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Life can become a bitter place. There are very few people who are loyal. Loyal is your blood and they are your best interest at heart. However, since they are your blood, they will never want ‘bad’ for you. Life can become a mess if you are around bad people. It can become challenging if you don’t stop, realize and make decisions for yourself. Trust me when I say that there is absolutely no one who is going to stand by you; whether it be good times or bad, except your blood.

People judge. The judgment is in the eye and it is for you. This can be translated into His love for His eternal beings. Hence, we as humans have that capacity in us to judge and discern. All judgments by us are for our sanity. Call Him God or Allah, He is the one who puts it in the hearts of all. I’d stick with Allah so we stick with his mini aide, God himself.

Remember that this life is for you. Be it your friends or family, I don’t think anyone will be loyal to you except themselves and for themselves, you. We must discern, think and realize in order to understand that we don’t live by the day. What we live by is forever’. We should have something in mind. We should always choose the right path and think of ourselves, for our lives ahead.

What Should You Understand

These are different brackets of life when you think and say you are going to be there for the other and what not. However, the truth is that you only stand for your family (your parents and your children). Even your husband is not your sincere, not even by the common or innate law of discipline so who will be.

Everything starts with you and ends with you. You should make sure that you work yourself towards progression, faith and discipline. For that, you must ensure that you are loyal towards yourself. Do things that are in your best interest, believe in the good, do good for people, make yourself understand that tomorrow is another day and realize that you are going to be there 10 years from now, so learn, practice, prepare and think of the future.

Never stop for anyone as this life is a ‘journey’ and a journey that should be spent in splendor for there is one life but there is the here after too: hence a mix of this life (a balance in this life) and preparation for the next life (by practicing mazheb- Islam: Prayer especially) is the route to spirituality, divinity and the right life.

Only The Truthful Prevail

Only those who fear Him are the ones who are the ‘good‘ in life and may have that sense of yearning and belonging in them to stop doing harm to the other. Others are just there to make sure they bring you down or use you to bits and pieces till they are done and they move on to the next motive. They always come to you for a motive and that motive is always money in some form or the other.

The best way to live life is to practice Islam, (24 hours in a day and just 5 prayers a day), read the Quran (for your sanity and taking out the effect of other people’s actions and doings on yourself, and perhaps take His names for ensuring that those who pretend to be your aides are removed from your ends in all capacity: the ones who will have to be there for you will be there for you: its not a competition.

Also, on the flip side, they can also be there for you and it is again not a competition. Life is just balance but there is after life too (the Day of Judgement), so this life should be spent in Balance to attain goodness here by ensuring balance and by prayer to attain goodwill in the hereafter).

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Few Tips For Success

This life is a place that can turn into a bitter hole, for you as well, if you are surrounded by the wrong aides. On your first sign of Him putting matters into your heart, you must remove that person from your life till they don’t get the message. Once they do, make sure that they do and move on.

The idea is to not resist and keep going. Life doesn’t stop for anyone, you make your own life, nor do people, nor does humanity and neither does mankind. The idea and essence is to keep going till you make something out of yourself (your dreams, passion and blood) and till you ensure yourself a good place in the hereafter (by ensuring the 5 disciplines of Islam and that too in the moderation in which they are by).

If you are lost in life, here are 5 tips to help you:

  • Get rid of the wrong people. Don’t waste your time. Don’t be on what if’s. Make that decision now before they drag you in their loophole. Instead, succumb through and find your passion, motive and divert your interest in it. You will be glad if you find your passion and how good it is to sustain it.
  • Find the right people: surround yourself with people who you look up to, who you respect by itself and who respect you.
  • Get rid of any circles that don’t welcome you. Get rid of anyone who doesn’t welcome you. You should always be true to yourself and the rest will follow through.
  • NEVER chase people. People will always want you or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your blood and your life and that would be your passion. Find your interest and pursue it.
  • Let your intuition be your guide.
  • Travel, learn, experience and stay away from the 5 things prohibited in Islam or every Mazhab/Mazheb including gossip, eyeing the other, free will, excess of everything (haraam) and rape.


Life should be taken seriously because there is only one life. It should be lived in moderation and it should be spent in good will. There are no limits to life or what you can make out of it. However, balance is the key to rightfulness, goodwill is the practice and balance is the key.

Learn to respect people, people will respect you, never go behind anyone’s back to get what you want (you are as much here as the other, if all else fails, the universal laws will come into place for e=mc2 is real and everything must come under perfect motion for His eternity to function in perfect order and swing), be honest (only the truthful prevail, persist and preside) and always be good to one self and you will automatically learn how to respect others as well.

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