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Is Season 6 Bringing The Fortnite Skull Trooper Skin?

Fortnite rose to popularity last year. However, the game got a recent revamp in the form of a good skin called the Skull Trooper Skin. The game was released last year, briefly, but soon after its release, it got immense fame and recognition.

Fortnite Skins

Talking about Fortnite skins; the Skull Trooper skin got a new costume and it is an amazing one. Everybody wants to get their hands on the skin, especially the ones that play Battle Royale.

Everybody looks forward to the fact that the game, Fortnite, will get amazing upgrades and updates. Players can just not get enough. The company’s revenue has also increased in billions now.

Furthermore, the ‘Most Amazing Part’ is that one of the most exclusive skins of the game was not available since November last year. However, we saw it making an appearance in the Season 6 trailer and guess what? It is not available for purchase.

However, in Fortnite, there is a way you through which you can unlock the Ghostportal back bling.

Finally, everyone’s favorite, Skull Trooper, has made its way to the game after it got a lot of support from the enthusiasts. The skin is now making its to the Item shop but with a female version. It is now accompanying the Crypt Cruiser Glider and Skull Sickle pickaxe.

However, those who are good at the game can win the Ghostportal backbling by completing the challenges.

Every skin comes with a different price.

Cost Of Skins: Fortnite

The Epic Skull Sickle- 1,200 V-Bucks

Epic Crypt Cruiser- 1,500 V Bucks

Epic Skull Trooper skin-1,500 Bucks

Rare Skull Ranger- 1,200 Bucks

Apart from these skins, the other available ones are:

  • Black Knight
  • Crackshot
  • Cuddle Team Leader
  • Dark Voyager
  • Light up boogie bomb
  • Party animal pickaxes

Among these Fortnite skins, the Skull Trooper skin has gotten a lot of fame. It was unveiled in Halloween 2017 and since then has been missing in action.

Constant Tries And Re-Branding: Fortnite

Epic had been trying to test the new appearance of the skin for many months now. It has also been eyeing Halloween and is sure to come up with something for it.

The rebranded skin in Fortnite has made an appearance on the 6th trailer of the season and it looks promising. Epic, it seems, does have plans to introduce the skin very soon.

That isn’t it for Fortnite fans because it seems like fans will be able to buy the Skull Trooper in real life too. How exciting is that?

However, that is only after the Retailers Spirit Halloween and Spencer have made a deal with Epic Games.

Fortnite has a lot to boast and no wonder people are loving everything the game has to offer now.

For now, excited fans can rejoice that their favorite skin is making its way to screens.

Watch Fortnite Season 6 Trailer Below:



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