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Gab Suspended After Pittsburgh Shooting

Pittsburgh shooting: Gab suspended

Gab Suspended After Pittsburgh Shooting

By on October 28, 2018

Gab Suspended After Pittsburgh Shooting

The recent Pittsburgh shooting has shocked the world, especially America. The country has been struggling with mass shootings lately. Moreover, the recent one in Pittsburgh again is sign that America is not safe.

It seems like the shooter of the Pittsburgh massacre, Robert Bowers, 46, had a profile on Gab. His profile surfaced as soon as the shooting incident occurred.

After the whole incident, Gab posted two messages on its website, saying that it got a message from Joyent Terms of Service that it will be suspending its website.

Pittsburgh shooting: Gab suspension
Pittsburgh shooting: Gab suspension

Then, it posted another notification in the evening on the same day saying that Stripe has suspended its account while it is conducting investigation.

The Pittsburgh shooting has left 11 people dead. Others have been wounded.

According to the screenshots that have been revealed, Bowers published many anti Semitic conspiracy theories  on Gab which placed it under a lot of scrutiny.

Gab did say that it has suspended Bower’s account and has also coorpoerated with authorities. It has also short of kept itself quiet on the suggestion that Gap was responsible for the environment which made it a place for those in alt right.

Gab is a company that has been scrutinised on many platforms.

Pittsburgh shooting: Gab suspension
Pittsburgh shooting: Gab suspension

Other Platforms Suspend Gab Too

Apple and Google both have prevented the site from releasing an app on their stores. In summer, Microsoft was on the bandwagon too, saying it will drop hosting it anti-Semitic posts are not disappeared from the site 48 hours.

Pittsburgh shooting has left many people dead. It is the latest in the events of shootings in America.

People have expressed their sorrows and grief on the matter. Moreover, they continue to debate on the much known gun war argument in US.

Moreover, Robert Bowers profile on Gab, however, has made things very complicated for the company who deals with suspensions from all corners.


Google Nearby notifications: Disabled

Google Decides To Turn Off ” Google Nearby Notifications”

By on October 25, 2018

Google Decides To Turn Off ” Google Nearby Notifications”

New reports reveal Google has decided to discontinue Google Nearby notifications. The company revealed that it will take this action later this year.

Sources reveal that Android users were getting too much scam because of the feature. Google nearby notifications, which was launched in 2015, was used by many Android users.


It became a target for marketers which lead to problems.

With Google Nearby notifications, Android users get pinged on any venture close to a location with say, beacons.

The feature was also not providing relevant content because these beacons would then send out spams and unnecessary notifications to phones.

Overall, users reported a bad experience with it.

Google Nearby notifications: Disabled
Google Nearby notifications: Disabled

Google’s Side

The whole point of launching the Google Nearby Notifications was to bring something that is useful for the users.

It said it wanted it to be a helpful assist that would tell users about free Wi-Fi’s, closely museum information or when you can expect the bus to arrive… Or just, well, any other information users could make use of.

Reports have also revealed that MANY Android users were disabling the Google Nearby Notifications. They expressed their frustrations on forums and social media. But in all of this, the marketers were only cashing. They then started to send ads according to the location of the users without even having the need of the actual app. Android users definitely couldn’t take it.

Keeping all of this in mind, tech giant Google announced that it has decided to discontinue the app.

In the company’s own words:

“We have a very high bar for the quality of content that we deliver to users, especially content that is delivered through notifications”.

So, when will Google remove the feature?

Very soon!

The Google Nearby notifications feature will stop disturbing you from December 6 2018 onwards.


Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro.

Apple ‘New Safari Technology Preview 68’ Released

By on October 25, 2018

Apple ‘New Safari Technology Preview 68’ Released

Sources have revealed that Apple has released a brand new update for its Safari Technology Preview (downloadlink).- Courtesy: Apple.

For those who don’t know:

Apple launched the Safari Technology Preview in 2016 to see the features that might come to different versions of Safari next. Essentially, it was launched to ‘test the waters’.


Apple has come up with a 68 release that involves bug fixes, web inspector services, webRTC, animations payment request, Apple Pay and others.

Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro
Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro

So now the big question:

Who is this update for?

The new Safari Technology Previous 68 release is for both macOS Mojave and macOS High Sierra users.

Lets not forget that Mojave is the latest Mac OS released to the public in September.

How To Get The Update?

If you want to download Safari Technology Preview 68 today, go to the Mac App Store and download the update. However, the update will only appear if you have the browser at hand.

You can’t really say that Apple has given users the ability to download Safari technology preview without reason. There is a reason behind it.


Apple’s main aim with the Safari Technology Preview is to gather feedback from different developers and gain insights on the browser development process.

You can, however, have both the Safari Technology Preview + Safari browser at hand.

Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro.
Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro.
Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro.
Safari Technology Preview: MacBook Pro.

The software was designed for designers but it does not need a proper account to download.

Tech giant Apple has been in the news for other reasons too. In the news today, it was revealed that Apple has been fined for slowing down phones deliberately.

Moreover, the new Apple event is also around the corner so there is a lot of speculation going around about the company these days.

Let’s see what the Cupertino based giant has in store ahead.

For more updates on Apple launches, stay with us on

AT&T 5G Service: Launching Soon

AT&T Set To Launch “AT&T 5G Service” Very Soon

By on October 24, 2018

AT&T Set To Launch “AT&T 5G Service” Very Soon

Did you know:

AT&T is set to launch its 5G services and rumour has it that the new service will be available in a couple of weeks.

Reports reveal that the 5G network based on 3GPP 5G NR spec – AT&T is coming very soon.

During the start of the year, AT&T promised that it will be launching the 5G network by the end of this year. CEO of the company, John Donovan, however, confirmed today, that the new service will be launching very soon!

AT&T 5G Service: Launching Soon
AT&T 5G Service: Launching Soon

The best part is that this will be an authentic next generation 5G network, quite unsimilar to the 5G evolution network that came forth in 2017. The network launched last year worked on improving the LTE connections but this proper purpose built service is expected to bring a lot more.

We cannot doubt this news any further because there are no reasons to do so.


AT&T announced itself that it will launch the 5G network solution.

However, now:

AT&T itself has REVEALED that the service will be here in the next couple of weeks.

However, AT&T is not the first in line with its AT&T 5G service but Verizon is.

Verizon launched its 5G network earlier in LA, Indianapolis, Houston and Sacramento. Verizon launched its services in October.

AT&T 5G Service: Launching Soon
AT&T 5G Service: Launching Soon

However, Verizon is different in the sense that it does not use the 3GPP 5G NR service but a different version of 5G TF. Note though, that the current network by Verizon is a fixed 5G network than a stationary home internet. It is not suitable for mobile devices.

If AT&T launches its AT&T 5G service network as said and according to plans, it will be the first network in the US to launch according to the 3GPP standards. This is big and it will improve the way we connect to the World Wide Web.

Reports also reveal that AT&T has been testing its 5G service in Atlanta, Waco, Oklahoma, Dallas, Charlotte and others.


Registerhowtovote: Snapchat Help 400K Users Register Vote

RegisterHowToVote: Snapchat Helps 400K To Register Their Votes

By on October 24, 2018

RegisterHowToVote: Snapchat Helps 400K To Register Their Votes

Snapchat has revealed one of the most searched queries of 2018: howtoregisteryourvote (how to register your vote) or RegisterHowToVote.

While Canada is celebrating we3d legalization in the country, US is more about the mid-term elections.

According to reports, Snapchat has helped 400K+ users in registering their report. Aside from the reports, Snapchat revealed the news to The New York Times itself. These large users were registered in the last two weeks.

Most of the users who used Snapchat to registerhowtovote were from Ohio, Florida, Texas and Georgia.

Registerhowtovote: Snapchat Help 400K Users Register Vote
Registerhowtovote: Snapchat Help 400K Users Register Vote

How Did It Work?

Snapchat linked its users to It wanted to change the low voter turnout for young people.

Last in 2014, in the midterm elections, less than 1/5 people between 18-25 years of age cast their vote.

More than 78% of people between 18-24 reported Snapchat use. Therefore, Snapchat, as we all know, is a very popular platform already and now, it is coming to other uses as well.

Other Platforms Push People To Vote Too

Snapchat is not the only company to have helped users. Twitter, Facebook, Google and other platforms are all encouraging people to registerhowtovote this mid-term election.

The elections have always been an important topic in America. Therefore, the support for it is immense.

Taylor Swift Urges People To Vote

Along with companies, musicians such as Taylor Swift are also taking it to platforms to express their preferences in these elections. It is not a surprise that she favors Democrats, just like many other famous Hollywood celebrities.

As far as the figures on registerhowtovote go, the New York Times revealed that 40% of the newly registered users were between 18-25 years of age. Therefore, actions of Taylor Swift and other promotions of registerhowtovote have come to life.

Stay tuned for more updates.

WikiTribune- Community Matters

Wikipedia Founder Fires All Journalists From WikiTribune

By on October 23, 2018

Wikipedia Founder Fires All Journalists From WikiTribune

We all know Wikipedia because we have used it at some point in time.

Actually, Wikipedia’s founder was coming up with a new media website called WikiTribute. A community focused operation, it will enhance the way we work and receive information.

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wiki-group and WikiTribune, has decided to shift from traditional news to something that is more community oriented. But!

This new website will be more towards the community- what’s new, what isn’t, something like Reddit perhaps?

Sources reveal that in this process, the company has already fired 12 original editorial staffers.

WikiTribute: Community Based Journalism
WikiTribute: Community Based Journalism


12+ Journalists Laid Off

In April, a journalist at Reuters and CNN, Peter Bale left the company and he assembled this big team of staffers. However, now it seems that all of the people he brought have also left.

WikiTribute started August last year. Wales, plus his co-founder, Orit Copel, cited the website to go through ‘major personnel changes’. They also said that they are now focusing on the community now.

They believe that they want to change the way the community is working now. WikiTribute is more consumer-oriented so they need journalists that are more geared towards that domain. Currently, they had news-oriented journalists.

Things have sort of changed with WikiTribute too. It started off differently and it seemed like a WikiPedia page. However, over time, its focus has changed to community service and orientation. In this very move, a lot of professional journalists have been laid off from the company.

WikiTribute: Community Based Journalism
WikiTribute: Community Based Journalism



While we feel bad for these journalists, we do wish WikiTribute all the very best for the near future.

Richard Branson calls it quit at Virgin Hyperloop One

Did Richard Branson Just Quit As Chairman Of Virgin Hyperloop One?

By on October 22, 2018

Did Richard Branson Just Quit As Chairman Of Virgin Hyperloop One?

LATEST: Richard Branson, the tech and entrepreneurial mogul, has stepped down as Chairman- Virgin Hyperloop One group. The news has been reported by Reuters and Bloomberg both.

Branson announced his decision on Monday. While commenting on his latest move that has shocked many, he said that the company needs a chairman who is more involved with it. He exclaimed that he wants the company to grow and wants someone who has plans to build a completely operational Hyperloop.

Richard Branson calls it quit at Virgin Hyperloop One
Richard Branson calls it quit at Virgin Hyperloop One

Woes With Saudi Arabia

Richard Branson was in the news recently as last week, the Financial Times reported that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has canceled a feasibility study with their company. The country’s decision came after Branson criticized them for being involved with Jamal Khashoggi, the famous journalist who recently died away in murder!

Things Have Been Strange

Things have been a little strange as far as Branson is concerned. He is well known for his eccentric styles and appearances. He has always ventured in experiences some people cannot even think of. Moreover, he also seems a little crazy but he is the BOSS of all.

More than a year ago, his company announced that Branson will be joining the company’s board of directors. It also revealed that Richard Branson also made an undisclosed investment in the company. This led the company to rebrand itself and call itself ‘Virgin Hyperloop One”.

In a statement to Reuters, Richard Branson said that it is time for the company’s evolution and, therefore, the company needs someone who is more focused on the business plus its opportunities.

Richard Branson calls it quit at Virgin Hyperloop One
Richard Branson calls it quit at Virgin Hyperloop One

While commenting further, he said that it will not be easy for him to commit to it as he has devoted a significant portion of time to philanthropic ventures. He is also a part of many businesses in the Virgin Group itself.

For now, Virgin Group has not commented on the situation. However, this is a developing story so we will update you as we go!

Big story: Body Camera Burst Into Flames

Big Story: Stay Away From Body Cameras

By on October 21, 2018

Big Story: Stay Away From Body Cameras

The NYPD: New York City Police Department have been trying to figure out ways to test body cameras. This is an effort to get one for each of its officers for next year.

However, the snatch is that one of these body cameras burst into flames. Worn by an officer in the Staten Island, the body camera he was wearing burst into flames. As a result, the NYPD had to pull all of them out.

Emerging as one of the big story for the day, the caution and message here is: stay away from body cameras.

Big story: Body Camera Burst Into Flames
Big story: Body Camera Burst Into Flames


The Daily Beast Report

According to The Daily Beast, the incident occurred in Midnight at Staten Island. The model involved was the Vievu model – The LE-5 Camera.

According to reports, the camera began to smoke and then fell from his shirt in the ground. Then, it ‘caught fire and was damaged’.

The NYPD acknowledged that it was aware of possible defects with these technology products. However, exclaimed that in this big story of the day, nobody was injured. The battery, however, exploded.

Investigations Are Under Way

The investigations are under away, says the NYPD. Their statement revealed that according to the orders of James P. O’ Neill, the LE-5 models will all be pulled out. He pointed that the LE-4 cameras are going to continue to get used and employed. However, the discontinuation of LE-5 model is necessary and cancelled.

According to The Daily Beast on this emerging big story, 2990 cameras are affected out of the total 15,500 they got.

We aren’t sure what message to take out of this.

Body cameras are common in the NYPD and one is under way for ALL next year. However, after this recent big story, we aren’t sure what’s in next!

Stay updated/tuned for another big story at The Tech Unveiled soon.

Fortnite Tips: FortniteSeason6

Fortnite Tips: How To Get A Score Of 3 Or Higher

By on October 20, 2018

Fortnite Tips: How To Get A Score Of 3 Or Higher

More challenges are coming up in Fortnite: Battle Royale as the 6th season is here and Week 4 battle pass will go live very soon. Today, we are going to give you some excellent fortnite tips to get you started (on a positive note).

There’s now some additional fun involved in the game, as there are different challenges including the one for Halloween!

In Fortnite now (see Fortnite tips), we have to shoot 3 different targets in shooting galleries at the map. While this will give you a score of 3 or higher, you will need “some” help with it.

Are you worrying already? Don’t because we are here to help.

The shooting galleries bear resemblance to the Clay Pigeon challenge. However, in these galleries at Fortnite, you can shoot things aside from your opponents. (This is one of the important Fortnite Tips to remember)

What The Shooting Gallery Looks Like

Fortnite Tips: FortniteSeason6
Fortnite Tips: FortniteSeason6

Well, the pink-grey shooting grounds in Fortnite are what you are going to be experiencing. It’s not always easy to get scores so here’s what you need to go for:

5 Shooting Locations To Visit: Fortnite Tips

  • On a ‘mesa’ located in desert biome which is at the south of the corrupted region
  • The Northwest side of the Dusty Divot which is near an overturned vehicle (truck)
  • East side of the Risky Reels (on an outcropping that is beneath the ice cream truck)
  • In the south-east region of the Wailing Woods, which is close to the crashed RV
  • On the hill east of an unknown/unnamed factory location that is on the North of the ‘flush factory’.

After landing, your job is to:

  1. Land on the grey plate
  2. The targets will start popping up (randomly). Start shooting them.
  3. A shotgun should be enough to help in shooting. However, using a pistol should be very helpful.
  4. When the larger targets are close, you should be able to hit right.
  5. After getting it done, its better to go for higher scores.

Playing Fortnite is fun and these Fortnite tips are sure here to help.

The game is one of the most hyped entertainments of this year. We have been covering it time and again, here and there.

Let us know how your shooting challenges go after these useful Fortnite tips by dropping a comment below.


Where To Buy Weed Online: Canada

Canada Weed Guide: Where To Buy Weed Online?

By on October 20, 2018

Canada Weed Guide: Where To Buy Weed Online?

As you all know, Canada legalized weed on October 17th. It was a day many were looking forward to. However, with its legalization, many people have been thinking where to buy weed online.

If you are wondering as to where to buy weed online in Canada, we are here to help. You cannot only buy it through physical stores but through online retailers too.

Interested in where you can use technology and where to buy weed online? Here is a list of all the places where you can get it from.

Where To Buy Weed Online: Canada
Where To Buy Weed Online: Canada

1- British Columbia

In British Columbia, Canada, the only way to get the herb is through the government’s official website. However, it is still online and it answers the question where to buy weed online.

Therefore, to buy it from there, go to:

2- Saskatchewan

Technology has made rounds in Saskatchewan. In fact, Saskatchewan is one of the 2 provinces that has private online retailers.

There, only five websites are running but some haven’t started their sales yet.

We expect them to come up with sales and a proper running website soon.

The five websites are:

3- Newfoundland and Labrador

In Newfoundland and Labrador, you can get weed and liquor both at the same store. Therefore, those looking for where to buy weed online can choose the link given below to buy their stuff.

You can either get your stash from the official government website:


Through a private retailer who will be opening its store there soon.

4- Novo Scotia

In Novo Scotia, you can order cannabis online. Or you can go to the nearest NCLC store to get the online access code.

Once you have the code, you can start shopping at:

5- Quebec

There are strict cannabis legalization rules in Quebec. Therefore, don’t expect private sales or online sales.

Moreover, you can also not grow your cannabis online. The only place to order your stash in Quebec, Canada is:

6- Manitoba

Another state in Canada with a private online sales model, there are three stores online that you can get your stuff from there:

7- Alberta

There are many orthodox brick and mortar stores in Alberta. There is also a cap by the provincial government on 250 stores.

Online sales through technological advancements are ongoing in Alberta though.

If you are in Alberta, here is where to get your stuff from:

8- PEI

In Prince Edward Island, Canada, the online portal for where to buy weed online is:

PEI is one of the provinces in the country with a government run corporation. This controls the sales of the drug.

9- New Brunswick

Surprisingly, New Brunswick is one of the best supplied provinces in the country.

It has about 750,000 residents with 20 stores and a website.

You can buy your stuff online there through their government website:

10- Ontario

Ontario doesn’t have a limit on the total brick and mortar stores in the province.

Majority of the people there get their stash from:

Ontario had MAJOR sale breakthroughs on the first day of legalization. We can only expect more in time to come.

In the other three Canadian territories of Yukon and Nunavut, you can get it online from: