Latest In Tech 2020: News And Forth

Latest In Tech 2020: News And Forth

Latest In Tech 2020: News And Forth

If you haven’t been following what is going on in the tech sphere, here is a good read that can update you on all that is going on (the latest) in the tech realm. Here is the latest in tech 2020.

1- Cheapest Airbuds To Buy In 2020. The Verge. Read here.

2- iFixit Shows iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera. The Verge. Read here.

3- Is Social Media Closing In Pakistan? Mashable. Read here.

4- What Is Coming To Amazon Prime Video? Mashable. Read here.

5- Setting Up Your PlayStation 5 Settings. Mashable. Read here.

Latest In Tech 2020: Continued

6- Baby Shark Video– Most Watched Video: Mashable. Read here.

7- Pakistani Singer Arooj Aftab Receives Emmy Award: Mashable. Read here.

8- Trends You Need To Observe If Building A Tech Company: Forbes. Read here.

9- Apple Black Friday 2020 Deals: cnet: Read here.

10 Best Tech Gifts of 2020: Newsday. Read here.

Latest In Tech 2020

11- Mahira Khan and Fahad Mustafa Movie: First Look. Mashable. Read here.

12- 20 Books To Gift This Year: Mashable. Read here.

13- When Is Disney’s Next Expo? Mashable. Read here.

14- Pakistan Navy New Docufilm: Mashable. Read here.

15- Covid Tech? Wearable And It Tracks You Well. The Denver Post. Read here.

Latest In Tech 2020: Final 5.

16- HBO’s “The Last Of Us” Show Is Happening: The Verge: Read here.

17- Intel’s New Laptop Is A Strong Bet: The Verge: Read here.

18- Apple Vows With Its New Macbook. The Verge: Read here.

19- Vox Guide For Corona – Vox: Read here.

20- Google Stadia Is Coming To iOS: The Verge: Read here.

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