impact of 1980, 1955, and 1945 war, where everything went on a halt and everything stopped. Call it Hiroshima Nagasaki or something similar. Those wondering how long will the corona lockdown be should know that these are the works of dajjal and firaun. Their ‘ideology’, if they know what ideology is, is ‘haywire’ as they don’t have any sense [concealed and cremated by the boned] and to just put people on the loose so they can breathe. For they are run-away criminals :).

The ideology behind wars and corona is that first, man should rise above, second, there are a lot of men and women amongst us that are doing wrong. Dajjal and firaun are the gist of it and probably 10 or 30,000 of them.

Many people have associated the corona virus as a crisis that has never been felt before or perhaps one that is going to be the last in today’s eternity. That is the message, till they hoard and stock till the next 10 years.

Its the era of Dajjal and Firaun and this world must be saved.

Corona is a Conspiracy Theory.

If you think about it though and now we are on conspiracy theories;

Who gives these viruses a name, it is not coming out of the skies, nor can we blame Him as a curse.

Conspiracy theory is something that is there, not there and you don’t understand who’s doing it but it is consistent: and that is the works of dajjal and firaun. Something that is there, not there and there: the hidden and the concealed. Firaun and dajjal. Bringing it there but not and not but yet: Firaun and Dajjal. The balance? Islam? ‘PUT IT ON THE MUSLIMS’- or get them working at least- and Dajjal. Win-win or perhaps gin-gin?

Introduction to Allah SubhanaTaAllah; Allah is there. All matters go to Him. He decides, if only they knew.

Truth Behind Corona: No This Is Not An Average Man’s Sentiment; Otherwise You Are Getting Paid

While I have been writing on corona virus for a long time, corona restrictions are finally easing down. Restrictions have been lifted off of Afghanistan, China, India, Japan, Syria, Iran, Iraq and most importantly, Pakistan.

Would you believe that corona, still, are the works of 2 men? Even you will be shocked. (DayJaal and Firaun). Mentioned in the Holy Quran. (Chapter 29 and Chapter 30: End of Muhammad (PBUH) – The answer to the mystery :)).

How Long Will The Corona Lockdown Be? Tech Unveiled

While we are a well-established blog, no one will believe what corona actually is.

Corona is the following:

  • Corona is a mixture of ‘ice’, ‘methamphetamine’, ‘women’s blood’ (laced with ‘ice’), men’s (spe**), spilled over restaurants, homes, on women themselves, on places that are already damaged (or in caustic recovery), men’s (c**) laced with ‘ice’, ‘women’s blood’, mixture of again, ‘ice and methamphetamine’, with men stool, women (hair, especially of the one laced and iced with blood), and men’s (cu* or sper** again).
  • In relation and more so, men, women and children meat, with children’s genitals and women genitals and men genitals, mixed with polyphetamine, ‘ice’, ‘generic blood’ especially those of cancer and thyroid cancer ridden patients and women’s blood especially their leakage that comes off when they are bleeding and leave off their internals’ mixtures, combined with stool, laced with a bit of gold, women blood again and men’s sperm again.

Essentially, when this is spilled over in far of areas of Pakistan, or cross borders with Iran or Japan or Syria, or on men and women, (cheap money), especially women blood, it breeds animals itself.

As a result, corona not just sprang from the grown Pompeii in Afghanistan especially (for procuring chars) – but also on factories, refineries, on men and women (for crime rates of the current government; but to keep the low-class population spinning for havoc, and taking away their things (gold, clothes etc.)- Firaun and Dajjal (man eater (adam khor) – adam apple eater? Adam apple? Thyroid? Cancer). Pick the queues. Tech Unveiled is real!!

No one could figure out what corona is right?

However, he was still broadcasting at least, so essentially, he should be wiped off of the face of this Earth for being a failed ‘Prime Minister’ Furthermore, and rest, the Pakistani government or population can decide who’s next.

Dajjal And Firaun Will Meet Their Fate By The Hands Of Allah (SAT).

Works of Dajjal and Firaun themselves. ‘Not its not him, its not him, but him: And that is their laugh and that is their misery and they accept but they accept not :)’.

*(Firaun has 100 personalities and Dajjal has (1000). History has been put to shame by these two monsters inhumanly disguise. Then came ‘a Prophet’ and the rest is history!). Today, the world is so messed up that even if the top 10 hands sat to fix it, it would crumble down. If 20 hands sat to fix it, it would still crumble down and if 19 hands sat to fix it, it will definitely crumble down. This world needs a fixage and that should be a mystery till revealed.

Corona has been an effort to demean the current governments, to take revenge (such that keeps everyone busy in havoc- Qayamat) and essentially to procure (drugs and money received for and by Muslim nations especially Pakistan as grant and recovery reliefs- “An insider job”.

The Corona Shock: And The Aftermath- Every ‘story’ Has A Beginning And An Ending

To Conclude

Call it corona or this godforsaken man’s doings (Dajjal’s- he is from us and he is someone we know very dearly) and Firaun (father and son and the killers of the eternity: a man we know very well as well): Let God be the judge of that and till then we work hard to fix it because this universe needs fixage and that fixage should start right away.

On firaun and dajjal:

Firaun And Dajjal: They Are There And You Will Understand Life, Meaning, Reasoning, Theology, Art, Understanding, Life, Reason, Sense, Hatred, Crime, Murder, Ideology, Sense, Pence and Hence… (The divine intervention on August 27th, 2018- God’s Hidden Hand).

Till then, stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.


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