Cancer Explained: What Is Cancer?

Cancer Explained: What Is Cancer?

Cancer Explained: What Is Cancer?


Initially, to start “Cancer Explained: What Is Cancer”, we will talk about Apert syndrome. We will also talk about the different types of cancer, A-Z, which might just be names of animals from A-Z, classified as different kinds of cancer. The moral of the story is that cancer might just be getting done. It is also true that cancer might be a personal vendetta of one of the historic parties in the world. Cancer might just be a ‘world order’, not by the jews but by Muslims themselves. Finally, it might just be a motive to earn money till the end of time by God, who probably sits here or not (Allah).

Apert syndrome is a ‘category of cancer‘, just as many others such as down syndrome. Your child may get down syndrome because of someone’s revenge with your child off you and many other reasons (they may be close, open enemies, best friends or whoever, in the hidden and eventually in the real as well simply by even bothering them. If not that, then definitely turn them into something by their own evil/non-evil behavior with them in the hidden. Let’s not forget rapists, murderers, psychos, alcoholics, and everyone is right here. Who wouldn’t do that, after all where are all the suicides and murders coming from? Down syndrome would be part Z of cancer where the child just keeps getting fat because their eyes are not working. This is being done through ‘grillers and shredders’. Or perhaps, turning you into something so bad that your flesh of meat starts eating itself for mercy (holding on to your bones) and in that turning into something totally unreal. It could also be the result of someone hitting you after y Unfortunately, the category would range from type A-Z. A-Z would be the name of animals and A would stand for an ‘Ape’.

Since concept, (of life), many people have turned into apes (and they reveal not). Furthermore, many people have started to look like apes (since 0 to 2021) and many other animals. Its by behavior at the end that we become the animal, the one who is on the other end because it is being said that cancer is being done and there is no such thing as cancer. (And btw, we all know there are certain people who are doing this to us every day and we still don’t stop them. Therefore, cancer might indeed be being done and it is and we need to stop before they turn the human race into animals and forlong theirs).

Since the very start, many people have gotten apert syndrome where people start looking at apes. This, for instance, NFL players in U.S. who got apert syndrome, people in Pakistan who look like apes, models, celebrities, pretty much everything. Its either a specific or more look or surgeries and who doesn’t know that surgeries too are a big, big business.

How Is Apert Being Done?

Apert syndrome starts with you getting cancer through someone else’s effort to get in your system. It is done by making faces on the other end, by screaming your name and by ‘portraying you as the bad guy’. (All of it is being created). It is also being done by entering your system by gritting their teeth on the other end. Furthermore, it is also being done by taking care of your relatives on the other end so you lose it and become the problem itself.

Many people have had apert syndrome but the most common example of that is Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is a name we cannot forget for Many, Many reasons. A closer look into his life is revealing that indeed it was him and his father like brother who spread apert after Jackson got crucified by the Americans for entering their territory illegally and spilling bad wine and booze on people. Michael is a tragedy as we all are, that is why he hid himself so much and people like him might just be around to do what they were told to do by their cult master Jackson himself.

Cancer Explained: What Is Cancer?

What To Do If You Start Looking Like An Ape/Pig/Rhino/Elephant/etc.

Further on “Cancer Explained: What Is Cancer?”, it is also being CONFIRMED now that cancer is being done by few people and through specific machines that take the ‘NUR’ away and reinforce cancer by not making you rest.

It is common to get ‘cancer’ out of ‘Nazar’ (Nazar in Quran) or jealousy of someone. There are very prominent names who are being said to do cancer. It also seems evident that such people might be even residing in countries such as Pakistan. It also seems evident that this is part of Satanism and the fact that at any cost, ‘you JUST DO NOT HAVE TO ADMIT THAT YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS DOING IT’. This in turn is cancer again, turning you crazy, and this would explain cancer, non-Hodgkin B lymphoma. There is no such thing as cancer indeed. It is all part of the bigger game, to turn you crazy when you are not, because the human system is very sensitive and to turn you crazy especially when you are not.

Nonetheless, if you have started looking like an ape, or any of the animal names from A-Z (because their might be a ‘disco-graph-y’ (Michael Jackson much?) on the names of cancer, rather than non-Hodgkin b lymphoma or D, here is what you need to do:

Tips For Getting Rid Of Cancer Without Treatment (And This Is The Proper Way).

1- Never go for checkups and avoid radiation and chemotherapy altogether.

2- Stay with your closest relatives and don’t get angry. It is the other person’s effort on the other end to make you angry and spill venom on your name and sit on their butt till they make their next move and you drown in your next sorrows. Doing anything to yourself is a sign of magic so make sure that you avoid getting angry and just read something from the Books.

3- It is advisable to get closer to religion if you are facing difficulties as a person trying to survive in the universe. Even on things you cannot tell or reveal. This means you should open the Books, all answers are there. You should turn to seclusion and prayer. Prayer is the most important thing.

4- Start praying and till you realize you are being done by the other person, and you will, you will become smarter and things will become clearer.

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5- Refrain from anger and do tell your close relatives of signs of voices and shadows. It means you are being done or said in their ‘reflective eye’ and you are at cost while gossip is being spread about you. Gossip is the end of man so make sure that the minute you start seeing things, you refrain, you turn to prayer and you start fixing things. Make amends and JUST DON’T FIGHT.

5 Other Tips For Eradicating Cancer From Your Life

6- All that happens to you without your discretion or permission is another person’s effort to either ‘teach you a lesson’ or ‘put you down’ or ‘simply kill you’. We have people like that and we are going to refrain from taking names here. However, for that, just make sure you practice religion and keep yourself out from circles where you know that the same men and women are coming as differently dressed up people.

7- If you are a Muslim, read the following prayers: “Surah Naas”, “Surah Kausar”, “Surah Ikhlaas”, “Laillaha..”, “Lahaulwalllah..”- Lahaulwalla might just be the most popular one amongst the other ones especially to balance the straight eye.

8- Cancer is being done so refrain from people who you have a doubt against.

9- Refrain from new people.

10- Refrain from parties. (You find these hooligans spreading cancer through ricin-like substances in drinks. Moreover, these goons are being paid for the three-letter word, for acting cool and getting you down through acid in drinks and then their satanism to never admit they did it. Finally, even if someone asks in the hidden as to who it was, to reflect and never give up rather start fighting again and give that person cancer again till THEY stop).

… Cancer indeed means big money that is the reason why ‘there is no such thing as cancer’ and ‘everything is cancer’ and ‘cancer is indeed death’ and ‘death is being done’ and that is being done through your relatives, by taking care of their blood, by doing you and then by doing your entire family so that by the end, you gush blood and you die and that is all your life and you die vomiting on it and that is a thriller.

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