How To Stop Eating Betel Nut (Areca nut)

Betel, areca nut, is a very dangerous thing that most Muslims eat. It is called a ‘supari’ and it is enjoyed in many tastes and flavors. What the world doesn’t know is that betel should be taken as a literal name for the ‘beetle’. It means that you are actually eating a beetle if you are eating ‘betel’. Moreover, it is commonly believed that the betel erodes the body. It changes the way we chew food. It is also known to change the way we process things. It is well known for changing how we move around. There are many other obvious drawbacks and setbacks of eating betel.

Areca nut or betel is consumed by 90% of the world’s cheapest population today. It is common in Thailand and Malaysia. Moreover, it is commonly eaten in the far eastern parts of Pakistan and then India, Japan, China, Syria and in fact worldwide as well. There perhaps is no country where we are not consuming beetle. Betel unfortunately does not have any gimmicks related to it. It in fact is the real betel whose nut we are eating and that is a beetle’s dead child which is thawed in blood and syrup and given to the masses as something as a delight after food.

How To Stop Eating Betel

Wondering how to stop eating betel? Well,

First, know that beetles are thawed in such big proportions today that they grow fungus as soon as you eat them. The fungus develops on the body. Furthermore, since betel does might not be able to even get out of the system itself, beetle should not be eaten at all. Betel, when processed, causes a lot of brain damage (how to avoid brain damage) and should be avoided right away.

Beetle is dangerous and can cause all kinds of cancer especially ‘hole cancer’. Moreover, betel is not washed out of the body entirely and can just store themselves in as fat deposits for safety against the system jerking that they might dig holes in the body. This may cause internal wear and tear and lead to internal bleeding and many more ailments. Areca nut is addictive and must be avoided at all costs.

Furthermore, betel is a million-dollar industry and the main source of cancer in so many parts of Pakistan, China, India, Africa, Japan and Syria. Betel comes with addiction because it is flavored with a little bit of heroin and hash oil, as well as flavored rooh afza and syrups to make them more delightful. It is one of the cheap games there are today and it too is around cancer.

If you want to know as to how to stop eating beetle, the best way to stop is to JUST STOP IT. Make a decision today and stop eating it. Best way out is to replace it with gum. Furthermore, it might be restaining at first but once you realize that betel is actually BEETLE or its nut, then even you might want to stop eating it.

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