Is TikTok Getting Banned In The U.S?

According to the Secretary of State of the U.S., TikTok might be getting banned in the United States of America. While The Verge reports China to be the cause of the ban, some say its because of the ongoing vote between Trump and Biden.

TikTok is a popular video-sharing app. However, because of leakages, the overall socio-political conditions and such, Pompeo said it has become sort of necessary to ban the app.

TikTok: Tech Unveiled

According to reports, Pompeo said, “We are taking the ban seriously. We are looking into it. However, this is in respect to Chinese apps on people’s phones in the U.S”.

India too is banning TikTok and other Chinese apps say WeChat. Apparently, these apps are involved in data collection and are breaching privacy under Indian law. The U.S. is considering the same.

Least to say, the fact that TikTok is going to get banned is going to affect many people, particularly those who use the app daily.

Some say that people are using the app to cover suicidal messages. Others are saying they are using to communicate things that are not permissible. Nonetheless, the greater good is at stake here and both the U.S. and India are here to make sure they work to find out who’s doing what to prevent any loose activities now.

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