New Black Livery Is The New Color For Mercedes

New Black Livery is the new color for Mercedes in Formula 1 this year. They have decided to with this color to ensure higher diversity and inclusion both, in motorsport.

What is interesting is that this time while there is a color change, Mercedes has had the same color since 1930.

The move of the company comes after Mercedes decided to act as a part of the Black Lives Matter movement. The company’s decision came with a support label against racism and for the slogan “Black Lives Matter”.

In a statement, the company said that it is important to shine light on different matters. It also focused on the importance of taking new measures and actions to fight racism of all kinds.

Lewis Hamilton, world champion F1, said that Mercedes is making an important statement and is willing to change and improve as a business as a whole.

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“Black Lives Matter”: F1, Mercedes And Hamilton

The recent murder of Floyd and the subsequent movement of Black Lives Matter movement shows that it is very important to be at your toes, to be on guard and to distinguish between right and wrong.

Furthermore, Hamilton also announced that he setting up a new commission to partner with the Royal Academy of Engineering in order to promote black participation in the motorsport games.

Moreover, he also focused further on the importance of seizing this moment of Floyd’s murder. This to realize and educate ourselves as to how important all lives are and how important gender equity is.

F1 is in an effort to build a legacy this time, one that people remember.

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