Is There a New iPad Mini and Bigger iMac In Works?

This year, Apple brought forth the much-awaited mini-LED iPad Pro model that is empowered with an M1 chipset. However, now, it is being said that Apple may allegedly launch a new i-Pad Mini this year. It is also being said that the iPad Mini may be followed by a bigger iMac as well. (Read: Apple new iPad Pro 2022)

News has it that Apple is on track with the new i-Pad Mini which will be released this fall. Furthermore, it is also confirmed now that Apple may launch a larger iMac with Apple Silicon as well this year, which is quite interesting.

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Are These Rumors True?

The news of the Apple iPad Mini has been confirmed by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who said that the company may release the i-Pad Mini this fall. Moreover, as far as the design of the iPad Mini is concerned, it is being speculated that it may look like last year’s iPad Air with a brand new processor inside.

The new i-Pad Mini will be Apple’s biggest redesign in its 9-year history. Furthermore, Apple expert is also talking about a larger screen iMac with an Apple Silicon. Apparently, the 27 inch iMac is ‘en route. One of the many interesting features of the iMac is that it is going to be powered with a very powerful M-series chipset.

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Concluding Statement

While at the moment we can only enjoin on the speculation or join in, let’s see what Apple has in store in the months to come.

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