How To Deal With Cancer Patiently

How To Deal With Cancer Patiently

How To Deal With Cancer Patiently

“Cancer- It All Adds Up”.

Cancer is a disease that everyone is scared of. However, if something is a problem, you ‘deal’ with the problem than forsaking it. Or making it something as big as something that you cannot deal with entirely. If you or someone you know has cancer, realize that cancer is not that big of a deal. We have treatment for it, we have medicine for it. Moreover, we also have people to make you feel better and death indeed is inevitable indeed (so there is no fear in you while you deal with it).

One of the major symptoms of cancer is ‘having a bad taste in your mouth’. The taste is saline, it is that of an infection and it is actually a taste of ‘pus’. If so, you should go see a doctor rather than hiding it because this happens when your body is not completely aligned. The reason for this could be lack of self-care, too much sex or destroying yourself in the hidden. Cancer is as simple as an infection spreading in your body because your gut wasn’t able to digest and process the food you ate or medicine you took or a chemo injection as well.

If your body isn’t aligned (and it is stitched by His decree), you resort to lying down and sleeping. The body has a self-generating mechanism where it restores itself to normal just as any other circle of life does. If you do realize you have cancer, what you do is that you start drinking water first and purify your body and resort to sleeping and resting. 10 is a code so start with 10 days and in this case, 20, so that your body starts going back to normal. Once it is, the taste will simmer down. You can go for a test again, preferably a mammogram and assess what is left..

Taking Rest Is The Key To Saving Yourself In This World

Cancer springs from the fact that your body cannot take it anymore. This also happens when you have taken on too much work. Or when you can’t relax or you cannot let go of people or you are doing too much and getting no rest. You should be your first priority. You can take care of others when you take care of yourself. By His decree, the last age of a man is 100 and for a woman is 120 so believe that ‘every thing is Done’ (Zuckerberg and his shenanigans with AI and grillers and rods and all of AI really) and that is why we are dying earlier because ‘we cannot take anymore‘. It also has to do with the respect (that we inevitably die) which Islam is all about. He saves your grace by saving you from this inundated course of evil in life and brings you at peace by bringing you to Him so your head doesn’t bow down to anyone but Him (and to Him we shall return).

Nonetheless, there is only one life and everybody has the right to live their life. There are Books for how you should live your life so do so because life indeed is a ‘fascinating concept’. In our age, we have forgotten what a system is, what lungs are, what a heart is. We just take everything on and head on till we return home and till then we gather so much that we cannot process for the next 20 days and then there is another day. So for that, understand your body, walk with your head down, practice religion and what 10 levels of a body. From head to toe, there are 10 levels (mind, body, heart, soul, reflex etc. Therefore, the body is pretty easy to understand and then we have veins and for clearing the veins we have water so it is pretty much an easy feat to flush things out of the system. Eat carefully and let your system restore and lead a blissful life. Let your body process and relax. Head your day one by one. Categorize your day, take it as a pit stop (manzil) and till you don’t get home, keep yourself sane and walk with your head high but your toes straight and eyes right on point (downwards in direction, always).

So what do you do if you have cancer (there is no such thing as cancer). You will realize how Parkinsons (fulfill your dreams by reading Surah Naas and even Parkinsons will disappear as well) turned into Alzheimer’s overtime and Alzheimer’s turned into heart attacks and heart attacks turned into nothing and then it was cancer all of a sudden. You will be shocked to know that Cancer is Done- just like everything is Done (by open enemies or for you being too loud and of course for One motive- Moneyyy!). (The Global World Orders- products etcetc. The asparagus syndrome and what not).

Yes so there is no such thing as cancer or sickness. If you do get sickness, that means stop because you might be doing something out of proportion and water can fix EVERYTHING (quite literally).

Dealing With Cancer Patiently

Once you have understood that there is no such thing as sickness and if you are sick ( say have cancer), here is how you can deal with it patiently.

1- You never make a big deal out of anything. There is a reason why there was an indication of ‘cancer’ for you. It means you stop and you wait and realize if you are doing something wrong and stop it and get on the ‘right path’. This can include too much of weed, smoking in particular and alcohol in all might. You accept and move forward. There is no 88% chance of survival after getting cancer so it cancer is improving and it will all improve inevitably.

2- If you do have cancer, you realize that Allah is there. He is there so reach to Him and talk to Him and get answers from Him. All souls go back to Him and He is just indeed here. Think of Him and think of this and it will give you a lot of sakoon. Once you have ruled out any weakness, you will start improving automatically. This will give you a lot of strength. Pain is a part of every process in life, be it a sickness.

Cancer is the biggest outcome of nazar but don’t be in any denial and transition yourself to balance. Also, if your doctor suggests treatment after 10 days of getting cancer, then you start healing yourself. You take rest, you lie down, you start drinking water, you get rid of ALL resistances, you sort to mazheb and you start sleeping. Take 10 hours of sleep and move around more, start walking and start JOGGING. It will move your energy, dispose it well, get the spots outwards as well and leak those spots in pee once you start drinking water a lot. There is a high chance that after this and try going on the 15th day then, you won’t even get cancer.

Dealing With Cancer Patiently… Continued

3- Never give up. Everything is right here. If you have wronged someone, make amends. Ask for forgiveness. Never challenge a soul and never hurt anyone. Never gossip and start afresh. Ask for forgiveness and get on the right path. There is absolutely no reason for you to not heal if you do have cancer if you take rest, be humble, let go of what you are holding inside, start taking rest right away and feel the difference.

4- Stay away from artificial intelligence. We are living in a time and age where there are invisible cameras and rockets hovering above us. These have such painful impact on us that we can’t escape it. If you feel so, discuss with someone and contact your respective governments as well. If you are not doing it or asking for it, why are you getting it? Then think, realize, stop. Move forward, understand the problem and then move ahead in the right direction.

5- Be patient. All processes take time. Just as a cooking a steak or a meal being processed. Or a let’s just say you walking till you get home and can’t get rest, or an airplane flight or a Deutsche course. Anything and everything takes time and so will ‘cancer’. So if you are on getting it out of your system and getting rid of it, BE PATIENT and rest and rest and sleep, sleep and sleep, your body will restore itself back to normalcy. After that, have plenty of water, take a break from FOOD and flush it all out. There is no reason for you to not heal irrespective of whether it is cancer or Parkinsons.

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