Latest Gaming News: New Updates

Latest Gaming News: New Updates

Latest Gaming News: New Updates

Calling all gaming enthusiasts:


Have you heard of ‘Human’? The game, I mean.

Latest gaming news reveals that “Human” has gotten another new level. The new game Human: Fall Flat is a common gift that lets you drive and keeps you going.

Developed by ‘No Brakes’, ‘Human’ got another level in; a free level to distribute the passion wisely.

The Game “Human’ is a new surprise and its called Steam.

Steam is quite a short level but also a series of sweet trials, which contains trials and tribulations that involves huge cranes, barrels and pipes.

Things just got interesting… For “Human” fans.

“Humans” is available on PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and few others.

Minoria: Tech Unveiled

Have you heard about Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight.

Reverie was an interesting release in 2016. They put the studio on the map and now Minoria, which is not that that popular as it was on one point in time. However, the game is still worth exploring.

Developed by DANGEN Entertainment, the selling price of this game is $19.99.

An uneven game, the game comes with a New Game+ Options. It’s debut trailer is coming through- In English. Rest it resembles a Japan type culture.

Minoria again is a game of fight, tick and release.

“Death Stranding” Gets A First Person View

Talk about technology, life, blood, motion, gimmicks and all in between. Representing, “Death Stranding”. Today’s news reveal that Death Stranding has gotten a new first person view.

The game revolved around shooting but with this game and enhanced technology, you will realize how much of a bloody goon is the Person who is running this game and perhaps the show.

Latest Gaming News 29Aug- Tech Unveiled

The news regarding the big on view was revealed by Hideo Kojima. The game director said that you can enjoy a first person view in the game.

Writing on Twitter, Kojima wrote: Tweet Link

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Finally, in Gaming News today, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare has gotten a brand new animation director. This directorship will be bringing new slick guns to the table.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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