How To Stay Longer In Relationships

Relationships are beautiful, however, they can get derailed for many reasons. If you are someone who is in a relationship and struggling, here are 5 excellent tips on how to stay longer in relationships.

How To Stay Longer In Relationships

Be Truthful To Yourself

First come first, if you are in a relationship and wondering how to stay longer in relationships, be truthful to yourself. Talk everything out with yourself and talk less. Fix yourself, your appearance, and face but gritting your jaw or aligning both jaws, upper and lower, and whatever clears out, let it happen. Wait for the other party to talk before you spill it out. Just clear yourself and wait for the relationship to play it out. There is a high chance that the other person could be wrong as well or is, and what is happening to you is because of them. However, you should ensure that you are truthful to yourself. That is something that will help in a relationship.

Ask Your Partner To Be Truthful To Themselves As Well

Second in line is to ask your partner to be truthful to themselves as well. The animosity between the two could be because of many reasons. However, it could exasperate because you two have fought too much and are at a point to just boil it all out. Therefore, it is a better idea to give your partner time too and ask them to be truthful as well. This is another better way out and good relationship advice, rather than losing the relationship altogether.

Talk It Out… ‘After A While’

Once you have covered the two points above, the next step is to talk it out. When both of you have been truthful to yourself, you have to talk it out and discuss the issue. Most problems in relationships are because of the other person. Furthermore, when another comes between two people, that relationship destroys. Therefore, it is better to first be you and you two and then if you need help, you take the matters ahead. There is no problem that cannot be fixed. Thus, it is better to still hold on to the relationship (marriage and it is in ‘The Books’ especially the Quran) and see what route to adopt ahead. Nazar (evil eye) can break any relationship and get the other thing done by the other person’s glory. Thus be truthful to yourself, give yourself time, ask your partner to do the same and then discuss.

Don’t Lose The Relationships Because It Could Be ‘Nazar’

Loss of a relationship is intense especially when people know. However, mockery is again because of nazar. Thus, it is better that you don’t lose the relationship but seek help.  

If It Comes Close To Fighting, Misery and Murder, Leave The Relationship

The final call is that if the relationship is not enough, it is not playing out, and there is fighting, misery and leading to murder, leave the relationship. There is a reason why ‘divorce’ is in the Quran and books, that is a word of Allah. Divorce can be used as a standard of all in between relationships as well. Things happen for a reason and if there are too many reasons and it is just not playing out well, you lose the relationship and start afresh.

How to stay longer in relationships is all about giving your best, asking your partner to do the same and leaving it to Him. However, if it is not playing out and there are too many reasons for it to fall out, then choose to part ways. But before that, try everything to make things work. Before that, don’t settle and before that, do your math. Once you settle though, try your best to make things work because there is nothing better than a relationship.

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