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Life Goals: Freedom And Sustenance

By on August 21, 2019

Life Goals: Freedom And Sustenance

I am here to tell you and let you in on a little secret today.

Getting freedom and attaining sustenance is One’s dream. Other routes to happiness, dreams and freedoms include other measures of life of sustaining life plus achieving sustenance including premiership, leadership, full control, power and Authority.

However, the authority is only His, -Allah Subhana’Ta’Allah’s. The delicacy, of religion and faith is the purity of one’s self against their faith and belief. That only He knows.

Therefore life, automatically, becomes a place on Earth where you have to go up, climb, succeed, thrive and make sure you are alive (till the End of Time perhaps)- That is longevity, the should-be mantra and peace and life instead.

Furthermore, remember that Life doesn’t come easy but the right kind of attitude can take you places altogether. That’s rigidity, help, happiness and everything, in one and all in one together.

Life isn’t a bowl of melons- What matters are emotions, life, heart, soul, feelings and the Pour Out Of These Feelings.

To Evolve: Sustainability And Sustenance

Whether we are young or old, getting freedom and attaining freedom is not that easy. Life has been hard for all of us and we have seen our shares of ups and downs.

Life is all about getting freedom. It is about attaining sustenance and it is about having the right attitude so people start believing you in full strength and full rigor.

Rule no. 1 of #life is to stay happy. Rule #2 is to let go out of the past and move to something better. Go through the transition rather than avoiding it or reacting to which your heart has already settled on. These are gimmicks of the Universe that you will never be able to settle on one thing. In fact, the Human Mind is so vast that it can become adaptable and it can get you places. However, restricting yourself, finding excuses, getting your work done through others and to reacting to things that are not that is abnormality.

Rule Of Life/ Rule Of Law

The biggest rule of Life is= What Goes Around, Comes Around. If you plant a seed in the universe, there might be two seeds that might welcome you to your fanatic hood. Planting one seed might have helped you to get an insight regarding your interests in plants and nature. Trust me and trust it that Life doesn’t come easy. It is not a game and life itself is the truth. Finding and attaining that balance is an automatic recovery and move along of and in life.

Life is unpredictable and it is true that it is only going to be you at the end of it all because you Are your best friend. However, if your limits become somebody’s glory or your doings become somebody’s dismay, then you will naturally be out of life itself. That is the Rule of Law and the Rule of Jurisdiction.


Life isn’t easy and there are many different rules you Have to abide by if you want to survive till the end. Yes, Help is always on and in the way. However, the Divine Help will always be available for you, If you have abode by the divine. Life isn’t 2 cents, mellow or lemons or grass, it is the reality and the divine truth that life will end- The Day Of Judgement will come and till then, Life is a test- The goal is to survive till the end. That’s the basic formula of life.

Life= Energy Mass Center Square. – The rule of law, rule of life, rule of humanity, rule of mass energy, rule of intellect and rule of absorbing all of it through your mind which bores the notion of Life and all of these laws in fact.

Finally, if you want help then sure life should be tackled by keeping a day in mind. Always save your money, don’t give things away, keep a check on your tongue, smile, eat and always thank Allah for His blessings. For he is the One who bore you, took care of you when you were little, came down to you when you needed help and assistance and took you through this life, one by one, stroll by stroll, and you need not know and ye know not. However, this is the devil’s work- The opposition will be you. The fight will be till this time till the End of Time. The Answer will be His. That is also someone’s glory. Nonetheless, life should be taken lightly though relationships and priorities must be taken seriously.

Stay tuned.

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