Macbook SMC Reset

How To Perform An SMC Reset

Macbooks are complicated and there may come a time when their battery might die down completely. This is where an SMC Reset comes in.

You can actually save your Mac, if it is not opening, by performing an SMC Reset then letting it all go at once.

Many people have misinterpreted an SMC reset but one simple way of performing it is this.

How To Perform An SMC Reset

Macbook SMC Reset
Macbook SMC Reset

Performing a Macbook SMC Reset can be done in the ways below.

  1. Shutdown your Mac.
  2. Connect the power adapter to your Macbook.
  3. Press and hold down the Shift + Control + Option keys and the Power Button.
  4. Once you hold these four together, release them after 4-5 seconds, collectively and together till the power light turns green from Blank (or direct supply).
  5. After releasing the buttons, you will see that the light on your charger has turned from Green to Orange, which will show that the SMC reset has been successful.

When To Perform SMC Reset?

An SMC Reset works to resolve power/hardware issues in Macbook. It is usually performed when other techniques are unresponsive.

In cases where your Mac has stopped responding to other troubleshooting techniques, the SMC reset will again be useful.

Most common times when an SMC reset is performed on a Mac are:

  • Mac cooling fans issue
  • Mac fan management problem
  • Power management problem
  • Battery problems
  • Light problems
  • External displays don’t work
  • Videos don’t work
  • functionality issues
  • General performance issues

An SMC reset for a Mac is very easy to perform. If you don’t think that the above instructions were helpful, use this video as an assist.

This is one of the most effective ways of performing an SMC Reset.

Rounding up to how to perform an SMC Reset;

SMC Reset is an easy way to start your Macbook and solve problems related to it. Rather than taking your Apple Macbook to a technician, it is a better way to resolve your problems.

An SMC Reset is very easy to perform. Hope this video works.

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