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News: 21st December 2019: Feature

By on December 21, 2019

If you are a fan of finding out the latest news snippets in the blink of an eye, here are 10 to get you started.

1- Pakistan gets on the US’s religious Watch List. Read here.

2- Lahore chokes: 2nd lowest quality in the World: Read here.

3- Prince Philip Admitted To Hospital: Read here.

4- Michael Jackson’s Cases Open: Read here.

5- Mr. Imran Khan and His Anger: Read here.

(Mr. Ballzy, aka Mr. Curious Case of Abnormality in the Religous Sphere of he Universal Diaries. His ‘Rutshell’. Nothing more than a man and nothing less than ice.).. Or perhaps; Nothing more than a ‘middleman’ 😉 ;-))) and nothing less than a Hypocrite. I can bet my life many people are calling his name for answers and many that want his a** for the real answers. Let’s get this man behind Bars* ;-);-). Could be anyone’s anger. Sweet kid shouldn’t have messed with “The World”.

6- Imran Khan gets substance against Blasphemy case; that means he did ‘blaspheme’ in the first place, didn’t he? Read here.

I don’t think we can call them Saudis. It is all Muslims. Read here.

(Also, a scary face such as Khan’s will automatically ignite fire as everything screams in the #Universe when something is not right). Read here. It is a clear case of hypocrisy and dragging the normal subject through different masses. All him. Isn’t the state of the Country itself proof of his failure? Let’s get him behind bars.

(Link).. Link.


Khan putting everyone to shame; Argument: He is the PM, defense, You do it first; Problem? Himself. His identity? Laughing all the time. That’s’ the sign of a weak personality. Ask the people in Bani Gala or men in Pakistan, it will all make sense.

Read here. Read here. (Unfortunately, as this man is the opposite of anything remotely close to religion, on the basics as well. Then I can definitely say: Why is his speech not there on the Earthquake? Where is this Man and he is there.. But where is he? Hiding in remission or probably being the “Joker” to be conducting all of this act and still hiding. Time to come out baby. ;-).


Earthquake Sign Of “Change” From Imran Khan, Says Pak PM’s Aide; Trolled

Does Khan create an Earthquake? And as a common citizen, we often wonder too. Where is this man? zent on the percentage; It’s his Calling! 😉 ;-).

More news Snippets.

7- Three former bosses in Europe jailed: Read here.

8- Uber vows to change policy to avoid Germany ban. Read here.

9- Syria Jeopardized once again: Read here.

10- Trump slams US evangelical magazine that called for his removal. Read here.

11: US and China start talks on Nuclear Arms. Read here.

Stay tuned.

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