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Is This For Real: Sri Lanka Bans Face Covering

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Sri Lanka: Tech Unveiled

Sri Lanka: Tech Unveiled

In a shocking state of affairs, Sri Lanka has banned face covering after the pressing bomb in the country that let 250+ dead.

While it was reported that the ban on face covering came from the Sri Lankan President Mairthripala Sirisena on Sunday, there were about 253 people killed in the attack and ISIS seemed to have covered responsibility for it. However, it still makes no sense as to why they are banning the muslims.

The news isn’t a big deal though because most of the population in Sri Lanka are buddists and very few women wear the veil. Even if the country gets an influx of tourists, it is true to begin and say that the ban on the veil is still a a surprise because you can cover the feelings of a man but you can’t take their cover away.

The notion is survive, deep in and go harder so it is very strange that they have banned the hijab. Though least to say that the attack was nonetheless very devastating.

On the attacker:

Sources on the web reveal that the mastermind behind the attacks was someone who spent a lot of time in India. If they are identifying it, it doesn’t make any sense because some say it was ISIS- the militants while others say that it was who? Unsure.

They are still looking for answers but what’s strange is that there was a synogogue attack in United States of America and NPR reported that the veil ban comes after covering Easter Sunday attacks.

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