Information: How To Stop Lying

Life is all about joy, not treason, therefore, one must never lie. One lie gets you to talk a million lies and, therefore, a lie must never be bespoken. If you are someone who is struggling to tell the truth, if you are someone who wants to find a path towards embracement and if you want to come out of your daily struggles, you must stop telling lies and here is how to stop lying.

How To Stop Lying

Never Tell Anyone Your Secrets

The first thing you should do to stop lying is to stop sharing your secrets with people. Generally, what happens in life in general is that in an attempt to ‘get it off our shoulders’ or to ‘start sharing and start talking’ or to ‘be friends’, one starts sharing their secrets with other people. If those secrets are shared with other people, you tend to freak out, be angry and have to keep lying to protect yourself and keep going. Secondly, it is true that to protect and keep one lie, you have to lie a million times. Hence, to understand how to stop lying, you should stop telling your secrets to people, stop chasing people and stop yourself from telling people something that does not exist, even if its just for getting their approval.

Lying makes you weak, it makes you serious, it makes you lose out on life and it prevents you from actually getting and attaining life.

Never Tell Yourself To Come Under Other People’s Pressure. (Even By Lying)

This is a modern world and in this world, it becomes hard to protect yourself and ‘keep going in this world’. Resultantly, what happens is that we come under modern-day pressures for which we have to lie to get into some business. Or what happens is that we think we will lie to get into something and then we will get out of it.

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Never Tell A Lie

The second rule in how to stop lying is to never tell a lie, to tell a lie. In an effort to stay solid, we may tend to or might just say ONE lie to get us ‘out of a bigger lie’. However, one lie could put the entire universe in reverse. Since the universe is connected, it may become difficult for us to protect ourselves if we have spoken just one lie. Everything shows so you must be careful.

Every leaf must fall” is a famous quotation for every leaf has to complete its circle of full birth. Whether it’s a lie or truth. Therefore, both must be spoken with cause. And that is why we must never talk, yet show and prove. There may be too many people waiting for you. It’s only about getting and being recognized. Lying may not get you there, the truth may bespeak you but the truth always awaits you. Truth is light and lies create darkness.

Lying creates reverse, it puts an entire system to an end, it leaves you with nothing and even if you are comfortable with it, others won’t be and it will conflict. And when it does, and it will, it will leave you with nothing again because respect is earnt not yelled and sorrows are drowned but blood is just wasted!

At the end, it will be your own loss so you might just want to get out of it and start a new circle of nice, which is attributed with truth and you will see magic befalling YOU!

Be Truthful, Be Nice And Be Just

One of the most common problems today is schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a cause of consistent lying. Another major DISORDER today is bipolar disorder, which is another cause of lying. Healing starts with you. Thus, you should heal yourself, you must be truthful, nice and just. A person who lies can never be nice, truthful or just.

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Even if you have spoken too many lies, you come clean with Allah and leave it on Him. Furthermore, then start your own journey (or Safar’/saf’r), for life is a saf’r, till the time it will be. However, the safar is by your own bite.

Furthermore, when its a bite, it’s hunger and if it’s hunger, it involves money and if it’s money, this world is a very busy place now. Thus, lying can be common or forsaken which is the truth today. We are sitting on ourselves today where we, 30-40-year-olds, cannot even move and are in sheer paralysis because of other people’s lying (categorized under black magic, especially if you speak on other people’s behalf).


We are in a society where we cannot just move without stuttering or being ‘taken away by evil shadows and spirits).

We are sitting in a world where we cannot do anything about anything anymore and that is because of a failed system, based on the SPIRIT of lying. Why would you lie to get yourself into one trouble and lets not forget of too many. So why start a circle of injustice when you can sit in purity and move forward. For there is a timeline and things will and do come to end for new things to start and the newer things in life are always more beautiful.

Lying must not be promoted, it should be forgotten. In HIGHER ORDERS, it is done to take charge of other people’s lives, to have full dominion on the system. This is an act of fools and it is mostly done to protect yourself from criminal charges. LYING can get you in jail on the first lie bespoken. Thus, you always keep it to yourself, you never lie and you MAKE SURE you walk in your direction, because this is life. Everyone is here. If someone wants to talk to you, they will call you. ALL else is false hope because INDEED, WE ARE THAT NEAR! (Al-Quran). And that is why you should never ever lie.

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