India: A Retrospective Look

India: A Retrospective Look

India: A Retrospective Look

Elections are just a few days away for India and things seem to lighten up but for Manmohan Singh not Modi.

Modi has been fighting for his power for some time now but it seems that India too is in shambles because we are so close to each other; by proximity, by personification, by time, by level and by air. By mediums of transport; not more than 2 or 3 or 10 hours away.

Politics is a dirty business. It can become as crude as you want it to be, as deep as you want to stretch it for or till for or if you turn it into a game, then the game never ends. Politics is a silly concern for most of humanity is already lost and what can survive till the end of time now are us only. Everything else has or should become a third degree necessity (say car, travel, more than 10 grands, food or perhaps even water).

The day you realize that everything of yours is right here and you are in some incessant rush the minute you wake up, its time for things to change; and that is only possible by a change in the ‘power dominions’.

Modi: The One Who Gets Played

Prime Minister of India, Mr. Modi has unfortunately been a target of such disgrace that the relationship between India and Pakistan is rightly justified.

If people in Pakistan know that some or any of India’s money is involved in Pakistan, then it becomes rightful for Pakistan to reinstate order and restore balance.

A man’s answer has no meaning; A man has no end.

Nobody is aloof to the problems of India and Pakistan. The notion of fight-age and what not. However, since the start of time, India has not really been blamed for the bombs in Pakistan between 2003-2018 or it would have been in the print as blatantly as all of the ‘other things’ are on the Internet.

2019 was quite turbulent for Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well. However, if we realize that the man is being played by everyone because of Pakistan then we would really understand that only the Truth prevails.

How you talk about people, how you take their name, how things get done in the universe, what help is.

Its now too late to even sit on your seated guts to let things happen. All of the things have already happened. This is the New Age and the 21st century too.

We are in 2020 and if we realize that a man, Indian, has never been in the print for the wrong reasons irrespective of the fact that most Muslim Men, even of Pakistan, have been in the print for the right reasons especially corruption, its definite to say that Mr. Modi can be a very sourceful asset for Pakistan, only if the Right people lead Pakistan.

After all, every man enjoys respect and it starts with respect and it ends with respect.

India actually has enough for its sustenance till the end of time. If you realize, India is the 3rd or 4th Super Power in the World. Isn’t it obvious then that no one respects religion, let alone faith, talk or common talk of a man.

Then why do you expect for things to become better. When things become so obvious (the bad of the people sitting right on Earth), then its time to take them out of the ‘system’ and start a new one.

Problems of India and Pakistan can be sorted out by inviting Mr. Modi to Pakistan and get things started in the right direction. Towards building projects, construction, space (by enhancing land disposition), a direct and safe route between India and Pakistan as in Canada and America and then the way forward.

There is enough money in these two countries, let alone money by individuals by population in homes and then on a concrete level, say the national, global, state level by household measure; India and Pakistan can enjoy a lot by sanity and that is through shaking hands with the right people.

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