One Android 11 Feature Is Coming To Android Devices

News has it that one of Android 11‘s best security features is coming to older Android devices. The feature grants you the ability to revoke the granted app permissions after you have not used the application in a while, taking care of the permission abusers right away. The feature is quite prominent in Android devices and was implemented by an iOS a couple of years ago as well. When the feature came to iOS, users were able to reinvoke app resetting application permissions after they had not used an app for a while.

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With the new feature rolling out, people will get their privacies back. Google is quite keen on this feature. The new feature will be making it to the older Android devices quite soon. Further reports suggest that the new feature will be arriving to select Samsung devices despite the fact that they are running on Android 11 or not.

Furthermore, the requirement is that the devices should run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the newer Android editions to receive the update.

Google is of the opinion that the feature will arrive on billions of other Android devices which run the Google Play Services. This it is saying by the end of Quarter 1 2022. The security patch will come with an abundance of monthly security updates which will come on each Android device.

Another suggestion is that the feature will be enabled by default for applications that are targeting Android 11 (API Level 30). However, users can also manually the permission auto-reset for applications that are targeting APIs which range from 23-29.

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