Apert Syndrome: Do you know what it is?

Apert Syndrome: Do you know what it is?


Who doesn’t know about Michael Jackson. In fact, a lot of people were happy after his death. Well known to be one of the most cryptic, scary and weird personalities in the world, Michael Jackson was famous for ‘looking like an ape’. Categorically, if we realize, Michael Jackson had apert syndrome and apert syndrome might just be cancer.

Michael Jackson has always been in the limelight but most of it showed who he was and the rest, people didn’t bother. What we can say about his face though is that if you look at it, it definitely is apert and apert is what is persisting as cancer today. Apert is like down syndrome, it is an advanced category of pig syndrome and it has been common in American baseball players, the local population of Pakistan, in children of Syria, newer generations in America and many more.

Who Is Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson might be a victim of nazar but a bad player in history. His/her story revolves around being cryptic, showing gold, believing in shadows and running around trails. He is seen dancing with full energy and in perfection. He is always running around and shows a very cryptic like behavior where he turns into a child and Openly declares #thetruth as falsehood and vice versa.

While Michael would have been an unfortunate victim of #nazar, things happen for a reason. He was only getting caught and today it has resulted in a game we just cannot understand. Though we all go by the notion of now that ‘it is crazy as ever’ or ‘things are getting out of hand’, ‘having codes’, ‘looking crazy if you are holding a secret’ and much more.

Nonetheless, Michael Jackson would be a part of a company/business OR family, which has apert or pig syndrome. These syndromes occur if FIRST you are doing it yourself in the hidden to another person. Michael has a very common ape like face so he must be but truth be told, we realize that with his story, we realize and learn a lesson, we move on and we begin a new and a fresh.

Men and women are turning into apes because of this reason. Generations have passed before normal generations as animals or the tiniest of animals. We are good great beings and we must hold on to ourselves to keep us straight otherwise we might get lost in the ‘cryptic-noncryptic’ notion as well, the answer to which is only Allah and fall down way below we can take it. Resulting in death if not stoppage by Parkinsons and what not.

Ape Syndrome/ Michael Jackson Syndrome

1- Michael Jackson is a very cryptic personality. He in fact might be from one of the richest families or trying to be from any village across the world and might have had a lot of gold to settle ‘the deal’ in America. His gold talks about his volumes and his confidence talks about his attitude. His or her, he is and has been a part of the universe and may be running Zionism under the name of Islam and breaking bones in the hidden of someone else for revenge, whatever it may be and then for big pharmas, big games and big money. Michael probably might even be alive and be running his plan from somewhere around the world. He could be from a village in Pakistan and working un-operationally. Who knows but we do have an example. Its Michael and he definitely has apert and may his soul rest in peace but the child left a dent in the universe.

2- Talking too much in the hidden? The reason in this case would be someone eating your groin in their private to annoy you (STALKER? LETS not presume killings don’t occur or MURDERS for hell’s sake) or looking at you and doing it to you, Michael, to change your reality and let you die while making the most out of life. It means someone playing a game. Michael’s real name was cancer (by the gears and shredders) and he is a personality to be watched for any traces in the entire universe because good looking men have turned into apes in Pakistan and you cannot deny the reality but facts that we as a nation are so choked by blood as well that we have nothing to lose and Michael or people like him might just be operational.

3- Apert or pig or whatever syndrome will essentially lead to cancer if not taken care of in due time. ‘You should not have a secret between you and yourself (body wise everything wise). Because if there is a secret and even if you are showing gratitude on that, this is where the blockage is, this is where the fungus starts growing. Since the body is universal and is deeper than science, it covers up. Your personality should be one and that would mean that you have no sickness.

Unfortunately, cancer, like all games, has become so horribly invisible and turning towards invincible that it is non-apprehensive.


While our attempt at research is going to outcase what cancer is hopefully, something along these lines will help you understand ‘what cancer is and how it is nothing and how that is a big, big game today’.

Michael’s end at the cryptic notion would be ””Satan”” vs. ‘Him’, Allah and probably Allah (“””of course””” and he is Satan so Allah (in prestige) and Ofcourse and then Allah and doing Allah which they did all this time (which is satanism) and satanism vs. Allah so Allah and Michael backs off. (And for ALL cryptic notions- Quran and FOR ALL ‘GAMES’, they do it for money and you stick with ANNHILATION).

Word Of Advice For Cancer/Apert Syndrome (last of cancer)

1- NEVER fight in the hidden. Just accept that someone is playing with you and don’t talk.

2- Cancer is either the ape syndrome, the lizard syndrome, rat syndrome, pig syndrome or other important ailments. All three would eventually make you scratch yourself or behave like one or . Nonetheless, if you are then no problem it is good that you have at least identified it. Putting on weight after it is a common sign as well because you start eating and you never feel full or that you have even had something.

Sitting and praying is another sign of cancer, probably the most obvious and so is laziness). With that gap between you and yourself BODY WISE, you develop a lump that settles in the body and you become lazier. It makes you stop moving, it takes away life from you and everything is right there. Cancer is here but cancer is not there and THAT IS EXACTLY what CANCER IS and Cancer is Michael and his allies! Thus, the best way to help yourself is to get your teeth aligned and just keep getting things through it and that is under prayer or just you trying to get that effect out of your body and this means that someone is literally after you.


3- Just keep doing it till you feel something has really gotten out of your body. (That was Michael Jackson all about- after all, he didn’t have a bloody nose and it got cut because he was smelling too much!). Sometimes, this may take time because it is by binding that you tie three-four people together and do it to them all the time so it may get off by one person then the 3rd one then the 2nd and then you and since all people are here so it will happen by His decree that it will eventually get out but DON’T LOSE HOPE.

4- Just then see who you think it might be, a lot of people play with shadows or they are paid to so be careful. Perhaps if doctors realized this is the problem today and ever was… even they would go for the Quran as the answer and not science and the solutions to this are available in the Quran.


Just pray for it. THE ONLY solution to it is to put your upper and lower jaw together and HOLD it there till it starts fixing itself. You also need to have a lot of water and clean your system. Furthermore, you need to be patient and not fight. You need to be careful you need to sleep on your back and you will automatically start feeling better.

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