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Is God And Allah The Same Thing?


People have so many questions about God and Allah but they usually don’t talk or ask because it is a ‘controversial topic’. The truth is that God and Allah are words given so that you can explore them and talk about them. There are no bars to how many times you can take these two names, so why not ask what these names are and what they do?

Well, to tell you the truth, GOD is a word used for the last Messenger of Allah Subhana’Ta’Allah himself, Muhammad. On the other hand, Allah is a word used for Allah Subhana’Ta’Allah Himself, the father of none but the majesty of the throne itself. It should come as no surprise that Allah Subhan’Ta’Allah is not in a war with anyone or anything like the Game of Thrones type. None. It is indeed the fact that there are open enemies of God such as Dajjal. These enemies are there and they fight against God. They fight against its people and lure them into different WORDLY things to change the meaning of God and Allah itself and sit on their thrones. This to run people and be at the highest so they can run it like them. Usually, such people do not have a clear past. They have usually done something out of something they cannot get or cannot have. They are impatient and they have not abided by the rules.

God And Allah Exist!

God and Allah exist. Their work is to provide for the people and their people (who call out their name), just as they provide for them. Allah doesn’t ask His people for anything. They have been given guidance, which are The Books. Rest, God be to those and glory be to those who abide by Allah’s rules because it is His creation and there is a manual and it isn’t a free world. Furthermore, nor is there anything such as free will.

In fact, another truth to realize here is that when the norm is the Books and they wouldn’t be there otherwise, why do you have to come up with something else to adjust? YOU adjust by the norm so isn’t it weird to change around the big words such as God and Allah, verified by stances, existed by merits and thereby glory?!


Well, truthfully, those people who do not adjust by the norms are the ones who start something different. They have done something, usually murder, and even go to extents such as those to start a cult to pass some years in this life. These people know that their existence in the world after is no good. They no their existence here is no good. They don’t eat well, they don’t sit well and they don’t talk well. Furthermore, they aren’t well that is why they aren’t normal and that is why they start things outside the norm to stay in the norm.

God and Allah are not exactly the same thing. They exist. The merits and demerits of God/Allah are by people like Dajjal who act like God themselves. However, the other ones do exist and it is a merit that God indeed is Muhammad and Allah is Allah SubhanaTaAllah Himself.

After all, the first Kalma clearly glorifies Muhammad as a Messenger of Allah. It glorifies that there are two names in the Kalma. There are two names so of course, there are two deities and one is God and the other is Allah.

Finally And To Conclude

By merits and demerits, God and Allah are not the same thing. God was a word chosen by Allah SubhanaTaAllah for His Messenger (with a capital M), Muhammad. He was a pious Messenger of Allah who did nothing but shine His light on people, the Light given to Him by Allah himself.

The whole notion of dismantling the word God and unearthing the word God/Allah is by Dajjal and Satan himself. Rather than getting scared by such names, we should explore them. This because one mostly gets an open invitation to Islam. In Islam, Muhammad (PBUH) is indeed the last Messenger of Allah and He is God.

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