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Mr. Donald Trump Proclaims To Be The Chosen One

By on August 21, 2019

Mr. Donald Trump proclaims to be the Chosen One today and Guess what? DingDing. I guess He is the Chosen One. God? Or The Devil? Since we are all His (Allah’s) little devils, the selector who proclaimed to be the Chosen One turned out to be the Chosen One and called himself to be the Chosen One but as the Devil. Of course Mr. Trump because your religion, beliefs, tongue, manners and Ways in No way Show that you are Coherent with the dynamics of God.. To be the Chosen One. I.e.

Dear God,

One day I was sitting and realized that Mr. Trump becomes an automatic controversy but also, I wonder why don’t people Realize it.

Mr. Trump hasn’t just been ‘flown in’ as the President Of The United States of America. In fact, he must have been born somewhere. That’s where he started from. So what was he doing in the last 60 some years? “Nouuu Idea”.

Today, in some very ironic and shocking state of affairs, Mr. Trump looked up right in the sky and said, “I am the Chosen One”.

Well, first God, I asked whether this man is Serious and then I realized how serious he was to be creating all that spoof on social media Twitter.

Not to boast it but I am leading the way in this manic-hole called Life and sometimes, it seems to me, that you are a piece of Twat that really needs some brushing up.

Remember, discipline is the rule of life. That is your Tongue right in your Gut. To shutup and behave accurately.

Honestly, Mr. Trump, being a writer, I have had a lot of pleasures in meeting you in the World of Unknown- “Ghayab”.

What’s sillier is that Mr. Donald Trump has been on a landslide since December 2018. August 2018 now and Trump, there isn’t much to say but you’re still operational? And after all of this, you’re actually proclaiming to be the Chosen One or God, in your language?

Next up would be You as God. (Mr. Donald Trump)

Literally and figuratively. But literally. Because God told me then, he’s silly enough to actually do it and then smirk with a smile and say nobody did it.. did it,. not did it.. did it.. but Well. At least it wasn’t me. But under my Breathe, I know its always me.

*Today’s Relief*.

Watch Video Here.

Dear. Mr. Donald Trump, a straight cut and up letter from God revealed that not only are you not the Chosen One but you are a joke of this century. However, God told me that nothing will happen to you because he is going to make sure you live but also and rather ensure that you get the beating out of that living. If only you knew, Trump, things… Are not that simple or easy.

Trump and his attribution towards or As the Devil.

Mr. Donald Trump seeks a loyalist for His Intelligence. Read here.

Mr. Donald Trump, a Tool of the Devil. Read here.

*One day, Donald Trump is a reformist, then he is a democrat, then he becomes a Republican.. Sure. But what does these things mean and are they inter related or are you skipping off tracks?* I wonder Why and How Mr. Trump.

Trump, its alright if you’ve come from a Royal Family that speaks cocaine and gash, but honestly Mr. Sweetheart, your spine smells of swine, your hair looks like you’re a crackhead, your face smells of melons and your entire look, within your grave, i.e. your skin, reveals who you are, what you have done and the final look at that second, point and time, is of you.

Congratulations Mr. Trump, God answered. First, it’s Allah, second, you’re close to none, 3rd, if so many people say youre the Devil, you are. Who heard the conversation though?

No one!

Who read the message though?

No one.

Who’s getting fired though?


Thankyou, Mr. Donald Trump..

Yours Sincerely,

Sumone! RAWR.


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