How To Fix The World In 2021

How To Fix The World In 2021

How To Fix The World In 2021

After the corona pandemic, fixing things in 2021 might be a difficult task. There has been loss of life, there have been bombings and fights. People are fed up and they want and need a solution. If you are one of them, looking for ways to how to fix the world in 2021, here is how you can do it.

How To Fix The World In 2021 Or How To Fix Things In 2021.

1- Fix Yourself First

To start off with, you fix things by fixing yourself. For that, you need to check your body. You need to drink plenty of water and flush whatever there is in your system. Keep a straight head, walk-in your direction, eat properly and be mindful of others. Drink water and herbs (green teas (best green teas) and similar- benefits of green tea) till you have a stringent and straight outlook/appearance. (How to have a sleek appearance).

2- Fix Your Home

Once you have fixed yourself, you will realize how to fix your surroundings. It all starts/begins at home so start fixing your home. Whether it be people or your home itself, make sure there is no room for fights. Clean your surroundings, make it a safe haven and be comfortable in your own element. Then take a leap and step ahead.

3- Move On In The Right Direction

You will be shocked that after 2018, people are more aware and know what is going on. The truth is getting revealed as to what the ‘bigger game is‘. Blowing off people in smaller economies for your economies, rodding and shredding people for promoting products say hair products or pharmaceuticals (the big pharma’s) and so on. The answer to this is annihilation. This is His land. You walk free, you eat out of your plate and you work hard to achieve what you want. You be mindful of others, you don’t gossip, you don’t indulge in the 5 major sins (understanding Islam) and you walk in your path. There are a lot of people in all the countries in the world so rather than focusing externally, you focus on your self. You make something out of yourself and once you have enough, you start contributing to others. This is how life works and this is how we can possibly fix things in 2021. (Global World Orders- Conspiracy theories.).

4- Spend Money In His Direction, Trust The Process And Plan Your Travel

Once you are earning, it is good to spend money in His direction. You must also always trust the process and finally, you must always plan your travel as well. Travelling teaches you a lot in life. It opens doors to some excellent people, it tells you a lot about culture, it shapes you, molds you and cultivates you. Once you are in a position to spend, you can even spend on others while traveling as well. This is ‘The Greater Good‘. What should keep you sane is that everything is right here and if not today, you can plan for the next year. Also, remember 24 hours of a day than a whole year and 24 hours in a day than a millisecond. Just keep up, save, work and stay with yourself than indulging in other activities of prying into others’ businesses or others in general. All of this will help you keep a straight head and work for the betterment of others and yourself as well. This is again a direction of how to fix the world in 2021.

5- Focus On Your Country, Your Government Can Take Care Of Other Countries

Don’t be vague in your opinions and think nothing can be done. Rather, if you want to start fixing the world, you focus on your country. You spend from your money and you help and fix the poor. We have governments sitting on our heads so they can take care of other countries and it can be a collective effort to fix the world. Once we start fixing, we realize what the problem is or who is creating this problem that undoes what we do and we take care of the problem as well. There are too many people working towards the same motive so be patient and work towards your family and success as well. It is a long road ahead and life can be beautiful if you are mindful of what you are doing. Stick with balance, and you will hopefully and preferably attain what you want to achieve and attain and then you can work for the betterment of the world again.

Here are a few tips on how to fix the world in 2021.

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