How-To: How To Get More Ads On Your WordPress Website

How-To: How To Get More Ads On Your WordPress Website

How-To: How To Get More Ads On Your WordPress Website

Are you running a WordPress website and do not know how to get more views or make more money? Do you have AdSense installed on your website and want to ensure you get more ads to make more from ad revenue? Are you finding it hard to run your WordPress website without support on how to get more ads on your website? Well, if this is the case, this article may help because today, we will discuss how to get more ads on your WordPress Website. (Read: How to increase Ad Revenue)

Tips On How To Get More Ads on Your WordPress Website

1- Be Patient And Write More Content

Making money through WordPress requires time and effort. Therefore, you must always try to make sure that you write good quality content as it drives more traffic. You should write content on the latest trending topics. Furthermore, you should write content that is worthy and one that means something. Furthermore, getting more traffic is not a one day feat. You should, therefore, be patient and make sure that you upload content daily to get more traffic.

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2- Get Your Adsense Approved

Most people turn to Adsense to earn more money. Therefore, for a good quality blog to make more money, you would want to get your AdSense approved. For getting your AdSense approved, visit Sign up, add your website name, and wait for an approval. It is important that your blog has at least 10-15 articles (300-400 at least), for it to get approved on Adsense.

Once your AdSense is approved, you will get ads through the ‘comments on your articles’. It is important that you approve the comments to allow ads to be exhibited on your website. Once you approve the ads, make it a practice to visit your Adsense every day and approve ads under ‘blocking controls’. Moreover, whenever you get a comment, you approve that as well. Collectively, this is how ads and Adsense works on a WordPress Site.

3- Add Images To Your Blog And Content That Is Around The Newer Information Around The Web

People like searching up on things daily so make sure that whatever you upload on your website is around the newer information around the web. For that, search up and write on topics that are trending. For the topic, search on how this topic is searched on through the proper keywords and use those keywords in your blog post.

Furthermore, don’t forget to categorize your articles and add new tags, off which the hyper text you have added on your WordPress content. Lastly, images are very important in blogs so make sure you add the right images and the appropriate Alt text. All of this applies to having the right content and good quality content on your blog. This is another good technique on How To Get More Ads On Your WordPress Website.

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4- Read Up On Good SEO Techniques And Follow/Apply Them

Moreover, read up on good SEO techniques and apply them on your blog. It is a good idea to apply the best SEO practices for 2021. This would most likely include a lot of hyperlinks, the right keywords and wording and how you portray your message.

5- Add 2-3 Articles A Day On Your Website

Finally, if you want to understand How To Get More Ads On Your WordPress Website, make sure you add 2-3 articles a day because ads come on content. The better the content, the better the reward. You will definitely get more comments and ads through comments via comments approval. Thus make sure that you write more and accept ads. You will definitely start earning better from AdSense through that.

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