How To Say No And Walk Away With It?

How To Say No And Walk Away With It?

How To Say No And Walk Away With It?

Introduction: How To Say No?

Saying no is a comprehensible term that everyone can and should understand. It is something that can take you away from big miles and turn oceans into sorrows. However, many or most people don’t understand the power of No or what the other person means when they are withdrawing from something and saying No. Well, the people who do not understand a No are those who are deliberately trying to drag you into something and getting their work done. These people are called the ‘hypocrites’ which every and all religions condemn. You should be very wise in your practice and be able to tell something to everyone, what happens to you, when you say No and someone still pushes you into it and it starts with your parents. The word NO is a NO and it comes from the mouth, just like all other words do and those who don’t understand a No, which should be considered as a No and a person can walk away after it without further a do, should definitely be challenged and be brought before bars through law to understand what part of a No they do not understand.

What Does No Mean?

No is a word that is immediately understood. It is a word that was written in the QWERTY keyboard English Language U.S. and The U.K. in 1951, when there were a lot of people following a ‘hooligan culture’, just because some hooligan had shamed them for saying No on things they didn’t want to be a part of or participate in. Similarly, after this word was registered, by the dignity and dignitary of the U.S. and The U.K., this word was officially registered and since then, it is a terminology that means No I Obstain and from there, those who say No and even Walk Away are not eligible by any law. Moreover, those who do not understand this No, especially if a soul is coming to them and they can hear it say No in whatever language and understanding, they are eligible to be penalized by the law and it starts with 32 lashes and ends in always staying in jail and dying there, called hanged to death in English and ‘Sazai Maut’ in Urdu or Arabic.

Power Of No!

What people do not understand is that these little things make up an entire universe. This No means that someone is saying No to you and you better understand. Moreover, if you don’t understand, it is your fault and then again you get penalized by it irrespective of how many times a person has said No to you and that is the last of Man, A Person Not Understanding When A Man Is Saying No.

A lot of people also do not understand that when there is a No, it is the tongue in a cross eye that says it and the other person automatically understands it and you walk away and they look down because the No is to the other person already. However, it is quite unfortunate that the No today is not understood which is the cause of all major problems today. This dragging of men and women beyond their official might is the start of infertility and it starts with you not understanding a Yes or a No, of which the basics are the ground roots or level of English language that everyone must understand, for English Language is a medium set by all standards to move, strive and thrive in the world because most countries today speak English and take English as their first language.

Why Say No?

If you are in the right and are trying to escape from a situation where you feel you are entangled by someone else’s might, just say No to them and WALK AWAY before their bullet hits you and you are un able to control the situation. That is where they come in, say no to you and walk away, making you look like the murderer and walking away from the situation which was always their fault. This is the start of crime but once you take an action, and crime is punishable by law, and every law in the world and universe, and to avoid crime and move forward, you must take action and believe in yourself. So SAY NO where you have to and WALK AWAY and then look for better opportunities… You do not know what God has in store for you for He facilitated this situation of you even having to say No and making you walk away from something that was never yours.

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So say No, believe in your self and move away and forward, just as you moved away and moved forward in all capacities that brought you to the situation of saying No in a place that you were already a part of or in altogether.

History Of The Word ‘No’!

NO is a powerful word and in The U.K., if their is a rebellious soul, not understanding your No’s after being told No in the first place (wherever there is disagreement, there is a No), their are cameras that take away that person forever. That person is put in Guantanamo Bay Bail Jail, where there is No Yes or No but yes No and made to believe there is a No, when you bow down and want the torture to stop, just as you tortured another person in all might’s and capacities, when they consistently said No and you did not listen, in the Hidden, on which ALL laws are based on and then you are shown what is a No and there is no pardon from Guantanamo Bail Jail, where only those are brought who do not understand a No in the first place.

So believe in yourself, move forward, and believe in God. He will create ways for you like He always did, the ones you are sitting on already, and will let you move forward, when you are able to. Till then, stay in God and He will take care of you as you take care of Him in Many Many Ways.

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