How To Escape The Inescapable

How To Escape The Inescapable

Escaping the inescapable is like escaping something that doesn’t exist. However, when you try to escape the inescapable, you are bound to get tied up in loose strings, you are bound to get tied up in false hopes and you are bound to get tied up in things that do not exist. If you have ever been in an inescapable… If you are dealing with something you can’t see but it’s there, here is a special write-up that can help. “How To Escape The Inescapable”…

How To Escape The Inescapable!

The inescapable is something that is bound to get you entangled in something that doesn’t even exist. This is the reason why there is an in with the escapable because the inescapable means that no matter what, you cannot escape something that is being defined as the ‘inescapable’. If you ask me, there is no such thing as the inescapable. There are some methodologists that feel, think and have said that the word ‘inescapable’ was created and added in the British English Dictionary, the Thesaurus because people, at that time, in the 80s in particular, were dealing with things that didn’t exist. The Royal Family at that time, after dealing with 10 such cases (after their deaths) came up with the idea of introducing the word to the world as the inescapable through its admit in the Thesaurus. However, the word inescapable still doesn’t exist…. What exists is the word ESCAPABLE.

The word inescapable comes from the notion of someone bothering you so much that you are unable to escape the problem. This means that on the other hand, someone or your open enemy is harming you to such an extent that you become the part of the problem and you are unable to move ahead because they have given you so many problems in one breath. That is what the inescapable in. Inescapable doesn’t exist. It’s part of the torture, it is part of loose hopes, it’s a part of false and fake friends and it is a part of all other things that do not exist. These things are automatically categorized under the name ‘inescapable’ so they automatically become the inescapable. Moving forward, to get out of the inescapable, you should start dealing with your problems one by one and you will automatically move towards the escapable and then nothing, then the peace of mind, then clarity, and then peace, solitude, and grace indeed.

Hence, if you have followed this post up until now, you will realize that there is no such thing as the inescapable, only that you probably have a layer on top of your head that you are dealing with and that is the inescapable.

The ‘inescapable’ is something that is a result of something that is already there. Thus, if you are dealing with something inescapable, means that someone has seen something that you are already dealing with and built something on that. The inescapable, therefore, can be dealt with by removing the problem out of the equation. For this, you should try to look around you and see which of your problems need attention. Once you have sorted out your chores, you can then see how much of this invisible layer above your head is left. That can be processed with your mouth closed and processing what’s in your veins, ultimately by the gut and then being flushed as stool or in your pee.

Power Of Prayer.

Prayer is powerful medicine and there are many times that it has been revealed in ‘The Books’ that problems exist if you don’t take care of them at the time they bear fruit in front of you. However, there are some people in the world who still like to build on other people’s problems because they already have too many. In their realm, by creating these problems for others, they are essentially giving other people their problems and bearing the fruit of how much they are taking care of the inescapable problems because these problems are not yours in the first place. Not only that but in their schizophrenia and other disorders, which are quite common in murderers and serial killers, they are bound to feel reluctant and in all of that, they lose the sense of sight and smell, causing many people to deal with their own problems, forgetting their own… Furthermore, when you go to such people for them to take care of their problems themselves or for any other problems, they refute and put it on you. As a result, the problems become too many and if you are dealing with something that doesn’t even exist, like someone else giving you their problems (by talking to you, by shouting at you in the hidden, by doing it purposefully and it is always done purposefully), it will automatically become the inescapable.

Additionally, these things are mostly done when someone’s shout at you is so intense that it hits your divine seed and that is when you get the evil eye. For all of this, there is prayer but the inescapable becomes a part of your life when you do not know what you are dealing with but you have to deal with it because someone else has given you this problem and you do not know what the problem is and you are dealing with it. That is inescapable because its someone else’s problem and even if the problem is solved, it still benefits the other person because it’s their problem and if it’s there problem and the problem is fixed, you will have this layer of deceit and lies on you from all the people you showed arrogance on because you were dealing with something that doesn’t even exist. For that there is prayer but by the time you get out of this, it becomes quite hard to realize what is the truth and not the truth in what they can see. Therefore, while dealing with the inescapable, you are bound to lose sight of what is happening, you are bound to lose sight of what is and you are bound to lose sight of what might happen. This may cause the problem to become yours and that might indeed be the inescapable if all this wear tear led to irrevocable damage to your lungs, brain, kidneys, legs, feet and the heart in particular.

If you are dealing with the inescapable, and even if it is not hidden or the real, you should sit down and take care of your problems. If God is beyond malice, so should be human. If it relates to other people, let them go or apologize. If it is about money, sort it out and if it is about a relationship, give it time. There is no problem that doesn’t have a solution. Only that if you are being tortured for some higher gains (happens in politics and between political parties), then definitely you will cross every extreme to become the inescapable, for that you will drag other people with yourself because you will not go down on your own, if you are becoming the inescapable, it definitely means that you are crossing normal limits to hide something and that is mostly your past. Thus, for the inescapable, even if other people have done it to you, and it is a part of black magic as well, then what you need to do is pray.

Moving Forward And Escaping The Rut, The Inescapable.

Among prayers, the best prayers are Surah Naas, Surah Falak and Laillaha Ill Allah Muhammad Ur Rasool Allah. Furthermore, the best way to go about escaping the inescapable (like they say cancer is inescapable), then identify the problem, praying, fulfilling your dreams (by praying and reading Surah Naas, you will start dealing with what is in your unconscious mind, till it comes in your consciousness, till you start seeing again and till you realize what the problem was. Then you call out that person and tell them you know and then repeat to never do it again. If one time you’ve let it go, fine, but if it is the inescapable, which is now coming under major diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis, then you tell people and you tell so much that the person is identified, put to shame and so that they can never repeat the same mistakes over and over again. 

The inescapable doesn’t exist and if you are entangled in something ‘inescapable’, start dealing with your problems one by one. Once you start doing that, you will feel relieved. Then, start taking care of yourself so that you can deal with the hidden problem of others by processing them from your mouth (a common practice in Islam called Muntakib-E-Auliya e Tabassum ale- Salaam). Finally and at last, if you want to escape the inescapable, be patient, PRAY, read Surah Naas, and come out of it. It is possible to come out of it and once you do, one by one, you will start feeling better.

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