How To Stay Silent: Practicing Silence

How To Stay Silent: Practicing Silence

How To Stay Silent: Practicing Silence

Being silent is the best way to go about things. It is a manner and it is a form. Silence can help people go a long way. It shapes your personality, it shapes your demeanor and it helps you with a lot of things. For instance, it helps you stay away between two people, it helps you avoid conflict and it helps you from giving instant answers that could jeopardize you and your self-interest, be it your career, your freedom, your self practices, or your self silence itself. If you are looking for ways to be silent, keep reading how to stay silent: practicing silence.

Silence is a practice and it is virtue. People who are being ‘eaten a lot’, literally by gossip and small talk, are the ones who talk a lot. The idea is to stay silent so you can assess what is going around you. Only the fools talk and remember, nobody listens after a certain point. We are all here for our own purpose. There is no one as kind as the universe to take care of you all the time. Staying silent can help you gain perspective and it can help you assess what is good for you and what is damaging so you choose and move ahead with direction and foreword.

If you want to know how to stay silent: practicing silence, it is better that you learn the following:

Practicing Silence And Solitude

1- Never be too quick to say something. Always stay quiet and wait for your queue to answer. People can wait for 10 seconds to hear from you.

2- Read books (best books 2020), listen to conversations, talk between yourself and the other person but never interfere between two people. The more you talk, the more you know and the more someone knows, the more they get caught. It is then ideally better to stay quiet and withdraw yourself from occasions and instances that are not good for you. Only the people who want to get involved talk or those who are trying too hard to get in. Therefore, be patient because things will come to you in due time. It is better you avoid and let things come to you than talking about them and also getting affected by evil eye as well.

3- Practicing silence is a virtue. You should start in your home and start by assessing people. Start by assessing what is around you, assess things, get your cognizant in line and senses in tune. The center of the eye and line is real so stay with that and you will be good to go. Silence speaks louder than words. Despite what has happened to you, despite where you are standing, adopt silence because it also helps other people from stop talking as well (about you or in any others, answers about you and so on).

Silence helps in protecting breathe, from not tarnishing your image and from protecting you from all corners. Remember, you are your own best friend, so remain silent, get busy and pursue your self-interest. There is no one who is going to stand for you except for those by their own self-interest or perhaps your mother or brother so be careful because it is a very mean and cunning world out there, involved in all worldly matters, say a car or a bean.. I mean a car and a fig.. or a fig or a drag or whatever it is or between or under or above the sheets.

4- Silence helps in saving energy (maintaining balance) as well. It helps in saving you from people who are not good for you. It helps with useless arguments and it helps in drawing a line that talk doesn’t. Silence goes a long way in every aspect of life.

Staying Silent: Some Perspective

When it comes to How To Stay Silent: Practicing Silence, you go by stopping yourself from doing gossip, from talking on the phone for inundated hours, for talking amongst and between people and becoming a part of a gathering that is all talk and gossip and an attempt to bring the other down, say a 2 weeks ago or later.

Silence helps you gain respect and it is one of the best answers. A lot has been said about silence because silence helps in getting your eyes straight, it helps you regain balance, it is an integral part of all religions as well especially Islam and it helps you form a personality that is literally unbreakable.

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