Apert Syndrome: Do you know what it is?

Apert Syndrome: Do you know what it is?

Who doesn’t know about Michael Jackson. In fact, a lot of people were happy after his death. Well known to be one of the most cryptic, scary and weird personalities in the world, Michael Jackson was famous for ‘looking like an ape’. Categorically, if we realize, Michael Jackson had apert syndrome and apert syndrome might just be cancer.

Michael Jackson has always been in the limelight but most of it showed who he was and the rest, people didn’t bother. What we can say about his face though is that if you look at it, it definitely is apert and apert is what is persisting today. It has persisted always (American baseball players- and remember their deaths) and many of the most majorities up until now.)

Who Is Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson had what we call nazar. His story revolves around shadows, though these shadows are intuition. Start understanding them and you will realize these are people, like actual people, trying to get through to you. Secondly, because of Nazar, when it gets out of control, what you start getting is apert syndrome, especially when you start fighting with these shadows and reflections.

Michael Jackson might have been one person who has gone through the ‘ape syndrome’. If we realize, we see that people, especially men, are literally turning into apes. Its under the notion ‘something is there’ and it is around seeing something or perhaps your own shadow and then somehow you answering questions in your private and someone’s hidden. (That might be true if the person is actually asking questions from you). Nonetheless, through telepathy, you would know who it is and when it is fine and why its happening. Remember that people come to you for help, whatever the intuition might be. However, what I am really trying to say is that if you have an ape syndrome or a Michael Jackson syndrome now, we can easily call it that, then beware of the following.

Ape Syndrome/ Michael Jackson Syndrome

1- Michael Jackson completely resembles the Pharoah and most people are definite that he is here. The pharaoh is someone who fakes his death for money, someone who appears and disappears for eating men flesh, someone who goes on long breaks and comes back with a lot of sorrow and pain for revenge and someone who doesn’t stop lurking around people’s sides. Pharoah is mentioned in hundreds in the Quran and in all Books. These Books were levied down for guidance/assistance and help and they are there for a reason. They are the guide till the Day of Judgement and till then you follow what is written in the Books as a practice to ensure you get to the Day of Judgement in fine and good capacity.

2- Only good minds can realize that something is going on even if it really isn’t. But you always talk of reason. The reason in this case would be someone eating your groin in your private and their hidden to annoy you and play along you without you know and then it gets that deep. It would mean someone playing a game with you in the hidden and that is how they completely possess you, leaving with sometimes absolutely nothing.

3- When it is nothing, you feel daunted, you feel nausea and you feel out of proportion. You feel weak (because the other person is actually doing things to you in their hidden and that sometimes takes heart activity to balance it out). If a lot of people are complaining about it and most of us have been a victim of it, why is it the same problem today? It is because of someone being after your back and consistently doing it to you till you start doing it to yourself to make the other person stop to resultantly cause this to become something so life threatneing, under the category of magic and under the category of the fact that your body becomes stuck, you might even go in reverse (when your mind can’t take it anymore but life is written for you so wake up) and when your heart doesn’t open (by God knows which fear or every, you would know), and you have infections and spots on your lungs because your body isn’t processing and you are stuck. This literally can get so real that you might even forget that it is happening to you.

This game can be SO INVISIBLE that most people would LOSE their lives to it. Michael Jackson probably did.

Nonetheless, if you are someone who has going through something similar or knows someone who is, here are some precautionary measures.

Word Of Advice For Cancer/Apert Syndrome (last of cancer)

1- NEVER fight in the hidden. Just accept that someone is playing with you and don’t talk.

2- It is either the ape syndrome, the lizard syndrome or the rat syndrome. All three would eventually give you signs of you scratching your self like one or talking about these pets or behaving like them in some capacity or the other. Nonetheless, if you are then no problem it is good that you have at least identified it. Putting on weight after it is a common sign as well because you start eating and you never feel full or that you have even had something. Thus, the best way is to get your teeth aligned and just keep getting things through it and that is under prayer or just you trying to get that effect out of your body and this means that someone is literally after you.

3- Just keep doing it till you feel something has really gotten out of your body. (That was Michael Jackson all about- after all, he didn’t have a bloody nose and it got cut because he was smelling too much!). Sometimes, this may take time because it is by binding that you tie three-four people together and do it to them all the time so it may get off by one person then the 3rd one then the 2nd and then you and since all people are here so it will happen by His decree that it will eventually get out but DON’T LOSE HOPE.

4- Just then see who you think it might be, a lot of people play with shadows or they are paid to so be careful. Perhaps if doctors realized this is the problem today and ever was… even they would go for the Quran as the healer not science and the solutions to this are available in the Quran.

Just pray for it. THE ONLY solution to it is to put your upper and lower jaw together and keep the motion going till it goes beyond the capacity and that when your body will start aligning, your mind will become right, your patience will increase, your pituitary gland will become fixed and you will have a brand new you and you will automatically start praying. (Remember the pituitary as a gland for emotions and serial killers are Always after that (especially if it’s a serious one).

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