Canada Cannabis Legalization

How To Order Cannabis Online In Canada Through Shopify

Canada has legalized Weed and one thing that might shock you is that you might be able to order it online; thanks to a firm based in Ottawa.

Shopify, it seems, will be leading the online shopping experience of these users, who flocked to get their stock online, after it was legalized in the country. Legalized weed is now official in Canada and people cannot stop rejoicing. Moreover, Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce giant, is the one to watch for some time now then. Moreover, Shopify has also been chosen to design the retail platform of many states. These include British Columbia, Ontario and others.

VP and GM of Shopify, Loren Padelford, had a lot to comment on the matter. Keeping it short, he said that here, they are being the “facilitators of technology“.

“We want to give people the platform to sell whatever they like, as long as its legal”.

Moreover, he made it clear that marijuana is not that special to Shopify as are other things. He added that it is the same as clothing, spa services and others. Essentially, what they are trying to say is that marijuana is the same as other products. Furthermore, their point is that now that it is legal to use it,  they are making it easy for people to get it.

For now, in Canada, there is no same day delivery for online shoppers but still, you can place your orders online and that’s a catch! People who waited for it to get legalized in the country have to wait for some time to get their stock.

Legal Cannabis Canada
Legal Cannabis Canada

The Delay

New reports suggest that the workers on Canada Post are going on a strike and that could delay shipments of the drug.

The ongoing negotiations are predicted to affect the mail delivery, some say.

Since the drug is already so popular, the bargaining table is ready. Moreover, even though the parcels COULD grow exponentially, there can be delays.

Legalization, they say, is an on going procedure and not something you can achieve one day. VP of Shopify also acknowledges that they will have to work harder after its legalization.

Nonetheless, the fact that you can order your weed online in Canada is a plus point for retailers and consumers alike!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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