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Allah’s guidance befalls those who do not necessarily need guidance but are chosen for the greater good. Allah doesn’t call His people towards Himself. Rather, Allah calls out for help for all those who need help. If you are someone who is looking to follow Allah’s guidance, look for signs because Allah’s guidance really exists.

Moreover, Allah guides whomsoever He wills. However, if you are looking to follow Allah’s guidance, remember to choose The Light and seek the light. Absorb everything that comes your way and then, looks for something that comes your way. You might either be spoken to. You might just know it Him and you might just get some guidance. So follow that and you might just find Him. Allah exists. He is right there, up above the skies. He is there. It is only a matter of time we find Him and embrace the fact that He was always there and that He is there to protect His people. Only, the people need to do the same.

Allah Is A Decree

Furthermore, Allah is a decree. He is there. He was levied down upon us. We didn’t know. He is there. Moreover, there is guidance in the fact that we must believe Him because He is there. These Books (from Torah to Quran), exist and they exist for a reason.

To put it in a nutshell, Allah’s guidance is all about goodwill. It is about following a light, a self-belief that He is there and practically embracing Him as your idol and working for Him. Allah is kind, He is merciful, He doesn’t ask you for anything and He shows light to whosoever He wills. However, He does exist and that is where all the powerful stories come from, where all the stories of guidance come from and where all the stories of Islam and many more come from.

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Allah guides His people to go on the right path. If you are seeking Allah’s guidance, know that He is already guiding you, especially if you pray and seek guidance. Sometimes, Allah knows His people are there so He guides His people. Finally, Allah guides His people towards the right path by reaffirming them about certain things that they are asking. It is also true that He guides those who seek specific guidance from Him. And to reach Allah, keep praying till you make it. (Read the Quran)

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