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Canada: Tech Glitches On First Day Cannabis Legalisation

Cannabis legalization Canada

Canada: Tech Glitches On First Day Cannabis Legalisation

By on October 19, 2018

Canada: Tech Glitches On First Day Cannabis Legalisation

Cannabis got legalized in Canada on the 17th of October. As anticipated as this day was, as expected, people had to face some problems.

It was reported that there were certain shortages and tech issues people had to face when getting marijuana.

People who already wanted to get it in the first place were warned about shortages. Moreover, others who tried getting it online had other things to face and deal with. Many people also had to line up for Hours in stores to get the product.

Delta 9, an online retailer selling cannabis, was sold out early in the morning. People, essentially, lost it as it got legalized in the country.

Gary Symons, while talking about orders, said,

“At Delta 9, there were 100 orders in the first 60 seconds of legalization”. He confirmed the company sold $50,000 worth of products during the first 60 minutes.

It is being said that the store will have the products right back online by 8:30 am local time.

There were delays in delivery services too. Pineapple Express, for instance, experienced delays of several hours. In Saskatchewan, there were some marijuana retailers. However, in Saskatoon or Regina, even those were missing.

Certain retailers reportedly wanted to get started but there was a shortage of the drug.

Cannabis legalization Canada
Cannabis legalization Canada

Updates By States

On the other hand, British Columbia’s government set up their online store in motion. They were offering some strains of Mango Kush but they got sold out before daybreak.

Over there, Kamloops, a licensed retailer is selling 75 strains.

The government website in Ontario,, doesn’t promote online sales altogether. There, you have to wait till April next year to get in, in physical stores.

In Alberta,, the main site of the province for online sales, was not loading. Even the company acknowledged the glitch.

It becomes clear that as cannabis has gotten legalized in Canada, there are problems being faced. In the first day of its legalization, some major problems have sprung up. Tech glitches and more, we hope they sort out so people can breath a sigh of relief.

Canada Cannabis Legalization

How To Order Cannabis Online In Canada Through Shopify

By on October 19, 2018

How To Order Cannabis Online In Canada Through Shopify

Canada has legalized Weed and one thing that might shock you is that you might be able to order it online; thanks to a firm based in Ottawa.

Shopify, it seems, will be leading the online shopping experience of these users, who flocked to get their stock online, after it was legalized in the country. Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce giant, is the one to watch for some time now then. Moreover, Shopify has also been chosen to design the retail platform of many states. These include British Columbia, Ontario and others.

VP and GM of Shopify, Loren Padelford, had a lot to comment on the matter. Keeping it short, he said that here, they are being the “facilitators of technology”.

“We want to give people the platform to sell whatever they like, as long as its legal”.

Moreover, he made it clear that marijuana is not that special to Shopify as are other things. He added that it is the same as clothing, spa services and others. Essentially, what they are trying to say is that marijuana is the same as other products. Moreover, their point is that now that it is legal to use it,  they are making it easy for people to get it.

For now, in Canada, there is no same day delivery for online shoppers but still, you can place your orders online and that’s a catch! People who waited for it to get legalized in the country have to wait for some time to get their stock.

Legal Cannabis Canada
Legal Cannabis Canada

The Delay

New reports suggest that the workers on Canada Post are going on a strike and that could delay shipments of the drug.

The ongoing negotiations are predicted to affect the mail delivery, some say.

Since the drug is already so popular, the bargaining table is ready. Moreover, even though the parcels COULD grow exponentially, there can be delays.

Legalization, they say, is an on going procedure and not something you can achieve one day. VP of Shopify also acknowledges that they will have to work harder after its legalization.

Nonetheless, the fact that you can order your weed online in Canada is a plus point for retailers and consumers alike!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Top Stories: Tech

Top Stories: Best of Tech 2018

By on October 19, 2018

Top Tech Stories 2018

Technology is superseding expectations every day. 2018 brought some surprises with regards to that and we saw some top stories emerging on the forefront.

This year, some stories emerged on the top and even we couldn’t help but admire the heights technology has reached this year.

If you have missed out, here are the top 4 tech stories of this year.

Top Stories: Self Driving Tech By Telsa

Elon Musk is a name that everybody knows of today. Elon is actively involved in social media stories too and is also known for his wit sometimes.

Telsa, owned by Musk, made rounds this year with its self-driving cars. Fully autonomous vehicles are now a thing, as they hit the streets this year of a major US city with no driver driving the car.

It’s a big deal for sure.

Telsa showcases the Semi, Model S and the new Roadster that made big rounds this year.

Self-driving cars are here to stay. The technology, which developed in 2017, has now emerged as a massive deal in 2018.

Top stories: Self Driving Cars

Top Stories: Cryptocurrency Rise

Cryptocurrency is no new phenomenon. In 2017, cryptocurrency dropped big time but it is still an attractive catch. Why? Simply because crypto was asked by hackers as ransom and payment to unlock big things such as WannaCry infected computers.

Cryptocurrency is the future of currency, some say, and therefore, a major development this year too.

Top Stories: Crypto
Top Stories: Crypto

Top Stories: Susan Fowler On Uber’s Sexual Culture

A former employee of Uber, Susan Fowler, revealed this year that Uber’s culture is toxic and rife with sexual advances.

In a post called “Reflecting On One Very, Very Strange Year At Uber“, she wrote that the company has people who fully harass you, even if they are the top performers.

Silicon Valley still deals with sexual harassment by in large and people who speak up about it have to bear the brunt. Or in simple words, deal with the consequences.

Top Stories: Susan
Top Stories: Susan

Top Stories: Smart Speakers

The world cannot stop acknowledging Google Home and Echo. Apple is also trying to make its way there with the HomePod.

Smart speakers are about to change how you listen to music and take sound in your home.

In 2017, there was a push towards smart speakers and that is continuing its streak. We’ve seen big names and companies make their way through it and we are looking forward to more.

Top Stories: Smart Speakers
Top Stories: Smart Speakers

Other important stories of 2018 were the augmented reality, the getting rid of bezels, net neutrality and cybersecurity gimmicks.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding tech here.

Macbook SMC Reset

How To Perform An SMC Reset

By on October 18, 2018

How To Perform An SMC Reset

Macbooks are complicated and there may come a time when their battery might die down completely. This is where an SMC Reset comes in.

You can actually save your Mac, if it is not opening, by performing an SMC Reset then letting it all go at once.

Many people have misinterpreted an SMC reset but one simple way of performing it is this.

How To Perform An SMC Reset

Macbook SMC Reset
Macbook SMC Reset

Performing a Macbook SMC Reset can be done in the ways below.

  1. Shutdown your Mac.
  2. Connect the power adapter to your Macbook.
  3. Press and hold down the Shift + Control + Option keys and the Power Button.
  4. Once you hold these four together, release them after 4-5 seconds, collectively and together till the power light turns green from Blank (or direct supply).
  5. After releasing the buttons, you will see that the light on your charger has turned from Green to Orange, which will show that the SMC reset has been successful.

When To Perform SMC Reset?

An SMC Reset works to resolve power/hardware issues in Macbook. It is usually performed when other techniques are unresponsive.

In cases where your Mac has stopped responding to other troubleshooting techniques, the SMC reset will again be useful.

Most common times when an SMC reset is performed on a Mac are:

  • Mac cooling fans issue
  • Mac fan management problem
  • Power management problem
  • Battery problems
  • Light problems
  • External displays don’t work
  • Videos don’t work
  • functionality issues
  • General performance issues

An SMC reset for a Mac is very easy to perform. If you don’t think that the above instructions were helpful, use this video as an assist.

This is one of the most effective ways of performing an SMC Reset.

Rounding up to how to perform an SMC Reset;

SMC Reset is an easy way to start your Macbook and solve problems related to it. Rather than taking your Macbook to a technician, it is a better way to resolve your problems.

An SMC Reset is very easy to perform. Hope this video works.

World's Thinnest Phone

The “World’s Thinnest Phone” Is Here

By on October 18, 2018

The “World’s Thinnest Phone” Is Here

The “World’s Thinnest Phone” is here and comes with an exciting new feature to incorporate Business Cards.

You can’t do much without business cards. Business Cards have now sort of becoming a necessity and with the incorporation of business cards, I’d say The phone should be a keeper for ‘the other work’.

What it is bringing to the table is simplicity and design.

The Thinnest Phone is made in Japan and it comes with a cardholder inside.

Being called ‘The ‘Card Phone’, KY-O1L, the phone has been manufactured by Kyocera. However, the phone will be coming to NTT Docomo.

The “World’s Thinnest Phone” Is Here

Size And Other Measures

Furthermore, The World’s Thinnest Phone has the same footprint as a credit card. It is not bigger than 5.3mm and it weighs 47g.

Additionally, Docomo is calling the phone the thinnest and lightest phone available in the phone. With a 2.8-inch monochrome e-paper screen, the phone has a 380mAh battery on board and supports LTE connectivity.

Tiers Competition And Higher Volumes

New phones made a good advent in 2019 and companies are consistently trying to up their game.

The phone comes with LTE connectivity as well.

The phone also has a camera on board, an App Store and a smart web browser.

While Docomo is saying that this is the Thinnest Phone, others are contradicting.

The New Phone And Its Features

They are saying that The Moto Z phone, which was launched in 2016 was under a 5.2 mm thick screen and claim that it is their thinnest. The lack of camera on the new thin phone, however, makes it Quite Thin!

As far as the price of the new KY-01L is concerned; it is 32,000 Yen- $300. It isn’t a lot to pay, considering that it is going to be really easy for you to carry it around at all times too. The Thinnest Phone means comfort and ease.

Additionally, with a browser on hand and board, the new phone can be a good companion.

Watch the new phone and its video here:

PayPal Pakistan

PayPal In Pakistan? When?

By on October 18, 2018

PayPal In Pakistan? When?

“PayPal in Pakistan”? Is it true that PayPal is coming to Pakistan? Not yet. There has so much been going on in Pakistan that all we can say is that when the situation of the country improves, we might be in a better position to deal with the world.

Previously, Finance Minister Asad Umar had given an ultimatum to the IT ministry of the country of four months to bring PayPal to the country.

I guess he didn’t get much assistance from the other ends of the government, especially the Current Prime Minister of Pakistan.

When Is PayPal Coming To Pakistan?

PayPal, a U.S. based financial service, which allows easy online money transfer is used by millions of people across the globe. It allows you easy transfer and easy payments. It’s convenient, reliable and fast.

However, Pakistan, which is quite a modern and well-developed country by its own nature and statistics and the people of course and majority, doesn’t have access to the service.

If you realize the benefits of this move, it would benefit millions of people in Pakistan but it would essentially mean PayPal jumping across all borders and becoming the top reigning company in the world.

PayPal In Pakistan

Asad Umar Directs Ministry

Reports suggest that Asad Umar, the Finance Minister of the country, has asked the IT ministry to form a new task force and has also proposed names for it.

While a home-grown online payment system will be difficult to come up with, quickly soundly and concretely in the say next 10 years, it would make sense to let go off all these 10 years for more business and let these years go off profit.

It is important that America and Pakistan join hands to bring technology to the East Asian countries.

Furthermore, while partnerships are formed easily, the concerns of PayPal’s founders of information leak during processes especially from the Muslim States is absolutely true.

However, if a pathway is developed and integrated for specific countries, even with further limitations or access, it will facilitate more ease for users and more use than accessibility and more accessibility than loss.

Freelancing In Pakistan

Pakistan has a good fleet of Freelancers. At the moment, Pakistanis are finding it very hard to find ‘good’ jobs in their countries.

While most population would somehow be literate in and off Pakistan, the problem of understanding and adapting still persist.

Nonetheless, Pakistan has major hands that can help PayPal bear fruit in the country and let it benefit from the Muslim majority in Pakistan as well.

The Solution To PayPal In Pakistan: It’s That Instant.

Pakistan has a very good population that is tech-literate and quite advanced as well. Millions of people in Pakistan are freelancing.

To bring PayPal to Pakistan, all the government need to ensure is that its borders are closed for cross border payments and payments are secured .

Moreover, other methods of payments are cordoned off which means ruling out that proportion of the money that comes under Theft.

That specifically includes money transfers under ‘irreconcilable differences’ which are used as a means for most payments, adultery, joint accounts, hoarding and self deposits across borders as well.

Guiding The Country Towards Success

If Pakistan had a fair and just system, which automatically becomes the responsibility of the Prime Minister himself (and given his Well Known past and according to him the most celebrated personality of all times), even the Americans would have been or would be happy to lend a hand or two.

However, when the system is being run by a Fake Ruler and imposter, things would never bear fruit or even suffice till the system restores itself back to its true nature and form.

If assessed, Pakistan suffers from nothing except that there has been a hidden face (a close enemy, a close friend, a bitter ally and a cute imposter) in the country who has put the country in ruins and that is no other than Khan himself.

His government had failed badly in the last 1 and 1/2 year and he fails to understand:

He has failed to realize that deaths are real, people count deaths and this country needs to be handled by A Just Man. (DE).

The reason why we fail is that we do need technology and access but if we are being governed by a False Dictator who has taken care of our means by illicit ends (“messing” with the hidden);

It would suffice to say that the country should be led by a fair and just man who can guide this country towards success.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

Beats Solo 3: Mickey Edition

Beats “Solo 3” ‘Mickey Mouse Version’ Coming Up

By on October 17, 2018

Mickey Mouse 90th anniversary is just around the corner and guess what? Beats is coming up with a Mickey Mouse version of its Solo 3 headphones.

Recent reports reveal that Beats by Dr. Dre is partnering with Disney to bring forth a Mickey Mouse version of the Solo 3 Wireless headphones.


The previous Solo 3 original editions were available for $30 less but now the company has come up with a special Solo 3 version to commemorate Mickey!

Beats Solo 3: Mickey Edition
Beats Solo 3: Mickey Edition

The company announced the headphones through a marketing campaign that features Lil Yachty and others. The new headphones are set to come with a felt case that will be inspired by the materials of the Disney character. They will also feature an enamel pin along with a decal sticker.


The only color the headphones are available in is Gray. You can now pre-order the new headphones from Amazon. They are priced at $329.95. (Pre-order here).

Beats Solo 3: Mickey Edition
Beats Solo 3: Mickey Edition

Release And Availability

The standard Solo 3 are priced $30 less than these Mickey edition’s. The headphones will officially be released on November 11 and they will be available through the following:

Beats is not the only company to incorporate Mickey Mouse in its designs. Previously, Google announced a Mickey Mouse stand for the Google Home Mini. Others will also be in the pipeline.

Share your thoughts about the new Mickey Edition Beats Solo 3 headphones with us!


If you are a fan of Mickey, these headphones might be the classiest choice you could have. Even though they are a BIT pricey, they are still worth it because they are a special edition.

You can place your order for the headphones TODAY or you can wait till they officially release.

Nonetheless, these headphones are a definite catch.

Stay tuned to learn about the latest tech updates here.

Fornite Leaked

Fortnite/ GTA V Hackers To Face Legal Action

By on October 17, 2018

For any online game, one big concern is hackers. Hackers are always on the go, as they try to leak important information online that ruins the users’ experience. Recently, as everybody got excited about Fortnite new upcoming Season 6, it has emerged that hackers have worked their way through the game.

Recent reports reveal that hackers have not only made their way through Fortnite but also GTA V.

One of the most common ways to cheat on Fortnite or GTA V is through mods. However, now, companies are trying their best and taking hackers to courts for their misconduct.

GTA V Hack Attempt

Rockstar and Take-Two, the two names behind GTA V, have convinced court in Australia to freeze the assets of 5 people who were involved in hacking the game. The hack was done through a famous cheating software “Infamous’.

The names involved in the GTA V hack are Christopher Anderson, Cycus Lesser, Sfinktah, Koroush Jeddian and Koroush anderson. Police now have a warrant to search their homes too.

Fortnite/GTA V
Fortnite/GTA V

As far as the hacking news going, it seems like Fornite has also had a row with it. Challenges for Fortnite: Battle Royale have leaked online.

The leaked challenges by Lucas7Yoshi include:


  • Dance with the others to generate or raise Disco Ball near the Loot Lake
  • Deal damage to the opponents in a single player match
  • Search an Ammo Box in different locations

Paid Challenges

The paid challenges include:

  • Land at the Greasy Grove
  • Dance on the top of a clock tower
  • Take out the opponents near the Corrupted Areas
  • Complete the Times Trials

Fortnite Hack
Fortnite Hack

With Mods, people get control over the world of GTA V or in the case of Fortnite, Fortnite world too! Players can even generate virtual currency through these mods which will have a direct impact on the company’s transactions.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: Official

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Available Today: Boasts Incredible Specs

By on October 17, 2018

Huawei Mate 20 Pro is one of a kind. Available from today, this phone is beating many others in its league. Two things stand out about Huawei’s new phone: Its specs and camera.

What About Huawei Mate 20 Pro

One thing that stands out about the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is that it has 3 cameras at the back. Each of these cameras has a different focal length to boast. The phone comes with an in display fingerprint sensor just as the Vivo Nex.

Another feature of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is that it has a 3D face unlock feature that offers secure authentication. This feature is also found in the Oppo Find X and iPhone X.

Furthermore, the phone also has a high-resolution display of 6.4 inches and an OLED screen. This bears similarity to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as well.

It seems like Huawei is trying to beat the Note 9 with its new phone. Huawei has also stressed that it has a better Android software on board than Samsung, offering 22% higher stability in gaming and more. The company claims that it is also more power efficient (14% higher) than Note 9.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: Official
Huawei Mate 20 Pro: Official

Wireless Charging And More

This is not it as the Huawei Mate 20 Pro also comes with fast wireless charging just as Samsung. However, it also features reverse wireless charging compatible with Qi devices.

Confused what reverse charging is?

Well, with your Huawei Mate 20 Pro, you can charge (wirelessly) Note 9 or iPhone X/XS.

It is being said that the phone has a Hyper Optical Pattern that minimizes fingerprints. Also, it has a soft texture that allows easy grip.

The phone has a 4200 mAh battery. Height wise, it is the same as the Pixel 2 Xl. You can still use the phone with one hand. It also has an IP68 rating for water/dust resistance. Therefore, the phone comes with an additional layer of protection.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: Official
Huawei Mate 20 Pro: Official

Processors and Speed

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro has 7nm Kirin 980 processor. Furthermore, it will also have a faster LTE combined with a Cat.21 model that supports high speeds of 1.4Gbps. It also has capacities of processing tons of AI.


You can start getting the Huawei Mate 20 Pro for €1,049 for the 6GB RAM and 128 GB Storage phone.

Face ID/Fingerprint Sensor

Moreover, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro has Facial ID recognition, which is similar to the iPhone. Apart from that, it has also incorporated a fingerprint sensor.

Additional Camera Details

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro comes with multiple cameras. It has gotten rid of the monochrome sensor and is using better sensors instead. The company is now incorporating three different focal lengths and a 20 mp camera for better shots.

There is also a 40 MP camera for conventional wide angle plus an 8-megapixel camera for telephoto.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: Official
Huawei Mate 20 Pro: Official

iPhone XR Review

Our Honest iPhone XR Review

By on October 16, 2018

Our Honest iPhone XR Review

Tech giant Apple revealed its latest products at the Apple event in September. One of the products it revealed was a ‘cheap iPhone’ called the iPhone XR.


The iPhone XR is a model Apple phone but it is cheap which makes it a catch.

However, if you are going to buy the phone or considering it, you might want to know what it has to offer.

Today, I am going to make it easy for you to decide whether you want to go with the phone or not in this Realest iPhone XR Review.

iPhone XR : Review-digital trends
iPhone XR : Review-digital trends


The unique selling point of the iPhone XR is that it is available for $749 or £749. It is priced at $1229 (Australian dollars) for the 64 GB model. For the 128 GB model, users will have to pay $799 or £799. Lastly, the 256 GB model will cost you $899, £899 or $1479 (Australian dollars).

It’s not that bad, if you ask me because the iPhone X, the basic model, was available for more than the price of the XR’s 256 GB model.

It’s worth getting!

Release Date

The iPhone XR will be available through pre-orders from October 19 onwards. It will be on Apple stores from October 26 onwards.

While the pre-orders of the new phone are just two days away, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are both available for pre-orders already.

The Screen

Now we come to the other main parts of the phone… it’s screen.

Well, the new iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch screen and thick bezels. It uses the new Liquid Retina display. If you look at the screen on the whole, it is sort of lower quality than the other models or what new phones have to boast but it’s still not that bad.

We can trust Apple for its screens that I know and can say.


Last year when newer screens and technology was available, Apple stuck to its ground roots and delivered something that was quite impressive.

This time, Apple is still favoring it with the iPhone XR and trust me, it isn’t that bad.

The iPhone XR, however, has a screen ratio close to 18:9 which is different than the regular 16:9; therefore, it may take some time for users to get used to it.

iPhone XR : Review
iPhone XR : Review

The Feel

You know, the feel of holding a phone is a very important factor for users. Honestly, I felt that the phone is a little bigger so it does feel big in hands. You do feel it is a plus size phone but it doesn’t seem out of ordinary.

It is sleek like other Apple phones or sleeker, but seriously, it feels comfortable in your hands.


As far as the camera on the device goes, it is safe to say that iPhone XR’s camera is the weakest amongst the three phones by the company. It has just one sensor than two, especially for portrait mode. However, not sure if this is too bad in comparison or not. It, however, doesn’t have a second lens but it isn’t pathetic quality.

The iPhone XR’s camera has a 12MP sensor on its rear. The front has a TrueDepth camera that is used for selfies and unlocking facial features. It also has a Smart HDR that allows the phone to capture good elements of a picture.

Pictures from the XR model aren’t going to be very low quality, in fact, when we tested it, they came out to be sharp and colorful.

Battery Life

The iPhone XR might have a better battery life than expected. There is less power and a more efficient engine on board. Moreover, the screen resolution is also a little less which means that it won’t take up much battery.

Honestly, the iPhone XR isn’t bad. It is the cheaper phone so people might just be a little skeptical about it but on the whole, it is a decent phone for its price tag. Capturing elements of the iPhone X, the XR does have a lot to offer for budget-friendly users.


We rank it a 7.5/10. We think it could’ve been better but if it was, wouldn’t it be equal to the pricier versions of the iPhone X?